September 3, 2015

Outfit: Vintage Floral Skirt, Black Lace Top, Silver Triangle Necklace, & Pink Sandals

Bright Red Hair, Silver Triangles Necklace, Lace Shirt, and a Vintage Floral Print Skirt

This vintage floral skirt is one of my favorites. The colors are fantastic and pair so nicely with a lot of other colors. This time I paired it with some slightly edgy pieces to contrast with the super girly print. This black lace top from H&M goes with pretty much everything, but it's a crop top so it can be hard to keep tucked in to a skirt like this which isn't entirely tight around my waist. I added a brand new silver triangle necklace I bought from a Modcloth sale and some pink sandals I'm pretty sure I've had since high school.

Vintage Pink, Purple and Turquoise Floral Skirt, Pink Sandals, and a Black Lace Shirt
top: h&m | skirt: thrifted | shoe: ross | necklace: modcloth

Modcloth Silver Triangles Necklace with a Black Lace H&M Shirt
Silver Triangles Necklace from Modcloth, Black Lace Top, and Floral Skirt
Black Lace Crop Top, Vintage Floral Skirt, and Pink Flat Sandals
Vintage Colorful Floral Skirt and Pink Sandals
Black Lace Top, Vintage Pink, Purple, & Turquoise Floral Skirt, and Silver Triangle Necklace

As of tonight I'm officially on my labor day weekend. I'm super pumped about it because not only do I have 2 days off work but I'm going to Dragon Con again! So be prepared for some costume goodness again this year. If you'd like a refresher, you can click to see my Josie and the Pussycats costume, my Star Trek costume, and my one-of-a-kind Star Trek matching set outfit. I also had a Dragon Con 2014 recap post! I can't wait to show you this year's costumes! There will be wigs this year. I hope it's not ten thousand degrees outside.

Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend ahead of you too. Keep a look out on Instagram because I may be posting a few too many Dragon Con pictures!

Happy Thursday!

August 30, 2015

A Trip to Cumberland Island

Sea birds and a ship in the distance on the beach of Cumberland Island

On Fourth of July weekend Matt and I headed south toward Georgia's coastline to check out the town of St. Mary's and take a trip out to Cumberland Island. Even though it's very close to Florida, Cumberland Island is actually part of Georgia (though some people on the ferry with us had no idea about this despite the information being a Google search away.) The island is only accessible by ferry or private boat so we boarded the morning ferry, planning on wandering around most of the day.

There are only a couple people living on the island now so it's mostly uninhabited and is preserved national park land. The Carnegie family used to own most of it and there are various estates scattered around the island. The ruins of the Carnegie mansion, Dungeness - which burned down after being abandoned for many years - are close to the shoreline. Seeing parts of the old structure with the wild horses hanging around was one of my favorite parts of the trip. Though a lot of the wild horses looked like they could use a good meal.

The Cumberland Queen II dropping people off at Cumberland Island
Dungeness at Cumberland Island
In an archway near the ruins of Dungeness mansion
Ruins of the Carnegie Dungeness mansion on Cumberland Island

After looking at the ruins and wild horses, we hiked over to the beach side of the island through white sand dunes in the noontime sun. I was starting to get tired by this point but we ventured on! At least I wasn't carrying the backpack. We had nowhere to keep our stuff since we'd checked out of our hotel already, so Matt was carrying our laptops on his back - along with snacks and water - the entire time! Once we made it to the sea we enjoyed the slight breeze and moved up the shoreline to the next camp area, taking pictures and checking out the sea birds and other creatures along the way. 

After the beach we took a walk through some wooded areas near a campsite and ended up back where we were dropped off. A thunder storm started rolling in so we were glad we were slated for the next ferry back! We were so sweaty, dirty, sandy and gross by the time we got back to St. Mary's and our car, we had to stop at Walmart and get wet wipes for a wipe down before heading back to Atlanta. Classy.

Sand dunes on Cumberland Island
Horseshoe crab washed up on the beach
A sea bird on the coast of Cumberland Island, Georgia

I enjoy going on trips that give me opportunities to take pictures of things that aren't myself and my immediate surroundings. I don't often get to take pictures of sea birds, mansion ruins, or wild horses! We kind of just dropped everything and decided to take this trip last minute because Matt could do a site visit for work while we were there. We need to go on more semi-spontaneous weekend trips!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed perusing pictures that weren't an outfit. But if you were interested in the super casual outfit I wore here, the blue lace top is from Delia's, shorts are Forever 21, the purse is from Pepa Loves, and my sandals are from Shoe Carnival.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

August 26, 2015

Life Lately: Meet Riker

Everyone, I want you to meet Riker, Matt and my 4-month-old lab/something mix puppy! We adopted Riker from a local pet rescue after a lot of searching for a dog that seemed to mesh with us. Originally we didn't think we'd be going with a puppy but here we are with a baby dog! It's pretty cute how thrilled Matt is about us finally having a dog.

