December 2, 2011

What a Long Week

Seriously. This week has been so long. Finals will be nothing compared to all the crap I wrote within the past couple days.

dress: elle; kohls
tights: forever 21
belt: ralph lauren; thrifted
shoes: forever 21
bow: forever 21

These tights are so great. I'm sure I'll be wearing them quite a lot.

I don't get the whole no white after summer thing. I enjoy how this white dress looks with my tights and blazer!

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and week after. I had a fantastic week of no school and I ate a ton of tasty food. Dad's birthday feast was delicious too. You really can't go wrong with two feasts in one week.
I'm off to Atlanta tonight for the SEC football championship. Maybe you'll see me marching on TV tomorrow? Go Dawgs!

Happy Friday! (Finally!!)


JennaStevie said...

This dress is so beautiful, and it looks so wonderful on you!! Especially with your red hair, and those tights.

Megan said...

I'm so in love with that jacket! Where did you buy it?

Also best of luck with your finals and the championship!

Beth Lauren Kingsley said...

Cute outfit! Man those tights are awesomeee!!

Heather, 29 Skirts said...

You find the best blazers and always pull them off so well! I really like how this one looks with the dress, and those tights are awesome.

Rachel Marie said...

Such a beautiful dress. It would be a pity to restrict it only to summertime. I wear white all year round. Afterall, white is the color of snow ^_^

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

I love those leopard print tights! =)

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

I love white on you! Wish I could wear it without spilling something over myself. x hivenn

The Midwest Muse said...

This dress is amazing on you and I'm so glad you're back! ALSO are those shoes really from Forever 21? Are they comfortable and are they still around?! Those are like my dream shoes, but my dream shoes are 110$, no thank you!

laura said...

Those tights are awesome! and your dress is adorable!!! i need some white dresses.

Good luck on finals!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Mama Wolf said...

Loving the neutral yet classy colors in this outfit. Those tights are wonderful!

xoxo mama wolf.

Yuanting said...

Simple dress yet is so lovely.

LoriLynn said...

I think white is totally ok after labor day. I regularly break that rule! That dress is adorable and I think I have an almost matching one in black-which I am now going to dig out and copy your style <3

Lyndsey York said...

My gosh you are just so adorable! Those tights are to die for. I also love your color mix and those shoesies! I wish I could wear heels :(.
I hope you do well on your finals love!
lynds of hellolyndsey

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