July 12, 2011


overalls/dress: forever 21
tank top: target
shoes: bongo; kmart
pin: vintage from great grandma collection
headband: extremely old

I'm loving my awkward dancing pose in the above picture. I never know what sorts of pictures of myself to expect when Jeanie takes them. Usually me doing some strange dance or posing with trees.

I hadn't worn this pin yet even though I've had it about a year. I'm trying to start incorporating the pins I have into my wardrobe. I find it difficult to accessorize sometimes simply because I have so many options.  This one is made of some sort of porcelain so it's pretty fragile. But it's so cute and happy!

I realize now that I should have pinned the straps shorter than I had them. I'm very short-waisted so the top part is a little too big and bags up on me a bit. Oh well!

Only a couple days until the Harry Potter premiere! I'm getting so excited. Jeanie and I are going to the midnight show and we're planning some Hogwarts costumes. Be prepared!


Wild Flower said...

I really do love those shoes, I wonder if they come in my size! You look adorable, as always! I can't wait for Harry Potter either, I just finished re-watching all the previous ones, so I'm pumped now! xo

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

This outfit is so cute! You look lovely!
And yes, I can'T wait to see HP as well!

Megan said...

Have lots of fun at the midnight showing! I had a group of friends go see the midnight showing for the last movie and we all made shirts that said Hallows or Horcruxes? on the back. The on the front of the shirts each of the 7 girls had a horcrux and the 3 guys had hallows. We thought we were witty haha.

Unfortunately I can't make it to the midnight show for this one :( So I'll have to wait til Saturday or Sunday to see it.

I hope it's amazing!

P.S. I love your pin.

Anonymous said...

I love your little pin! It looks adorable! I think adding pins is fun. I got a bunch of them from my grandma who had a really wacky jewelry collection. Now I wear one almost every day!

Hooray for HP costumes! Make sure to post a pic! :)

Amber Blue Bird said...

cute outfit. your pin is also very pretty. I am sure that midnight showing is going to be packed! Hope you post some pics of you costume.

Fabrizia said...

Hi! I like this post so much, you look really great!
If you want come and visit my blog, and if you like, follow me!


This Charming Style said...

I love the dress so much, I think it;s really flattering and gorgeous and the pin looks perfect!

the girl never gets older said...

oh, the pattern of this dress is so cute! ✿

Anonymous said...

How cute is this outfit? You look adorable sweetie!

Tea For Two said...

I love the pinafore style and the colour. I'm not a Potter fan but all of my housemates are dying for it to be friday so they can make their pilgrimage to see the end of this glorious journey :)

Katie Elizabeth said...

That outfit is so cute! I love the little flowery pin on the strap. The whole thing is so pretty on you :)

xo katie elizabeth

Laceface said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm glad I stumbled onto this blog.
Can't wait to see your Harry Potter costume

-your newest follower
Sing Along Forever

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

Oh your little broach is just so pretty. And I like the style of the shoes too. I can't believe they are from Kmart. What a great find.

lasophia said...

Kmart makes bongo? I'm going to have to get myself in there. How long ago was it? You look great.


Dresses for Dinner said...

This is so cute! I love how old school it feels. And I quite like the first pose. Posing might be the most awkward part. I'm always, "where do I put my hands? what am i supposed to do with my face?"

JennaStevie said...

This is so great, those floral overalls are sooo wonderful!
Some days it takes me so long just to get a few decent pitures because I look ridiculous in every one

Jenny Taylor said...

I just love that jumper. And I'm super stoked about HP too...eeeeep! I'm not going to the midnight premiere, though. You are much, much braver than I! Have fun.
I'll be watching bright and early Friday morning! Haha

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