April 14, 2014

Jean Jacket, Striped Top, Corduroy Shorts, Green Lace Tights, Moccasins, & a 90s Choker Necklace

Happy Monday everyone! This is an outfit I wore a couple weeks back. It's currently a little too warm for my jean jacket, but the weather people say it's supposed to cool down this week so we'll see. Anyway, the main story with this outfit is that I'm bringing the choker necklace back. Not really, but I tried. It wasn't a planned thing but I was feeling a slightly 90s vibe going on with my jean jacket that day so I figured I may as well add the choker. It was my mom's 90s choker so that's exciting.

Chokers aren't technically the best choice for short people since they cut off the neckline, but my high-waisted shorts help to counter the shortening effect of the choker. Plus who says I always have to try to look tall? It's all an illusion on the blog anyway since putting me next to any reference items (or people) gives away my height!
Maybe it's time you dug out a choker necklace from the depths of your jewelry...box / drawer / pile?

jean jacket: so... - thrifted | shirt, shorts, tights: forever 21 | shoes: old navy | necklace: from Mom

So what's going on with you? Any exciting plans for the week? I'll be reading many academic articles, attempting to write a paper, and working. Sad times, you guys. It's very hard to concentrate on school work! I have an epic case of senioritis. Though it's not really senioritis since I was a senior in college 2 years ago. I'm going to call it the graduate school blues and also you're-23-get-out-of-school-itis. 

Have a happy Monday and be sure to follow me on Twitter via @petitepanoply and @JamieRDonaldson to keep up with me during the work day! I tweet some cool articles if you like learning stuff. Learning is fun!

April 13, 2014

Weekend Roundup / 1

I hope you're all having a great weekend! I know I occasionally do a Things I Love Thursday post, but perhaps a weekend roundup of links, Instagram highlights, & my weekly posts will be fun to start! The categories may change somewhat week-to-week, but I'll still try to categorize these links so you can find something you're interested in.

Fashion & Blogging
\\ This Thrifting 101 by Marlen is spot on. She lets you know the kinds of things you'll constantly stumble upon in thrift stores.

\\ These photo tips on lighting by The Clothes Horse are great for anyone just figuring out photography. I definitely agree about cloudy days being my favorite for outfit photos!

\\ Love these beauty rules nobody should follow. Red heads look great in red lipstick!

Career & School
\\ Reasons the final months of grad school are the worst. One of my favorites: "Because waking up with paralyzing anxiety about all the work you need to be doing shouldn't be just another morning in your life."

\\ Check out the blog post I wrote for Georgia Aquarium featuring some super cute sea otters and ice sculpture enrichment items they get for - and in between - holidays.

\\ 5 scientifically proven ways to maximize your work break. The tip about taking a real break resonates with me. It helps improve concentration!

\\ 7 tips for a successful first week on the job.

\\ Have you seen the new trailer for The Giver movie? It's one of my favorite books so I'm excited to see the film. One thing though. Why is the trailer not in black and white? Anyone who has read the book knows the people don't see in color. It would be true to the book to see Jonas begin seeing the world in color a la Pleasantville. (Apparently the film is going to start out B&W though, so no worries!)

\\ An overview of the new Twitter profile. Do you have it yet?

\\ Have no idea what net neutrality is about? This article sums it up quickly and easily.

\\ Scientists have regenerated an organ in mice: the thymus. This could lead the way to organ regeneration in humans.

\\ Food groups that protect you from the sun. Dark chocolate, tea, & greens? I already eat everything on this list which is a good thing considering my paleness!

\\ Interesting post on how we're killing our bodies' good bacteria with antibiotics.

\\ Studies suggest children can understand more complex math than we give them credit for. They're being under-challenged and benefit from being exposed to advanced content.

The Color Run

Mom came to visit me at the Aquarium on her birthday:

A weedy sea dragon:

This week's Throwback Thursday for National Siblings Day. 2010 in some wonderful thrifted high-waisted suspender pants:

This Past Week's Posts
\\ Outfit: Jean Jacket, Comfy Jersey Knit Dress, Blue Lace Top, & Floral Shoes.
\\ Outfit: Red Jeans, Checkerboard Shirt, Floral Print Heels.
\\ Life Lately: The Color Run in Atlanta 2014

April 11, 2014

Jean Jacket, Floral Shoes, & a Blue Lace Crop Top over a Black Jersey Knit Dress

Happy Friday! This was a comfortable outfit I wore about a week ago. I bought this blue crochet lace crop top on clearance about a year ago and thought I'd wear it with everything. However that did not happen so I felt compelled to actually style it the other day. I threw it over one of my comfiest dresses that I actually wear a lot but don't photograph often. I'm not sure this dress has ever been on the blog, but I know its maroon twin has been! I call them my pajama dresses. They're that comfortable. I figured this crop top would mix up this dress a little bit. I threw on my jean jacket and some floral heels for a spring-y vibe. Also, is it just me or is my hair looking particularly awesome with warm-weather outfits? Maybe its the novelty of it, but I'm loving it.

top: delia's | dress: forever 21 | shoes: delia's | jacket: so... - thrifted | bracelet: jigsaw london

In other news, I passed my comprehensive exams! Hoorah! Now I just have to manage to write some research papers in less than a month. This is my life, you guys. I can't even fully express how ready I am to move on to the next phase of my life even though I'm sure it'll be a lengthy job hunt. Yay.

Anyway, I hope you're all having a fantastic week. I need to be writing so I hope I'm doing that when you're reading this. If not, shame on me.


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