July 23, 2014

Outfit: Striped Bodycon Dress, Purple Cardigan, and Silver Oxford Shoes

This was a forgotten outfit, somehow. I wore this back in late May and recently realized I hadn't posted it. I actually really liked how it turned out with the mix of silver and purple. This striped bodycon dress is different than most of the silhouettes in my wardrobe so I enjoyed styling it. I used some credits to Sheinside I won from The Clothes Horse to get it. I figured if it didn't work out I wouldn't be out any money so I might as well try something new. I tried to dress down this dress by pairing it with a comfy cardigan and flat shoes, but it could definitely be worn for a night out with heels. Wearing bodycon dresses means your food baby from chicken nuggets and hot dogs is super apparent though, so keep that in mind when wearing bodycon things to graduation parties.

Striped Bodycon Dress, Purple Cardigan, and Silver Cutout Oxford Shoes
dress: sheinside | cardigan: forever 21 | shoes: sam & libby - target | necklace: sheinside

Striped Dress, Purple Cardigan, Spiked Silver Necklace, & a Red Pixie Cut
Silver Spiked Necklace with a Striped Dress and Purple Cardigan
Black and White Bodycon Dress, Silver Shoes, and a Red Pixie Cut
Silver Cutout Sam & Libby Oxford Shoes
Short Red Hair, Purple Cardigan, and Striped Bodycon Dress
Black and White Striped Bodycon Dress with Short Red Hair and Silver Shoes

I really like how the stripes on this dress create the illusion of curves on my body. I'm generally hip-less so this makes me look a little more like a woman in that area. Do you wear bodycon dresses or skirts? I feel like they look good on so many different body shapes. How would you style a dress like this? I'd love more ideas on how to remix it!

Anyway, I hope you have a fantastic Wednesday!

July 22, 2014

YouTube Tuesday: New Outfit Video + More!

Happy Tuesday everyone! It's time for YouTube Tuesday again! I have a couple videos of my own to show you, a new music video from The New Pornographers, and a funny video from The Fine Brothers.
Also, thank you for supporting my reentry into YouTube land!

First up is my newest outfit video featuring my galaxy print skirt. If you saw it already, great! If not, here it is!

Next is my short video highlighting Athfest 2014.

The New Pornographers (my favorite band) just came out with a new song and I've been listening to it way to many times. Here is the music video for it. I'm always excited to hear new music from them! Just awesome Canadian indie rock.

Here's a funny video for you: Elders React to Epic Rap Battles of History. I can't get enough of these reaction videos from TheFineBros. 

I hope this gave you something interesting to look at on this fine Tuesday! Have a wonderful rest of your day!

July 21, 2014

June Favorites

Happy happy Monday everyone! It's time for another monthly favorites post. I'm always surprised when the time rolls around for another one of these. It's already mid-late July! What? Anyway, here are a few cute outfits I enjoyed last month. Be sure to check out their amazing blogs!

Mermaidens and Wit & Bloom

Amy Valentine and Love Maegan

July 20, 2014

Weekend Roundup \\ 12

Happy Sunday everyone! Here is a roundup from the past two weeks. I hope you're all having a great weekend.

New makeup from Forever 21 and Sephora + My five new pairs of shoes that I didn't need but really wanted.

Driving around with Jeanie + Throwback to Disney World the summer of 1997.

A trip to Creature Comforts Brewery last weekend.

Organizing my jewelry, including these pins + Mushroom print fabric for a dress I'm attempting to make.

An outtake from my most recent outfit post + A very far away picture of Def Leppard from Friday night.

\\ Pinterest is introducing the ability to follow different interests rather than just boards & users. Hooray for more ways to see pins you're interested in!
\\ Some cable companies are offering packages with basic TV + HBO so you don't have to pay for cable TV to get that premium channel. Game of Thrones fans rejoice.
\\ Leap Frog (the children's educational game company) just came out with a video game system designed for kids 3 - 8. The controllers are even made for their smaller hands!
\\ Disney is developing a live action Dumbo movie. Is it just me or is that going to be an incredibly sad film?
\\ The Girl Scouts hosted its first video game course where girls learned how to design objects and people in a virtual 3D environment.
\\ Why the future of Netflix is in children's entertainment.

\\ Been seeing that ad for Lucy saying we only use 10% of our brains? Complete myth. I'm so glad someone else pointed this out because I was probably annoying my family by complaining about the ad each time I saw it.
\\ Another reminder to please wear sunscreen. People publishing about the dangers of sunscreen are not scientifically literate nor are the people spreading that message.
\\ Monkeys make logical fallacies just like we do!
\\ A disappearing planet visualizes the high rate of animal extinction happening on Earth right now.

\\ 12 lesser-known careers in the fashion industry. Everyone doesn't have to be a designer!
\\ Geek fashion inspired by Futurama.
\\ How to wear your favorite graphic t-shirt at the office.
\\ 7 deadliest fashion trends of all time.
\\ Vintage inspired sunglasses for every decade.

\\ "What happened when we gave our daughter my last name." Check this out - especially if you never thought about how society deems a woman's last name as disposable.
\\ 12 hour travel guides for different cities!

The Past 2 Weeks' Posts
\\ Outfit: 4th of July red striped top and blue shorts
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\\ Outfit video: Galaxy skirt
\\ I got a Tumblr. Because I needed more social media.

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