November 20, 2011

This is not fashion; this is band

Yesterday was UGA's senior day which marked the last time we seniors would perform in Sanford Stadium as Redcoat Band members. It's pretty strange to know that 8 years of marching is coming to an end. I've been marching since I was 13-years-old.

Oh band. It's a love/hate relationship, but mostly love.
I will go into detail with pictures from Saturday's game:
Love: that I met my boyfriend through marching band.
Love: the funny people I've met along the way.

Hate: waking up before the sun rises and practicing on game days

Love: my senior flower which I feel like should have been included as part of our uniform for every game because they're so pretty.
Hate: hats that never fit quite right with [more often than not] plumes that have lost half of their feathers.

Love: being on a gigantic screen. (The side of my head is on the very left for our senior tribute.)

Hate: the fact that these uniforms make you hot when it's warm outside but don't keep you warm when it's cold.
Love: that when you wear it you can walk right into the stadium and out on the field
Love: that people know I'm in the band and shout "go dawgs!" at me or tell me how much they love the band.

Hate: sitting through 4-hour-long football games after being awake before 7AM. [Sometimes I start falling asleep. Don't tell anyone.]
Love: winning and how happy everyone is when we do. [We're the SEC East champions now!]
Love: the trips we get to take [like Florida] and the fun party times we have while we're there.

Love: getting to perform on the field in Sanford with a huge amount of people watching us.
Love: that the football players and fans believe we influence the game because, of course, we're the team's biggest fans.

Hate: having to drive out to the practice field during the week. I'm either tired and don't want to practice or I don't want to deal with the stupid drivers of Athens.
Love: that I get to play with so many talented musicians. Probably my favorite thing is actually the music aspect and I'm really going to miss playing with a group like this.

There's so much more to it. How can I really break down why I love marching? I just do. Very few people [compared to the whole student body of UGA] have the opportunity to do what we do. The band shares a unique college experience. It's nice being part of this group and I'm sure I'll miss it come fall next year. Luckily I have 2 or 3 more games before the season is over so I don't have to mourn yet!

Happy Sunday everyone! I'm off to feast for my dad's birthday.


Midwest Muse said...

That's so awesome! I didn't know you were in band. Your pigtails are adorable.

Angel Garcia said...

You are/were in band? How awesome!

All the best, ~Angel

Fabrizia said...

So awesome! Really nice post!!

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hellolyndsey said...

GO DAWGS!!!!! This is a totally great year for being a Georgia fan!! That is so awesome that you got to perform on the Sanford Stadium! I loved reading your love/hate relationship for band. It's great that you got so many great memories from it, had so much fun, and met so many amazing people; that's really what it's all about :).
lyndsey of hellolyndsey

Miranda said...

How am I just now following your blog?! I should have started a long time ago! I've seen your blog on numerous occasions, and read comments from you on my blog, but I never got around to following you back... until now! I'm glad I'm finally keeping up with your beautiful blog :)

Laurel said...

You know I love those band posts! You're so cute!

Emily said...

Oh my goodness, you're in band! That is freakin' awesome. I'm not in band myself, but I admire anyone who is. At my school I'm practically the band's cheerleader! This is so cool that you had the opportunity to play in such a huge stadium. I bet you had an amazing time! And you're adorable by the way. :)


Anonymous said...

Okay hi. I just found your blog through Wild Flower...and ohmigosh, your post about marching band made me cry. Not because I'm crazy or anything (totally not) but because I miss marching band SO DARN MUCH. Congrats on graduating!

Beth Lauren Kingsley said...

You have no idea how awesome this is haha!
I wish we had marching bands at school/uni in Australia.

iJazz said...

YES! One of the few things I miss about high school is marching band! I've been playing trumpet since I was 12 and currently play in a band but in high school there were so many trumpet players that I got handed a Mellophone for marching and French Horn for concert. Anyway, you're cute and I'm glad you're alive!


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