August 30, 2011

Oliver's Army

I wore my new lace dress to class yesterday. I just kept it simple with a belt. Later in the fall I plan on styling it with tights and cute cardigans. As for now, it's too hot for that!
dress: forever 21
shoes: forever 21
belt: thrifted

I really enjoy the little collar on this dress. And all the lacey-ness.

I confess, I didn't wear these heels to class. I wore my leopard print flats so my feet wouldn't fall off going back and forth to campus. If I had gone anywhere where I didn't have to walk distances, I would've worn these!

Most days I have no idea what to put as my post title. That's when I put whatever song is stuck in my head or what I'm listening to as the title! Just in case you were wondering why some of my titles have nothing to do with anything.

Happy Tuesday!

August 29, 2011


If you know me, you know that I thoroughly enjoy jumping pictures and will partake in them at any chance I get. Therefore when we were waiting to leave for dinner this weekend, I had the urge to jump! Jeanie took these through the open car door:

Please excuse how far up my dress went.

dress: forever 21
cardigan: delia*s
shoes: bongo; kmart

Mom cut and did my hair that day, that's why it looks so nice! I need a lot more practice trying to curl it like that myself. It's frustrating learning yourself when you're used to professional results!

Right now Jeanie and I are hanging at my apartment watching Troop Beverly Hills (with little Jenny Lewis in it), drinking green tea, and eating chocolate. All while memorizing the geological time scale for our dinosaur slack class. (If you have to put in substantial memorizing effort is it really a slack class anymore?)

Happy Monday!

August 28, 2011

Automatic Poses

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend. I certainly am! Here's an outfit from last week:

My poses being pretty much the same all the time is beginning to creep me out. Mostly because I don't realize I'm doing it.

No smile. I look weirdy angry.
top: thrifted
shorts: forever 21
belt: forever 21
bag: thrifted
shoes: xhileration; target
necklace: forever 21
hair bow: forever 21
glasses: zenni optical

I thrifted this leather bag for $12 while I was in Illinois this summer. It's just what I'd been wanting and I don't think anyone ever used it either.

I just got these new glasses from Zenni Optical. If you've never checked out that site, you should. These cost $15. You have to look through a lot of not-too-interesting glasses to get to the fun ones, but it's definitely worth it. I would wear glasses more often if it wasn't so difficult to get ready in the morning without contacts! I have to be practically on top of the mirror to put makeup on.

Right now I'm lounging on the couch at home. Jeanie and I will have to go back to school tonight, but we had a free weekend so we came back home. It's been really nice! Plus we got to hang out with George. However, I haven't done any class work this weekend yet so I should get on that. 

August 25, 2011


top: delia*s
shorts: h&m
shoes: bongo; kmart
scarf: thrifted
sunglasses: kohls

I thrifted this yellow silk scarf over a month ago and still hadn't styled it. I finally got the idea to pull from the yellow in these shorts and wear it as a neck tie. Jeanie told me I looked like Daphne from Scoobie Doo. So I guess that means I'm pretty cool.

I tried to get a good picture of my blue crackle nails, but this doesn't show off the effect as nicely as I wanted it to. The blue is darker and shinier in real life. And the base coat is white so it looks kind of like ice.

Now, I'm off to class where I'll probably sleep because I think I woke up every two hours last night. Not to mention the strange dreams...

August 23, 2011

Part of Your World

And we're back to the trusty brick wall!
shirt: junk food; gift
skirt: thrifted
shoes: rocket dog; shoe carnival
belt: vintage; mom's
earrings: thrifted
bracelet: don't know. it's old.

I love this t-shirt so much. My cousin Elizabeth bought it for me for Christmas and it's perfect. I've loved that movie since I can remember and this shirt has such pretty colors! I thought it'd be fun to pair my blue houndstooth thrifted skirt with it.

This bracelet is one my mom bought me to wear for homecoming my freshman year of high school. That was quite a few years ago, but I like that I can incorporate it into my outfits still.
Also, I couldn't wait to wear this new nail polish. It's called Westside Warrior from China Glaze's fall collection Metro. It's an green-gray color that's perfectly fall. (Obviously I'm having fall delusions as it's still in the 90's here.)

August 21, 2011

Mr. George

I miss this guy so much when I'm at school:

If only my apartment didn't have a no animals policy, he could come visit!
I love my George.

August 19, 2011

Jeanie's in Her Birthday Outfit

Jeanie is 18 now! So here is her outfit from that day!

She wanted to show off her new ring. It's a pretty cool deer. I think it'll be really festive around Christmas time.

skirt: thrifted
top: forever 21
shoes: unsure
ring: forever 21
This green skirt was originally a long, ridiculous-looking thing. Now it's cute. I love thrift finds.

She did her hair in a very cool way too. It fell out when we got to the restaurant though.

Now I'm almost caught up with my pictures! I spent a lot of Wednesday night catching up on blogs too. It was enjoyable. I'm glad it's Friday because I'm having a dinner party get together with some old high school friends tonight. It should be pretty awesome, especially since one of those old friends is a chef now and will be doing the cooking.

