September 28, 2011

Free Time

I was running on 4 1/2 hours of sleep when these were taken. Can you tell?

Believe it or not, I thrifted both the skirt and top for a dollar each. I should have taken a closer picture of the pattern on the skirt because it has really pretty gold detailing around some of the flowers. It was originally super long, but luckily I have an awesome mom that takes up my thrift skirts for me! It's necessary when you're barely 5 feet tall!

skirt: vintage; thrifted
top: thrifted
belt: ralph lauren; thrifted
shoes: xhileration; target
necklace: forever 21
bow: made by Mom

I guess I couldn't look at the camera today for fear of it sucking out my soul.

I liked the classic silhouette in my outfit today and the subtle print mixing. The tiny stripes in my top just went so well with this skirt for some reason!

Today is my first free day of doing nothing in a while and I plan on taking full advantage of this whole night. And by that I mean watching lots of tv, reading lots of blogs, and probably some intense facebooking. Happy Wednesday!


decimal shoes said...

nice outfit :D
I'll definitely will following you if you follow me :D
Decimal Shoes

blouse said...

love this skirt! and doing nothing is one of my favorite things to do ...


Heather, 29 Skirts said...

A dollar each for these pretty pieces?? Hell yeah! The print and colors of the skirt are gorgeous.

Megan said...

Wow, I'm super jealous that that gorgeous skirt only cost you $1. The colors and pattern are so perfect!

JennaStevie said...

Soo beautiful!! I love this skirt, what an amazing pattern, goes really great with the top and seriously only a dollar each?! Fantastic :)

Limasim said...

love the pictures, beautiful <3

follow you !

Rachel said...

I love that skirt. The colors and pattern are adorable. I need to be able to hem things too. I find great skirts or dresses but they are way too long.

<3 Rachel
dressups and mess ups

wardrobeexperience said...

so cute! love this outfit so much.

Greet said...

That skirt is really pretty, would love to see a detailshot of the golden embroidery! Love the colours as well, and that little ribbon in your hair is supercute!

Nikki said...

This outfit is super cute! I love the bright colors in your skirt and can already imagine how gold accents would totally finish the look. I haven't slept a lot this past week either. school has been killing me and the pile of work is only getting bigger. Phew.

Have a great weekend!

PS: Did my package arrive well?

Sarah K. said...

I love this outfit! that skirt is an amazing find. <3

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