October 31, 2014

My Halloween Movie Traditions

If you didn't remember from the 50 billion other times I've stated it, Halloween is my favorite holiday. During college I adopted my own tradition of watching a series of movies the entire day. It meant I had something to do no matter what day Halloween fell on. If there weren't any big plans for the evening at least I had candy and movies to fall back on. I've altered the movie watching schedule according to each year's plans but I always try to squeeze them in! 

My Halloween movie marathon includes Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Addams Family Values, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. You may notice that none of these are of the traditional horror movie genre. That's not because I dislike horror movies, but I tend to re-watch movies that make me genuinely happy in some way. Halloween is a happy and delightfully dark holiday to me so I want my movie marathon to match that feeling! I save the horror movies for other days!

I don't have any particularly Halloween-themed outfit to show you today so here are some of my favorite parts from my series of Halloween movies. (While compiling this I realized there are musical numbers in every single one of these films. I guess I like what I like!)

1. Who doesn't like Hocus Pocus? This was always my favorite part of the movie growing up. I also enjoy Bette Midler's nod to Gypsy. Did you catch it?

2. The entirety of The Nightmare Before Christmas is my jam, but I super enjoy this part. Something about the pacing and escalation of the song does it for me. This movie is a masterpiece.

3. One of my favorite scenes of all time in any movie occurs in Addams Family Values. I'm still confused about why they do a Thanksgiving play at summer camp but I don't even care. (Jeanie pointed out that maybe it's because of the summer camp's Native American name.) This film is just wonderful. Every part. Morticia and Gomez are probably my favorite film/TV couple too.

4. The Rocky Horror Picture Show has been a Halloween staple in my house since I can remember. Mostly we ended up watching the first few songs back in the day. It's not a short movie. Sweet Transvestite and Time Warp have always been favorites! I mean, what kid doesn't love Tim Curry in drag? Tim Curry makes this movie. I'll always love it. So many fun songs!

And that's that! I hope this got you in a festive mood. Have an excellent Halloween!

October 30, 2014

Halloween Roundup

Halloween is tomorrow! In the spirit of the season here is a roundup of my Halloween blog posts from the past. Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday so I try to celebrate as much as possible. Since there isn't anything particularly exciting going on tomorrow I'm dragging out my celebration in internet land. What do you have planned for Halloween? 

I have a very specific list of movies I strive to watch every single year on October 31st. I realize it may be impossible to watch 4 whole movies on Halloween for the rest of my life, but seeing as I'm underemployed right now I still have time for my tradition. "What are the movies?" you ask. Why thank you for asking! They're Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Addams Family Values (and the first one if there's time), and The Rocky Horror Picture Show (always to finish up the evening since I can remember.)

Anyway, here are a few festive posts to help you get in the Halloween spirit!

1. A roundup of my Halloween costumes throughout my life. Most of them were made by my mom because she's a wizard. If there's only one post you click on here, make it this one. It's one of my favorite posts ever just because it's so fun to see all the different costumes.

2. Last year's 80s aerobics instructor costume complete with legwarmers and fantastic 80s style blush.

3. A festive, yet wearable Halloween-themed outfit. The candy corn earrings are my favorite part of this look and seeing them reminded me of their existence. Thanks picture from last year!

4. My first Halloween post on this blog featuring another Halloween-themed outfit and my colorful gnome costume from that year.

I hope you guys are having a great Thursday! I can't wait to read your Halloween posts the rest of this week!

October 29, 2014

Outfit: Windowpane Print Top, Black Skinny Jeans, and Silver Oxford Shoes

It's close to Halloween so I thought I'd get in the spirit here and show you a slightly festive outfit. I generally include color in my outfits but sometimes throwing black pieces together feels right! In lieu of color I added sparkly details like my silver-y Stella & Dot beaded necklace and my silver cutout oxfords. The silver accessories played off the zippers on the front of my new black jeans too.

Can I mention how much I love these black high-waisted jeans? They're in the Soho Jeans line from New York & Company and are super stretchy and comfortable. I wore them two days in a row and they didn't sag on me, which is a miracle in the land of stretch denim! So if you've never thought to check out the jeans at New York & Company, perhaps you may want to in the near future.

Windowpane Print Button Down, Black Skinny Jeans, Silver Oxford Shoes
top: forever 21 | jeans: new york & company | shoes: target | bow: forever 21 | necklace: stella & dot

Black Skinny Jeans and Silver Cutout Oxfords from Target
Black Jeans with a Zipper Pocket Detail

I know I'm posting this outfit as a sort of dark Halloween look, but the entire time I wore it I was thinking punkish/goth/emo throwback with modern cuts. The zipper detailing is cool but also gives me a Hot Topic a la 2005 vibe. I always enjoyed the more alternative styles back in those days even though I stuck to a jeans and t-shirts kind of wardrobe through high school. In middle school I was no fashion plate but I liked the skater style that was in back then. You know. Avril Lavigne, Blink-182, and the like. So maybe that's why I'm still drawn to an alternative sort of look along with my retro tendencies.

Speaking of alternative style, do you like my intense purple lipstick? It's Immortal from the new Nyx Wicked Lippies line. It's so dark but so very awesome. I thought I'd let it shine by pairing it with this black outfit. Jeanie bought me a few other lipsticks from that line that I'll have to wear including a dark shimmery green. Yes. Green lipstick. I love seeing people rock nontraditional lipstick colors so why shouldn't I be one of them too? You can see me trying out bright blue lipstick in this post from June. Would any of you wear a lipstick shade that's a bit out of the box?

Silver Beaded Necklace and Windowpane Print Top
Dark Purple Lipstick with Bright Red Hair and a Windowpane Print Top

After looking at these pictures, I really can't get over how fantastic that purple lipstick is. Dark lipstick is really in right now so I plan on wearing plenty of dark shades like this. However I'm also feeling smoky eyes lately and just got the Urban Decay Smoked Palette on sale at Ulta the other day, so it's a tough decision every day. I have to decide between bold/dark eyes or lips and it's awful. First world problems you guys.

Anyway, I feel like I talked your ears (eyes?) off today so I'll leave you at that. I hope you're having a wonderful week!

October 27, 2014

Outfit: Chevron Print Dress with a Burgundy Leather Jacket and Ankle Boots

Happy Monday everyone! These pictures were taken a couple weeks ago in Chicago. Matt and I took a train into the city and wandered around after he had an interview (which explains his fancy suit.) We had to take the obligatory pictures with The Bean which is this giant mirror object you see here. I'm sure a lot of you have seen The Bean before. It sure provides an interesting backdrop for pictures! I'm lucky to have a boyfriend who humors me by letting me take way too many pictures from many different angles.

Anyway, I planned this outfit around these comfy burgundy ankle boots from Boohoo. I knew we'd be doing a lot of walking. As it turns out, if I walk around 10 miles in a day my feet will hurt no matter what shoes I'm wearing. Surprise! I really love how these boots match my faux leather jacket though. That burgundy shade runs through my chevron print dress too. This outfit was pretty matchy-matchy but I hope it matched in a good way. 

dress: modcloth | jacket: forever 21 | tights: target | boots: boohoo | purse: pepa loves

How was your weekend? I was a dog babysitter and went out to Athens for a Murder By Death concert. It was an absolutely fantastic concert and I got to stand right in the front without anybody pushing me. A most glorious and rare combination. This week ahead looks like more job hunting and watching many Halloween movies. What about you?

Have a fantastic start to your week!

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