Happy Friday!

August 17, 2011

Fall Fever

I've been pretty busy getting all my school stuff in order, but here's my outfit from Jeanie's birthday!

I picked up these shoes at Target the other day for $12. Such a deal. I wanted the tan version, but they didn't have my size. Thankfully I found a brown pair that fit.

Little teapot necklace.

top: thrifted
skirt: thrifted
shoes: target
necklace: forever 21
flower hair clip: forever 21

I'll try my best to catch up with your blogs this week. There's just so much to do to get ready for the rest of the semester!

I'm really getting fall fever now. Most people get spring fever, but I get it for the fall. I'm so sick of this hot weather. I just want to wear cardigans and blazers and tights. I want the smell of coffee filling up my apartment and not having to make excuses to eat everything pumpkin flavored. I'm especially wanting to make some pumpkin scones again. And curry pumpkin soup. Why must I live in Georgia where fall doesn't get here until November and lasts only a couple weeks. Here's hoping it gets here a little speedier this year.

August 15, 2011

Last First Day

dress: forever 21
shoes: shoe carnival
flower clip: forever 21

Today was my last first day of school. (Atleast, if I don't go on to graduate school.) It's pretty weird that I'm a senior in college.
Every year I have a picture from the first day of school. I continued it myself into college. I can't think of a year I've missed. I thought it only appropriate to take it at my front door just like we used to do when we were little.

I bought this dress when we were up in Illinois. It was nice because I didn't need to wear much else with it. It's still super hot outside so I'm trying to keep cool on the way to class. Fall weather can't come soon enough in my book.

August 9, 2011

Fancy Pants

Today, I present you with an outfit from another day!

top: forever 21
shorts: thrifted; gap
shoes: kmart; bongo
belt: thrifted
sunglasses: h&m

These busy shorts were originally gaudy pants! I spotted their high-waisted glory at the St. Vincent de Paul shop up the road and decided they needed to be made into shorts. The resulting look is this. I actually really like them and they're super light and comfy. I'm just having a hard time thinking of anything to pair with them other than a black t-shirt.

If you have any brilliant ideas on how else to style these magnificent shorts, let me know.

In other news, I'm at school again and have successfully completed my last first day of band camp. Once this week is over it'll be easier to keep up with all of your blogs, so hang tight! Thanks for all the birthday wishes for Jeanie. I'll relay them to her if she hasn't seen them yet!

August 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to Jeanie!

My sister turned 18 today! (Technically yesterday according to the time, but this is my post for the 6th.) We had a nice, relaxing day which included dinner at an awesome new restaraunt called The Local Republic. Afterward Jeanie had a bunch of friends over and we had cake and cookies.

While driving home from dinner we noticed there was a dinosaur friend planted in our front yard. A plethora of pictures followed that discovery.

(check for more pictures with Jeanie's birthday dino after the break)

Homemade mocha cake with pudding filling and whipped cream frosting.

August 6, 2011

Almost A Birthday Post

If you look at the date on this post, it will say it's Jeanie's 18th birthday. However, this is not her official birthday time post! (I'm sure she'll accept Happy Birthday greetings here though!) This would be her outfit from August 5th. We did some last minute going-back-to-college shopping as we'll be leaving for The University of Georgia on Sunday. Both of us!

She's 18! (According to the date in this post.)

This pose is now known as the "thunder thor thrust".

dress: urban outfitters
shoes: target
belt: thrifted
sunglasses: 5 below

While out shopping, we got hungry and decided we needed to stop for McDonalds Happy Meals. They were pretty tasty and we all got smurf toys.
I'm also pretty pumped about my tiny George Foreman grill I got today. I'll be making lots of tasty things in it, I'm sure.

Stay tuned for a Jeanie birthday post tomorrow. I'm sure there'll be pictures of tasty cakes and fun birthday things.

August 1, 2011

August Already

How is it already August? For real.
shorts: thrifted; panama jack
top: forever 21
shoes: target; xhileration
hair bow: forever 21
bracelet: vintage

Jeanie originally got these silk shorts at the thrift store, but they didn't fit her so I got them. I like their purply blue color and they're nice and light for our Georgia heat. I figured I'd do a little print mixing today with the floral top and leopard shoes/bow. Also, we got eaten by mosquitos taking these pictures. I thought you should know what we went through.

Jeanie's owl made an appearance again today. He's so wise.

George waited patiently for us to be done taking pictures.

shorts: h&m
top: target
shoes: h&m
necklace: forever 21
sunglasses: 5 below

Jeanie wore her new shorts and shoes from H&M today. Those floral shorts were on sale for $7. I bought a pair with a different pattern. I'm sure they'll be shown on the blog sometime soon!

This vintage bracelet was originally one of my great aunt's. It's from one of two sisters - I'm not sure which. I really love it. From what I hear, these two great aunts of mine were just about my size. They also enjoyed a good drink far into their old age which is pretty awesome. There's a lot of fun stories about them. I wish I would've met them. They seemed like fun sisters.

In other news, it's August and I have to go back to college times in a week. How is that possible?

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