July 11, 2011

Oh Chicago

I love going into the city when we're up near Chicago.  My cousin shot these pictures while we were having dinner at another cousin's apartment. [You may soon realize there are a lot of cousins. These are cousins of my mom... and therefore cousins of me too?] So thank you to her for letting me use these pictures!

dress: forever 21
cardigan: delia*s
shoes: crate & barrel
hair flower: forever 21

I'm particularly fond of the first picture of us peering over the ledge. I don't have enough candid-like pictures in my life! Those are sometimes the best sort of pictures, I think.

The dress I was wearing has really cool back cutout detailing. I'll be sure to showcase it next time I wear it as it'll be too hot here to wear that dress with a cardigan for a good long while. Seriously, it's like an inferno outside.



Mara said...

That is an adorable dress, and I love your shoes! Candid pictures are the best. I really like the first one, too.

herecomesthesun said...

Both wearing super cute outfits :)

Fashion Addict said...

Oh Chicago looks like such an exciting place. Although I was born there, I haven't been there ever since and I really need to go there and see what it's like!

Btw, I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog and I would love it if you entered!

April, Everyday Forgotten said...

Lovely photos! I especially love the first one too!

Dresses for Dinner said...

Wonderful dress! I hope you had fun in Chicago!

erica marie said...

Lovely photos, I love the first one too!! Love the print on your dress, you look gorgeous. Just found your blog, loving your style, I'm following :)


29 Skirts said...

Pretty dress and cardigan! The colors work together really well. From your photos it looks like it was a little windy in The Windy City! That's one thing I remember about visiting Chicago...the constant wind.

JennaStevie said...

These pictures are so wonderful, I love the candid shot a lot. This looks like a lot of fun. I'm seriously in love with your dress, what a gorgeous fit/colurs.

This Charming Style said...

Ahh I love these photos! And your dress is super pretty :)

Angel Garcia said...

Such a cute dress.. I love Chicago.. Always fun to be there and in fact going up there next month to look at apartments. haha..

All the best, Angel

Ruby Girl said...

i have lots of "cousins of my mom that are also cousins of me too" :) big families rock. as does your lovely smile!! <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

akiko hiramatsu said...

I like your one-piece♡
Very beautiful !!


Bonbon-regen said...

adorable!lovely!awesome!fantastic :)
4 words for your blog. Hope you'll like mine aswell:


Margaret said...

I love those shoes. And the dress. And the shorts. And the hair. I love everything about this post!

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