October 24, 2014

September Favorites

Since it's the end of October already it's about time to showcase my favorite blogger outfits from September. Everybody looks super cute, as always. If you can't tell, I'm apparently loving trousers and black and white outfits. It was too hot for me to wear pants in September so I was living vicariously through other people's wonderfully autumnal outfits. I have a feeling my October favorites will have an even stronger fall feel though.

Finding Femme has the best floral blazer ever and the delightful red accents in this outfit make my day. A Fashion Nerd's cat skirt is so fun and I love that the entire outfit is black and white.

The Ocean in Your Bedroom looks amazing in this trumpet-shaped pencil skirt. Lost in the Haze looks like a modern Alice in Wonderland in this pastel look.

What Olivia Did is rocking the black and white look and those cat flats are adorable. Restless Youth's androgynous outfit looks both comfortable and fashion forward.

Sydne Style's houndstooth pants are perfect with a polka dot top. Temporary Secretary rocks the oversized blazer and a heart print top that's hidden in this picture.

Keiko Lynn looks adorable in her suspender skirt and classic boots. M Loves M picked the perfect color of cardigan to pair with her fun floral print pants.

October 22, 2014

Outfit: Maroon Cat Print Top Layered Underneath a Sleeveless Striped Dress

I'm always happy when the time of year for tights and long sleeves comes along. Layering makes getting the most out of your wardrobe so much easier. One of my favorite ways to remix my sleeveless dresses is to layer a long sleeved button down top underneath. I find this looks best when the neckline on the dress isn't too high or too low. There's a certain Goldilocks zone for this layering technique so I was very happy when this striped dress from Modcloth fit that criteria!

This actually wasn't an outfit I planned for our trip up to Illinois. It turned out to be cooler than average while we were there (and it felt wonderful) but I had to mix and match what I brought to dress a little warmer. I'm a firm believer in navy blue as a neutral and maroon tends to match with almost everything, so this outfit is the result of these items laying next to one another in my suitcase. Maybe the stripes mixed with cat print is a little quirky but I liked it. What do you think? Would you let cat print mingle with your stripes?

Maroon Cat Print Top Layered Underneath a Striped Dress
Maroon Cat Print Button Down, Striped Dress, Navy Blue Tights, and Brown Clogs
dress: modcloth | top: forever 21 | tights: target | shoes: korks - shoe carnival | earrings, belt: mom's

Maroon Cat Print Underneath a Sleeveless Striped Dress
Layering a Cat Print Button Down Top Underneath a Striped Fit and Flare Dress
Navy Blue Tights with Brown Clogs
Navy Striped Dress, Cat Print Button Down, and Short Red Hair

Are you guys having a good week so far? I'm not sure where it's gone and how it's already Wednesday. I have cover letters to write, work to do, and catching up on your blogs too. Somehow all the tasks are never complete since the hours fly by. Life has never moved so quickly and that worries me. I wish I had time to just read a book but that would require stopping the other things that are more pertinent. Oh well!

Have a fantastic rest of your day!

October 21, 2014

YouTube Tuesday: Goats, Cleopatra Makeup, and More!

Happy Tuesday everyone! It's time to entertain you with some YouTube videos picked by me with love. Or maybe these are just things I enjoyed that I thought you might too. Either way, here it is!

I've been laughing about this Game of Goats video for over a week. Why are the noises goats make so funny? You need to watch this.

I really like this Youtuber's historically accurate makeup series. Her most recent video goes over the purpose of makeup in makeup in Ancient Egypt and shows us how to create a look that could have been worn then. I just really enjoy her nuggets of historical research thrown into these videos.

Supreme Court cases shown with footage of dogs rather than the usual still drawings. I approve.

I just enjoyed the mix of color in this fall makeup tutorial. Maybe you will too! (Sorry. I watch a lot of makeup tutorials.)

Walking Dead bad lip reading! This one has a jolly little song at the end called Carl Poppa so enjoy that.

I hope at least one of these entertained you on this fine Tuesday. Have a great rest of your day!

October 20, 2014

Outfit: Brown Corduroy Shorts and a Ruffle Sleeve Fox Print Top

It's the fox print shirt again! When I said I can't stop wearing this shirt, it was the truth. The neutral-colored print makes it super versatile and I love the ruffled sleeve detail on it. I figured I'd break out one of my colorful beaded necklaces to play off the colors in the top's print. (I've been sorely neglecting my pile of beaded necklaces lately so I'm trying to remember to wear them!) Anyway, the rest of this outfit was a comfy combination of my brown corduroy shorts and cushy shoes.

top: boohoo | shorts, necklace: forever 21 | shoes: korks - shoe carnival

Sorry for the weird posting schedule last week. Everything got out of whack with traveling on Monday and my birthday on Tuesday. I'm back to posting normally today! Hooray! I have a bit of catching up to do reading your blogs too. I'm excited to work on that this week.

Have a fantastic start to your week!

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