June 7, 2011

Rue De Lis

Happy Tuesday!

I actually got out of the house today to go thrifting at our favorite thrift store. It was 50 cent Tuesday today so we just had to go! Yes, everything in the store was 50 cents. I picked up a few summery tops that I can't wait to wear with high-waisted shorts.

This top is one of my favorites because of the cool cutout shoulders. Plus the print has the two colors I wear most lately: Navy and Red.

Jeanie wore her new high-waisted shorts too. I like her casual outfit today. She hasn't worn her high shorts out much without me, which is sad because they're awesome. She thinks her boyfriend will make fun of her. But I tell her she shouldn't care.
shorts: Forever 21
top: Forever 21
shoes: Target
belt: thrifted
sunglasses: Forever 21
hat: H&M
bracelet: vintage

A couple silly pictures from today:

I didn't mean to have those bright sunglasses on display. I just had them with me so I could drive to the thrift store after we took these pictures. It's very bright outside!


amy said...

The high waisted shorts are perfection

i love the robot necklace!

hope to hear from you*!

Fashion Addict said...

I can't believe everything was 50 cents! I wish I had a thrift store in my town that did that. Lucky!

And your outfits are really cute. :)

RenvieanneMO said...

50 cents? lucky you!! I would go crazy if my thrift shops would have great sales like that .

I love your hat btw <3


JennaStevie said...

Ohh you both rock those high waisted shorts so well, gorgeous looks. I love your blouse, all the details on it is amazing!!

Leah said...

following you now. please follow back. btw, i love your posts.

Megan said...

I'm jealous of your 50 cent finds, especially ones that look so good! I also love how well you both rock high waisted shorts. Those are something I really love, but look horrible on me to wear.

Janelle Haskin said...

Love your outfit!!!



Jennyboo said...

High waisted shorts are my favorite for the summer. I am loving how both of you lady styled yours! A day of thrifting sounds like heaven right now, especially when there is a sale. xx

maggeygrace said...

Your top is soooooo cute! It is a match made in heaven with that lovely hat. I am dying for a boat hat like that! I need one in my closet. I love your friend's shorts! You two make a cute pair of best pals!

CAITLIN said...

high-waisted everything is awesome, and so flattering! i bought a pair of high-waisted chambray shorts at goodwill last week and when i asked my boyfriend what he thought he said they looked like something his grandmother would wear. so of course i had to buy them ;) i totally love your outfit!

Angel Garcia said...

50 cents? Awesome! I have never understood why people are so afraid to shop vintage or at a thrift store. You always find the best one of a kind unique pieces at amazing prices. Practically free! WERK the looks!

All the best, Angel

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Your hair's immense. x hivenn


Adorable outfits!! I'm especially smitten with those gorgeous shorts, and I love the sweet, sweet hat! I'm ALL about hats lately. Hope you're having a fabulous Friday. xx veronika

the girl never gets older said...

hi girls, you both look adorable in high-waisted shorts! :)
50 cents?! big WOW! :D ♥

This Charming Style said...

You girls both look fab! I love your top and your sister's shorts are soo cute :)

29 Skirts said...

That top has a very pretty print, and your shorts are great! My husband doesn't like my high-waisted "mom" shorts, but I wear them anyway! The other day I was trying to explain to him, "Think of them like the high-waisted shorts you've seen in vintage pin-up photos..."

Mara said...

I love you and your sister and your amazing fashion sense! Your shirt is adorable, and I love her robot necklace! So cute.

Sabrinagrrrl said...

I don't care what anyone says, I think pleated shorts are Adorable! They've been coming back in the last year or so...you can find them in the mall stores again. As for them being "high waisted", they sit on your natural waist, so technically they aren't high at all. My shorts are all pleated, and most are longer than your khaki ones. If you look cute in them (and you really rock this look!) then That is what matters!

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