October 13, 2011

Last 20 Day

It's my last day of being 20 and what a fine day it's been!

Jeanie and I had a little photo shoot outside my apartment today before the storm blew in. The storm were very welcome because we got band practice canceled. Hooray for a free night!

My outfit:
dress: bailey blue; thrifted
cardigan: kirra; pacsun
tights: target kids' section
shoes: forever 21
belt: ralph lauren; thrifted

There were so many hilarious pictures. These are a mix of some silly and some normal, but believe me - 80% were goofy and that's the way I like it!

I'm mentally preparing myself for my 21st birthday festivities tomorrow. I'm pretty excited. As of now the plan is to have a delicious dinner with my family, cake back at my apartment, and then head out downtown to booze it up. It will be my boozestravaganza!

It's good to finally be turning 21 because people never believe my age. (A real ID is necessary.) Occassionally if I'm going out to eat with my parents the hostess asks if we need any children's menus. Now I can be like, "No thanks, but I'll take your drink menu."

Happy Thursday!


Julia Topaz said...

congrats and happy birthday! I know what you mean, I ALWAYS get IDed.

Angel Garcia said...

Yay! Feliz cumpleanos for tomorrow! Haha I don't remember my 21st.. I hope you do though and have fun!

Love! ~Angel

lepinkbow said...

really cute outfits!! (:


Anonymous said...

Cute white dress! I just got a white dress and have been loving to see how other people wear them. I like your friend's skirt as well. Good luck with your 21st!! I used to always get asked if I needed kids menus as well. But since I turned about 23 that stopped thankfully haha

Mackenzie said...

Ahaha I love the gif!
Have a great time on your 21st! Go crazy! And of course, report back to us about your hangover. :)

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

The best advice I can give someone that is now 21 is ALWAYS LET YOUR PARENTS PAY FOR YOUR DRUNKS...I mean drinks...freudian slip. But seriously, be like "OH I had no idea that wine was so good" as you finish the bottle. ;)
I am in love with your pretty dress.
Happiest of birthday's! 21 is the best!
PS- no one believes how old I am either, its a compliment, but always carry a backup photo ID.

JennaStevie said...

I alllways get ID'd too, it's frustrating when people ask what "grade" I'm in.
I love these pictures, you two are sooo cute, love the skirt and your dress. Have a wonderful birthday!!!

Temporary:Secretary said...

Such cute photos! I love the dress you're wearing, i have a thing for white dresses! happy birthday! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! xxx

alex said...

I love your dresses so bad! And I hope you've had a happy 21 birthday!!:D

Dresses for Dinner said...

You are adorable sisters! Love it!

p.s. did you get those shoes recently? I kind of love them!

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