September 26, 2011

A Week Ago

I'm a bit behind on outfit posts, so I wore this outfit a week ago:

top: sirens
shorts: thrifted levi's
tights: target
shoes: forever 21
necklace: forever 21

Last week was super busy for me, so there wasn't much blogging activity going on for me. This week should be better though. I had a fantastic weekend filled with The Lion King in 3D, Music Midtown, and hanging at home with the family.

Happy Monday!


Rachel said...

I like this outfit. I never think I look right in tights and shorts but maybe I'll give it a go again.


Angel Garcia said...

Soooo stylish! I too am behind like crazy on outfit posts!

Love! ~Angel

Wild Flower said...

Cute brogues! I love the flannel too :) xo

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