August 4, 2012

A Little Bit Country?

There's something about a denim skirt that reminds me of country singers and farms. Since that's not really my personal aesthetic, I hope this outfit came out a bit more retro than country singer. I picked up the skirt for a dollar at the thrift store earlier this summer, but forgot about it. Oops. It's time to start wearing it!

P.S.: My skirt is wrinkly. Sorry.

skirt, belt: thrifted | top: forever 21 | shoes: xhileration - target | headband: from Lovely Miss Megs | earrings: great grandma collection | necklace: made by my aunt

A little girl came up to me in Target and told me how much she liked this outfit. True story.

I hope you're all having a fantastic weekend! I'm just trying to get stuff together to take back to my apartment. I still need to do some epic closet cleaning before I leave. Actually, I need to clean out my closet back in Athens too. Sigh. I hope I have time to do a couple of DIY pinterest things I found too. I don't know why I always leave things to the last minute.

Happy Saturday!


Inez said...

Simple, chic and sweet look.

Anni said...

Urgh lucky you getting wear summer gear! I'm back home in NZ for the US summer hols so I'm hoping when I head back in fall I'll catch some nice savannah rays before fall sets in (fingers crossed right?). I am envious as fuck that you are totally experiencing all the end of summer sales right now :)

gvozdiShe said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your
lovely comment! terrific outfit!
I follow you now! Hope you will follow me back )

Marielley said...

A little girl told me she liked my outfit once at IKEA. I didn't know if that was a good or bad thing A good thing in your case I am sure because you look great! I love denim. I am currently seeking all the thrift stores for a denim jacket and vest. Have a lovely Sunday!

rebelrousher said...

Love your jean skirt! Very cute outfit :)


rebelrousher said...

Love your jean skirt! Very cute outfit :)


Camilla said...

You look so gorgeous darling! :)
Lovely skirt!

Meanz Chan (Koi Story) said...

Super in love with your shoes and denim skirt!! You look adorable.

Claire Tyler said...

I love the addition of the headpiece :) It's very cute. great outfit <3 x

kiss me quick said...

I really like these photos!!
Great post ^^
Your blog is so cute. Loved it!


Frannie Pantz said...

Lol leaving things to the last minute is just a human thing I think. I love your denim skirt and for a dollar it's a true steal! Great flower clip too!

lembaraninformasi said...

i love the headband. It is so cute :D

Magical Day Dream said...

Your aunt makes gorgeous necklaces! Also love the headpiece :)



strawberry moth said...

Don't you love when little fashionistas love what you're wearing...I give myself a secret high five:) Your hair piece is the cutest!

xo, Strawberry Moth

Benlovesting said...

This such a cute outfit! x

Jessica said...

Such a cute simple outfit! I was hesitant at first picking up a second hand denim skirt at the Good Will, but you just helped put all my concerns to rest! I also adore the flower in your hair! -Jessica

cetak brosur said...

a cute headband, yellow and white. You mix it with right outfit :D

Emily said...

You are incredibly adorable! I love that you gave the denim skirt a retro spin. You look so sweet. I adore your hair and the flower in it!

May the force be with you.

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