June 12, 2011

The Hillbilly Jungle

We've safely made it to Illinois for our annual summer relative visiting extravaganza. And also to have Jeanie's graduation party. It's quite a change in weather from Georgia to here. It's a good change though - the weather is perfect!

We're going to start with Jeanie's outfit today:
 top: Forever 21
cardigan: Delia*s
shorts: petite sophisticate - thrifted
tights: target kids' section
shoes: target
ring: great grandma collection

The fox print top is a new Forever 21 purchase and it's pretty fantastic. I like the mixed prints in her outfit today.

top: vintage Blue Oyster Cult
shorts: Old Navy - thrifted
cardigan: H&M
tights: Target kids' section
shoes: Target
hair bow: H&M
ring: Charming Charlie's
earrings: vintage 80's from Mom

My thinking face. Probably thinking about how I had no shoes to match this outfit so I wore my leopard print flats and a leopard bow in my hair to tie them in.

We had to go get some tights last night because it's a little chilly here. We headed to the kids' section to grab some cheap ones. It's good to be really short sometimes! I got a pair of navy, black, and cream-colored ones for 6 dollars.

I hope everyone's having a good Sunday! The Tony awards are on tonight, so I'll be watching those!


Leah said...

I really don't wear high waisted shorts because of my figure ( petite and chubby ) but when i saw this post, i was like, i'm going to buy that denim shorts right away! hahaha you both looked amazing!

Jenny Taylor said...

I'm loving your nails! <3

Anonymous said...

The clothes, the nails... pretty.

JennaStevie said...

Such cute looks, both of you!! I love jeanies fox print shirt and your denim and band tee look is so awesome.

vintage process said...

I love your look! sO SWEET!


you both look good! you have some pretty awesome rings girl!


Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

So cute! Love the fox blouse!

MartilaMi said...

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veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

great shorts! they fit you perfectly.

Angel Garcia said...

I like all the looks. I would have never guesses that it was a fox print shirt.. Now I love it! Ha..

All the best, Angel

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

I love the combination of bright red and blue in this outfit! The coordination of the shoes and top are adorable! =)


the girl never gets older said...

I love your outfits and make-ups, girls! :) ♥

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