February 27, 2015

Outfit: Plaid Pleated Skirt, Blue Velvet Top, Jean Jacket, and Silver Shoes

Blue Velvet Crop Top with a Plaid Pleated Schoolgirl Skirt and Silver Oxford Shoes

Sometimes I draw inspiration from the school uniforms I never had to wear. And by that I mean I wear this thrifted plaid skirt that I'm pretty sure was part of a child's school uniform. It fits like it was made for me and I love it. This time I paired it with a crushed velvet crop top and my jean jacket. I added silver accessories for some extra flair. 

I really liked how this outfit turned out! It felt young, fun, and a little bit 90s-inspired. I always feel like I get bonus points when main parts of my outfit are thrifted too. 340 points for Hufflepuff! (Because, P.S. I'm a Hufflepuff according to Pottermore.)

Jean Jacket, Crushed Velvet Top, Plaid Skirt, and Silver Shoes
jean jacket: thrifted | velvet top: forever 21 | plaid skirt: thrifted | tights: forever 21 | shoes: sam & libby - target | necklace: sheinside

Bright Red Hair, Silver Spiked Necklace, and a Blue Crushed Velvet Crop Top
Jean Jacket, Crushed Velvet Top, Spiked Necklace, and Plaid Skirt
Crushed Velvet Shirt, Plaid Pleated Skirt, Gray Tights, and Silver Shoes

Once again, I can't believe it's already Friday. I've hardly left the house the entire week. Just Tuesday to shop with store credit for a couple hours. Thus is the life of a job hunter. You guys, looking for a full time job is really bringing me down. I just want a job that's even remotely aligned with my career goals, pays me enough to live relatively comfortably, and that I don't despise going to each day. The job market is so ridiculously in favor of employers and they take advantage of it. It's frustrating. I could go on and on about it, but I won't. These are troubling times in the kingdom, my friends.

But anyway, I hope you have a good weekend. I'll probably be doing more of the same things I always do but maybe I'll take a break and do something strictly for fun. Happy Friday!

February 25, 2015

Flock Together Outfit: Girly Skeleton Print Dress

Today I blogged another outfit with this super cool skeletal anatomy print dress over on Flock Together! Jessica has quite an epic collection of dresses and I'm so happy she let me borrow this one. I styled this dress earlier this month with some polka dot tights and a leather jacket, but I'm not sure which look I like better. What do you think?

You can hop on over to Flock Together to see my post (including plenty of pictures of this dress) by clicking the picture below. See you there!

P.S. Did you guys watch the series finale of Parks and Recreation? So many feels! I'm sad it's over. I always thought Ron Swanson was my spirit animal but I think every single character in that show combines to create my ultimate spirit animal. Like a Ron + Leslie + April + Andy + Ben + bits of everyone combination. Good thing there's Netflix to rewatch! Anyway, I hope you all are having a fantastic week! Farewell!

February 23, 2015

January Favorites

It's about that time to share my first batch of favorite outfits from this year! January was a very diverse month as far as favorite outfits go. You'll notice a lot of different silhouettes and bloggers making use of creative layers. I like that this favorites post has a bunch of different pieces going on. There's a bodycon skirt, matching separates, a drop waist dress, trousers, overalls, and much more! Everyone looks fantastic, as always. I hope you can find inspiration from these women because I sure do!

I'm super impressed that Carbon Chic made this incredibly cute matching set and Mermaidens is looking adorable in a lip print sweater with matching red lipstick.

Love Maegan is rocking a drop waist dress layered over a colorful blouse and Melodic, Thrifty & Chic mixes yellow, orange, and a floral sweater like a pro.

Both Ready Two Wear and Messages on a Napkin are looking super stylish in trousers paired with feminine elements like leopard print and ruffles.

Swing The Day Away wore a stellar (haha get it?) galaxy print dress with a leather jacket and silver flats. The Soubrette Brunette looks amazing in a green plaid dress and quirky pencil necklace.

I'm loving both Midwest Muse and The Adore Life's subtle pattern mixing. Jessica's is in a casual cool girl way and Alissa's is a perfect work outfit.

A Fashion Nerd looks great in a pair of blue skinny overalls and Lazy to Lovely manages to make a suit look super laid back.

Did you have a favorite out of this bunch? Be sure to let me know and check out their blogs for even more style inspiration!

February 20, 2015

Remix: Maroon Skater Skirt from H&M

This maroon skater skirt from H&M is without question one of my most worn items of clothing. Something about this warm red (marsala, oxblood, or whatever other fancy word for that general color you want to use) looks wonderful with everything. The shape is incredibly versatile too. It's just a wonderful staple piece and it's held up so well. I wish I had one in every color! Scroll through to see some of the ways I've styled this trusty skirt and click on the numbers underneath to see the full posts.

Clearly one of my favorite colors to pair with this skirt is mustard yellow. The combination reminds me of my high school colors but mostly they just contrast really nicely! I've worn my maroon skirt with a mustard cardigan, mustard tights, and a mustard top on separate occasions!
A Maroon Skater Skirt Paired With Mustard Yellow Pieces
One | Two | Three

A solid colored skater skirt is a fantastic piece to wear the entire year. I rock it without tights in the Georgia heat and layer it up in the winter. I like that this skirt is made from a heavier material than your average cheap skirt. It makes it so the layers tucked in don't look lumpy.
Maroon H&M Skater Skirt Worn in Summer and Winter
Four | Five

For whatever reason I noticed I've worn a lot of button-down shirts with this skirt. That's probably because I own a lot of button-downs from my constantly thrifting days though! Here I wore this maroon skirt with leopard print, a quirky novelty print, and a good ol' denim shirt.
Wearing a maroon skater skirt with button down tops
Six | Seven | Eight

Finally, I really enjoy pairing this skater skirt with stripes. It's one of my go-to outfits because I know this skirt always looks great and stripes are a classic, easy-to-wear print. Any other colored skirt like this would look perfectly fine substituted in these looks too.
Remixing a Flippy Skirt with Stripes and Polka Dots
Nine | Ten

I'm sure most of you have a solid-colored skater skirt hanging around in your wardrobe. If you're not utilizing its versatile awesomeness, you should be! I hope this post gave you a few ideas about how to style a flippy skirt like this.

Have a wonderful weekend!
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