December 31, 2012

2012 Outfit Recap: Part 2

Hello again! Here's the second group of outfits in my 2012 recap. These range from July to now and are probably better pictures overall than the first group. So hooray! 

Just like before, the original posts are labeled underneath each group in case you're completely enraptured by that outfit and just need to see more pictures! 

There are more after the break!

2012 Outfit Recap: Part 1

Happy New Year's Eve! I thought I'd go ahead and do an outfit post recap for the year. I always like reading recap posts on blogs because I get to catch up on outfits I may have missed. By the time I finished grouping all the outfits I'd picked there were 27 images, so this is going to be a two part post for loading purposes. 

These are some of my outfits from the first half of 2012. Just click the numbers under the picture to go to the original post. Some pictures are after the break. Honestly, they're the better ones because I got my new camera in May. Enjoy!

There's more after the break.

December 28, 2012

A Jeanie Outfit: Houndstooth Pencil Skirt, a Red Blouse, & Leopard Loafers

It's wonderful to be home! I plan on spending today catching up on computer-related things, but my plans may change. All I feel like doing is various puzzles, reading blogs, and watching lots of TV episodes on Netflix. I'm living on the edge!

This is Jeanie's outfit from our Christmas get-together at our grandparents' place. I like the mix of houndstooth and leopard print. The lace detail on the back of her blouse is great too. She's super cool. Jeanie is off with the band on the bowl game trip though, so I'm sad my late-night Netflix companion is gone. When she's gone I just watch the shows she has no interest in!

houndstooth pencil skirt: thrifted | red top: forever 21 | leopard print tassle loafers: kohls? gift | peacoat: gift

I hope you're having a fantastic Friday!

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday night!

Short people problems:

This movie poster from The Great Gatsby. So pumped! (There are others if you click the link):

I don't know why, but I find this video hilarious:


* Please just go to this Infinite Drunk Ron Swanson page.

* This Santa Sailor Moon parody.

* The comments on some idiotic reasons why Twilight is better than Harry Potter restores some faith in humanity. Harry Potter is obviously superior.

* This guy searched for his own name on Facebook, replicated those people's profile pictures, and friend requested them.

* Garfield Minus Garfield is hilarious. Especially since so many of them basically represent my life.

December 26, 2012

Life Lately: Gingerbread Houses

Christmas is over, but there is still plenty to share from the past couple weeks of festivities. At the beginning of our visit we went to my aunt's house to make gingerbread houses. I'd actually never made one before. At least I can't recall a time when I made one. I prepared by looking at gingerbread houses on Pinterest, which just made me feel inferior. I did learn that choosing a color scheme seemed to look the best, so I went with all chocolate candy with touches of red. My favorites were the super colorful ones my mom, sister, and cousin made though. Next time I may have to go the colorful route!

This one is my slightly dangerous-looking gingerbread house. 

As this posts, I'll be on my way back to Georgia. I'm usually happy to return home after a visit but it's also kind of sad because we only get to visit our relatives once or twice a year. I'm glad there will still be a couple more weeks of winter break where I can relax at home. As much as I like our Illinois visits, they're not exactly relaxing. I need some time to get caught up on things when I get home! Plus Matt will be there to greet me when I return. It's a pleasant feeling to know someone misses you and is happy for you to be home.  Though I feel the love when I come up to Illinois too! 

Okay enough rambling. Happy Wednesday!

December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas day!

I feel like we've already been celebrating for so long. We'll be having one more get-together dinner tonight, then I think the festivities will be officially over. George is especially ready to go home to Georgia and sleep on his favorite spot on the couch.

I hope you all have a great day and spend it with the people you love most!

Tuesday Tunes: Lou Monte - Dominick the Italian Christmas Donkey

This song is so weird and hilarious. It's about a donkey that Santa rides when delivering presents in Italy. Where that idea came from, I will never know. I'm just glad it exists. We love when it comes on the Christmas station when we're driving around. It's one of those annoying songs in which you just have to sing along. I only caught the end of it on the radio this year, so I found it on YouTube  Here it is for your listening pleasure this Christmas day:

Just try not to have this song stuck in your head the rest of the day.

Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2012

A Purple, Gold, & Leopard Print Outfit for Christmas Festivities

I tend to dress in clear holiday colors when those times roll around because I can get away with it. Since I have three Christmas events to attend this year I decided to branch out. I'm even thinking about wearing pink on Christmas day! As long as there's some sparkle or bows, it's Christmas-y in my book. I will, however, be wearing green for the Christmas Eve party tonight. I won't be wearing red with the green dress (even though that idea lingered in my mind for a few minutes). 

I wore this outfit yesterday for a Christmas get-together at my grandparents' house. I thought the rich purple  sweater paired with the gold skirt was still pretty festive. I also got to wear my new cape! You might have seen my post about it on Instagram, but it was 50% off and I couldn't resist. It's so pretty! There's a lace bow and sequins. It's wonderful.

cape: prabal gurung - target | gold bow skirt: forever 21 | purple cashmere sweater: ann taylor - thrifted | leopard blouse: lord & taylor - thrifted | ankle boots: xhileration - target | tights: kmart | bow earrings: from Mom | harp pin: from Grandma

It was another bouffant day! I just can't get enough of them. It's really nice having Mom around while I'm on break. She can throw my hair into one of these so much faster than I can and it always looks much better than my attempts. I love it! She's the best.

I just thrifted this cashmere sweater for $10 the other day. There's a great thrift store we visit each time we're up in Illinois and I don't think I've ever walked out empty-handed. I thought it was a great deal for a classic sweater in a very pretty color. Plus it's super soft and warm. I've never owned a 100% cashmere sweater before. Thrifting enables me to wear luxury fabrics without living on the street. Hooray for thrifting!

I hope you're having a nice Christmas Eve if that's what you're into, and a nice Monday if not! I plan on sleeping in, getting dressed in my pretty new eShakti dress, and going to party with Mom's side of the family. It should be fun. I enjoy getting to spend time with my family over the holidays. Family is hands-down the most important part of Christmas-time to me.

Merry Christmas!

December 21, 2012

Argyle Sweater with a Red Skirt, Striped Tights, & Beret

Happy Friday everyone! Congratulations on surviving the apocalypse. It was tough work, I know.

I wore this outfit the other day for some relative-visiting and mall-shopping. Apparently wearing a beret means I look French. My grandma said I looked like 40's France. I love my berets though and feel like I should wear them more often. Wearing a hat always brightens my day a little bit.

argyle sweater: izod - sam's club | skirt, belt: thrifted | striped tights: romwe | ankle boots: xhileration - target | black beret: h&m | earrings: mom's

How do you like my little carriage earrings? They were Mom's, but she gave them to me. I actually think they're supposed to be Christmas earrings, so I usually wait until this season to wear them. This whole outfit was kind of festive with the argyle sweater and bright red skirt. I could have worn it for celebrating Christmas on Sunday over at my grandparents', but I wore this same skirt there for Christmas two years ago. Not that anybody else would notice, but I would know!

I'll probably update at some point this weekend, but if not have a great one! 

Things I Love Thursday

...and by Thursday I mean early morning on Friday. It's basically Thursday right? We all survived the end of the world, so that's a good thing.

We'll start off with a video and a laugh, I hope!
This Honest Trailer which delightfully makes fun of Twilight. The names they call Bella and Edward are the best:

This floppy eared puppy (via this Tumblr and originally unknown):

Everything about the outfit in this picture (Britt Ekland in the 60's):

Christmas Grumpy Cat (via?):


* This Shakespeare quote about fierce short people.

* This pin curl tutorial from Vixen Vintage.

* For anybody getting bored over the holiday, here's a website with tons of coloring book pages.

* Washington Post article about how eating meat allowed humans' large brains to evolve. It's good to see an article reiterating my knowledge from all those anthropology classes.

* 9 holiday characters from around the world. Some are very unique.

* This FILMography Tumblr  that shows people finding real locations from movies.

See you later for an outfit post!
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