October 25, 2011

Colorfully Fall-y

I loved how colorful this outfit was. In a nice, fall way.

(The flash in these pictures gave me a beautifully eerie Halloween glow!)

dress: xhileration; target
tights: forever 21
shoes: forever 21
blazer: so...; don't remember the store
necklace: great grandma collection

The tights were a birthday gift from my sister. She bought me a bunch of tights - just what I wanted! Thanks Jeanie!

I had a great weekend. It's too bad it's over! My boyfriend took me to the Georgia Aquarium and World of Coke for my birthday. It was a very fun outing, especially since I hadn't been before! I was impressed by his creative idea for a birthday gift. After many hours in Atlanta I went home and had Mexican food with the family.
I completed the weekend by avoiding studying for my French film class (which paid off because the quiz was canceled) and messing around with my new phone (which is awesomely fast and so nice).

Happy Tuesday!


JennaStevie said...

Yesss plaid! I love this plaid dress, it's amazing on you and I was pleasantly shocked with the vibrancy of these tights!!

Anonymous said...

That dress goes perfectly with those tights :) Such a pretty lady <3

Mom Fashion World said...

I love the fall colors in your outfit!
Looking fab, darling.

Cared in following blogs via GFC?
Let me know, would love to follow you back.


Natalie Koltunovskaya said...

The dress is cute!

Karin (Wunderlust) said...

This look is darling and you have the most amazing eye I have ever seen xxxx

laura said...

I absolutely LOVE this outfit... the mustard tights are so gorgeous! and the print and color of that dress is just fabulous!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Mara said...

I love this! The combination of plaid and yellow is perfect. Those tights are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Fun tights! I like the color and pattern.

<3 Rachel

Ulrika said...

Loving the colours of the outfit ! I love the fact that you smile in most of the pics, you look so happy. :)

Love the shoes ! :)

Kisses !


The Hearabouts said...

Love your dress and tights! ♥

S., The Hearabouts

Fabrizia Spinelli said...

You look adorable in these photos, I like your style!
Take a look at my blog, and if you like it follow me, I’ll be waiting for you!

enter the ZELEB giveaway on my blog!!
Cosa mi metto???

Anonymous said...

I love the colour of these tights, your sister has great taste. You look great xx

Sharda Sewdien said...

Hey prett lady! Love your outfit.;):)

dusanabotswana said...

Sounds like a nice & fun weekend! Love all the colors here, so fun but go together really well too. Just loved what you said above too "What Not to Wear told me I should" haha so funny! Happy Halloween : )


Anonymous said...

You look adorable! Such a cute dress and the tights go perfectly :) Thanks for hanging in there while I have been absent!


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