March 27, 2015

A Trip to Georgia Aquarium: Wearing Floral Pants and a Leather Jacket

Happy Friday everyone! Jeanie and I took a trip over to Georgia Aquarium earlier this month because I had some free tickets leftover from my internship. I enjoy wandering around the Aquarium, especially since I feel like I have plenty of interesting facts about the animals to share with whoever happens to accompany me. I really did learn a lot while I worked there even though I spent a lot of time in an office! I made sure Jeanie and I took some fun pictures with the dolphin statues out front. You can see a few of my favorite animal shots I took too.

Since it was a nice cool spring day I wore my floral pants from H&M and an olive green v-neck sweater. These bronze shoes are incredibly comfortable so I thought they'd be a good choice for walking around all day. I wish I had a close-up picture because I added a sand dollar necklace in honor of being at the Aquarium!

Once we were done looking at all the animals we walked down the street and found a Korean deli. It was basically a deli that also had a few traditional Korean dishes. So of course we got some spicy delicious foods and chowed down before heading home. It was a fun outing!

jacket: ross | sweater: target | pants: h&m | shoes: korks - shoe carnival

It can be hard to catch a good picture of the animals since they move so quickly, but I got a couple good shots this time. The first one is an African penguin, then a yellow bellied slider, and then a frisky Asian small-clawed otter. He was making all kinds of noises and looked like he was talking to us.

In other news, I got a full time, real adult person job! I start next week so the next couple weeks will be a transitional period. I went through it when I was interning (and finishing up grad school) so I know what a shock that change of schedule can be. I'm looking forward to it though! Things are happening! Finally.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend!

March 25, 2015

Outfit: Black Turtleneck T-shirt, Leopard Print Skater Skirt, and Heart Print Tights

Somehow this outfit from late February managed to not get posted until now! It's not even that I didn't like it. (I did and do!) I just ended up picking other ones to post and realized it's nearing the end of March. It's about time to get any backlogged outfits from February onto the interwebz. I can't be the only style blogger this happens to though!

Anyway, I recently bought this classic black turtleneck t-shirt from Boohoo. I've been scouring stores around here for one like this and finally just went ahead and ordered one. It goes with everything and is incredibly soft. For its first time out I styled it with my neoprene leopard print skater skirt and added heart print sweater tights for warmth. It was pretty chilly the day I took these pictures and I was glad to get back inside and throw a blanket on. 

Black Turtleneck T-shirt, Leopard Print Skater Skirt, Heart Print Tights, and Cutout Boots
top, shoes: boohoo | skirt, tights: forever 21

Heart Print Sweater Tights and Pointed Boots Flats Hybrid Shoes

I also had some awesome colorful makeup on this day and a new dark lipstick from Nyx. These pictures are making me really miss my eye makeup. Someday when my eye feels better I'll put it back on but I don't want to risk putting any possibly irritant on my eyelid until then! It's just bright and bold lipstick until that day.

Red Bob Haircut, Black Turtleneck Top, and Leopard Skirt
Leopard Print Neoprene Skater Skirt, Turtleneck T-shirt, Heart Print Tights, and Pointed Cutout Boots

I hope you're all having a good week! Happy Wednesday!

March 23, 2015

February Favorites

Happy Monday! I can't believe we're already toward the end of March, but here are my favorite blogger outfits from February 2015. There is a pretty big mix of winter and spring looks going on in this roundup so I hope you can draw inspiration no matter what the temperature is where you live!

CiCi Marie and Beauty in Insanity both look toasty and warm in their outfits. I love CiCi's fur collared jacket and Katerina styled her Ninja Turtles sweatshirt perfectly.

The Joy of Fashion and The Sweetest Escape are both rocking some colorful florals with pretty lace shirts.

The Fox and Fern looks comfy and cute, while Style Skittle looks fantastic in a nearly all black outfit.

Southern California Belle and Finding Femme both look gorgeous in retro novelty print dresses.

M Loves M's cute and simple shift dress looks wonderful with her pretty berry lipstick. It's Not Her, It's Me has the romper of my dreams paired with cute yellow accessories.

Be sure to check out all of these fantastic blogs if you get a chance. They always provide me with plenty of style inspiration! Have a great start to your week!

March 20, 2015

Outfit: Handmade Martini Print Dress, Mint Green Tights, and Purple T-strap Heels

Happy Friday! I thought I'd share an extra fun outfit with you since the weekend is upon us. I wore the martini print dress Mom made for me for Matt's birthday last week. I also wore this dress in Las Vegas for my sister's birthday so I guess it's just becoming the birthday celebration dress! Since it's quickly getting warm here, I wanted to wear this dress with some colorful tights before it's too late, so I went with this mint green pair I snagged from the kids' section at Target. The color played off the print of the dress really well. Then I added purple shoes because why not? I thought it was a perfect outfit for going out for birthday dinner and drinks. (Even though I didn't have any martinis...)

Martini Novelty Print Retro Style Dress, Black Cropped Cardigan, Mint Green Tights, and Purple T-strap Heels
dress: handmade | tights: target | shoes: xappeal - rack room shoes? | cardigan: old navy

Martini Print Dress, Light Green Tights, and Shiny Purple Heels
Red Hair, Martini Print Scoop Neck Dress, Black Cardigan
Retro Colorful Martini Print Dress, Black Cardigan, Light Green Tights, and Purple Heels

I'm kind of sad it's getting so warm here already because I enjoy being able to remix my dresses with tights and layers. I've had plenty of outfit ideas in my head this winter but I just don't get dressed every single day because I rarely have anywhere to go! Sad times. Maybe that'll change sometime soon.

Anyway, do you have any fun plans for the weekend? I don't! You can tell me about your adventures though!

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