When we went to meet him for the first time he was super chill and now we can see he has plenty of crazy puppy energy. I think when he's older he's going to be pretty relaxed most of the time but now he goes from asleep to an absolute nut a few times per day. It's a lot of work having a puppy, but I knew that. I pick a lot of rocks, strings and mulch out of his mouth every day and I'm mastering hawk-like puppy surveillance skills. He's very goofy, loves all other dogs and people, and is working on learning his dog manners.

Riker at 4 months:
  • Is already learning! "Sit" is down at home but he's working on it in public. We're working on waiting before going out doors and "lay down" too. He automatically sits or lays down in the elevator and is 95% potty trained.
  • Is intrigued by any reflection of himself, including the reflection in my laptop screen when it's in sleep mode.
  • Loves to sleep and chew toys on his back. Sometimes he rolls off the couch while intensely chewing. He's so graceful.
  • Kind of is learning his name after 5 days of having him. He's named after Commander William Riker from Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • Still has some baby teeth and wants to chew chew chew. His favorite toys so far are ones he can shred up so I can pick strings out of his mouth.
  • Makes the goofiest high pitched noises when he yawns but is otherwise very quiet.
  • Likes to jump up and put his paws on other dogs and some people. We're working on sitting in exciting situations.
  • Sheds a suspiciously small amount... Probably just because of puppy hair.
  • Doesn't beg for food from the table, which is pretty amazing.
  • Pulls 80% of the time on his walks because he wants to see everything (working on that). He also finds any shade to walk in. It's hot here!
  • Is very very good in his crate while we're at work and goes right in without a fuss.
  • Sometimes snuggles right against me and lays his head on me which makes up for the times when he's a crazy nut dog.

It's definitely a lot of work but I think we're getting the swing of things. Today I took a sick day (sinus infection) and hung around with Riker all day and he was very good - hooray! Stay tuned for another Riker update at some point. If anything you'll get to see more puppy pictures and who doesn't love puppy pictures?

Have a great rest of your week!

August 21, 2015

Outfit: White Mock Neck Top, Colorful Star Trek Skirt, and White Sandals

Handmade Star Trek Print Skirt, White Mock Turtleneck Shirt, and Flat White Sandals

This pleated Star Trek skirt may be my favorite skirt in my closet. It's both super colorful - so it goes with a billion different tops - and geeky. Though I'm a bigger fan of Star Trek: TNG, I do enjoy original Star Trek too! This skirt is part of a matching set I wore to Dragon Con last year. My mom made it for me so it's one-of-a-kind. I'm going to need to wear the pieces together again before it's an inappropriate season to wear a crop top with a cutout in the front. (The temperature here is fine for crop tops well into October most of the time though!)

Anyway, I actually wore this to work on one of our casual days. I paired the skirt with my new white mock turtleneck top and a pair of comfortable white sandals. I usually don't wear a whole lot of white, but I loved how the white top and sandals looked against the bold skirt. What do you think?

Star Trek Print Pleated Mini Skirt with White Sandals
White Mock Neck Top and a Pleated Star Trek Print Skirt
(I must just be really really happy about my Star Trek skirt. This is how it makes me feel.)

Close Up of the Star Trek: The Original Series Print Pleated Skirt
Bright Red Hair and a White Forever 21 Mock Turtleneck Shirt
Handmade Colorful Star Trek Print Skirt with a White Mock Neck Shirt and White Sandals
skirt: handmade | top: forever 21 | shoes: boohoo

Speaking of Star Trek, Matt and I are getting a dog this weekend and may be naming it a Star Trek character name... Because we wanted a somewhat geeky name that's not over-used. Stay tuned for that!

I'm super pumped for the weekend and am hoping I'll have time to catch up on the blogosphere. I miss doing my monthly favorites features and have been feeling bad about missing them, so I'm figuring out a way to bring them back! It's just been a hectic past couple of months with moving out and working and generally trying to be a functioning adult. So please let me know if you miss the monthly favorites feature too and anything else you'd like to see from me in the upcoming months!

As always, thanks for visiting/commenting/being the cool person you are! Have an amazing weekend!

P.S. Be sure to check out my Instagram page this weekend. Hint: You may see puppy pictures!

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