October 31, 2017

Dragon Con 2017: Spider-Gwen Cosplay

Spider-gwen cosplay for dragon con 2017

Happy Halloween to you! This isn't exactly a Halloween costume, but it's still a costume so I figured I'd share with you on this most glorious of holidays. These pictures are from Dragon Con where I wore my Spider-Gwen costume with real blonde hair this time. I've got to tell you: Wearing a costume minus a wig is so much more comfortable it's insane. Plus, at least with this costume, I think it looks much better than the year before! A couple people told me I was the best Spider-Gwen they'd seen! I give credit to the hair. 

spider-gwen costume with real blonde hair
spider gwen costume
spider-gwen costume closeup with hood up
atlanta dragoncon 2017 spider-gwen costume
spider gwen cosplay

So how have you all been this past month or so? I haven't had such a huge break from blogging ever but I guess I've never planned a wedding before either so I'll make that my excuse. The wedding is 11 days away and I can't wait for it to both happen and for the planning to be officially over. Make sure you're following on Instagram here to see upcoming wedding stuff!

Happy Halloween!

September 26, 2017

Outfit: Red Mini Skirt, Blue Ringer Tee and Navy Blue Clogs

Navy Blue and Red Outfit. Wearing Blue Clogs and a Red Mini Skirt

Red and blue is probably my favorite color combination to wear - especially in the summertime. (Have I said that here before? Probably 10,000 times by now.) And sometimes I like to be as matchy-matchy as possible, which is where this outfit came from. I wore this about a month ago but it's still warm enough to wear it here in Georgia! 

Some outfit details: My mini skirt is an old old thrift find that Mom hemmed for me long ago. I need to wear it more often but it's a bit too short for the workplace! The top was a cheapo crop top I probably bought on clearance and my shoes are my new favorites from Target. I should've gotten them in all the colors but figured I'd get plenty of use out of navy blue - my favorite "non neutral neutral." 

Light Pink Hair, Blue Ringer Tee and a Red Skirt
Blue T-shirt with a Gold Statement Necklace
Red Thrifted Mini Skirt with Navy Blue Clogs
Red Mini Skirt, Cropped Blue Ringer Tee, Pink Hair and Target Clogs
skirt: thrifted | top: forever 21 | shoes: target | necklace: new york & company

I wish I had time to blog more often but time is limited when you're planning a wedding and it's less than 2 months away! I'm very excited to get married and for the wedding to happen, but whoever decided wedding planning was some fun thing is insane. I guess if I didn't work and had plenty of time to browse through Pinterest and gather ideas and daydream about everything it would be a nicer process. Unfortunately it's more like spreadsheets, putting lots of calendar reminders in my phone, writing checks, and making decisions without knowing for sure they'll be the right ones. Then I feel sad that I'm not enjoying the planning because I'm "supposed to" and I'll only get to do this once. 

Plus on top of the wedding planning, our honeymoon is ruined because of the hurricanes. We were supposed to go to Puerto Rico, which took a ton of time to decide on in the first place, and now we have to scramble to find something else 50ish days out. It's awful seeing what happened to Puerto Rico. I really hope the island can recover quicker than the 4 - 6 months I keep hearing just to get electricity restored. The world is crazy right now. And life is too. 

But you can see all that on Instagram if you're interested and I look forward to giving you another update (and outfit) in the next week or two! 

August 30, 2017

Outfit: Green Corduroy Skirt, Leopard Top, and Heart Tights

Green Corduroy H&M Skirt, Heart Tights, Leopard Tee, Leather Jacket

If you're looking at these pictures and going, "hey those look almost a year old!" then you would be correct! For whatever reason this outfit from December never ended up on the blog (but a similar look did back in March.) My hair is almost this color again right now though! Full circle. I wanted it very similar to this color and length for my wedding in November so I'm glad.

I wish it was cold enough outside to wear tights, corduroy, and my leather jacket like it was in these pictures, but instead it's humid and rainy here in Georgia since it's still August. And so it shall remain until November. I really do like this combination of the dark green skirt with leopard print and tiny, almost-dots heart print. What do you think? 

Tiny Heart Print Tights, Green Corduroy Skirt, Black Ankle Boots
Mixed Metal Half Moon Necklace and Leopard Shirt
Light Blonde Hair with Bangs, Leather Jacket
Faux Leather Jacket, Leopard Shirt, Green Corduroy Skirt, Heart Tights

These pictures were taken in Illinois while cleaning out my Great Grandma's house. My sister and I were hanging around while our dad and grandpa were picking up some stuff. 

Unfortunately I don't have anything particularly interesting to tell you today. I'm staring at a very busy month of September ahead of me! Dragon Con is this weekend too so it'll be a busy weekend of geek fun. I'll be re-wearing a bunch of my costumes since the months we'd usually dedicate to costuming have been dedicated to wedding stuff. So I apologize in advance for no new outfits, but at least my Spider-Gwen will have real blonde hair and not a wig this year!

I hope you have a great Labor Day Weekend or regular weekend and happy Wednesday!

August 22, 2017

Outfit: Ruffled Blouse, Denim A-Line Skirt, and Red Pom Pom Flats

Ruffled Lace Up White Blouse with a Denim Button Down Skirt and Red Pom Pom Flats

It's beginning to feel like the wheel of hair colors around here. By the time I get a chance to take new outfit photos, my hair has changed color from the last post! Even these pictures from last month are outdated as far as my hair goes! Right this moment it's a shade of gray since it's about time to start phasing out the pink in time for the wedding (and I'd like it blonde for a couple Dragon Con costumes.) I've really enjoyed all the different colors over the past few months though. 

Now about the outfit: The red pom pom flats are clearly the star of the show here. I ordered them online at Forever 21 during a BOGO clearance sale since I couldn't resist the colorful pom poms. They worked perfectly with a go-to denim button down skirt and a white blouse. Those simple pieces let the shoes steal the spotlight in a good way. They also kept the denim skirt/white blouse combo from looking too country - a style that's just not my thing.

Denim Mini Skirt, Pink Hair, White Blouse
Red Flats with Multicolored Pom Poms and Beads from Forever 21
Pastel Pink Hair with Bangs and a White Shirt
Red Pom Pom Lace Up Flats, Denim ALine Skirt, and Ruffled White Shirt
top, shoes: forever 21 | skirt: asos 

So did you get a chance to see the eclipse on Monday? I took the day off and headed a couple hours north of home to catch it in the path of totality. It was amazing! Definitely worth the trip. Those couple minutes of darkness were truly the highlight of the experience even though looking through the glasses was neat the rest of the time. Nothing compared to looking right at the sun with the moon completely blocking it. The light was super eerie and cool too. Just an overall awesome experience!

Anyway - let me know what's up in your lives and be sure to follow along on Instagram to keep up with me in between blog posts!

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