January 7, 2012

A Jeanie Comfy Outfit

I liked Jeanie's comfy casual outfit from yesterday. We looked like quite the contrast in outfits, but you'll get to see mine at a later date!
I'm trying out a new, larger photo size to go along with my new layout too. What do you think? Should I stick with this or go back?
sweater: thrifted
jeans: forever 21
shoes: target
hat: kohls

The hat was a Christmas present and the shoes were a gift from me. They came from the slipper section, but who can tell?

You can't go wrong with a jumping picture!

P.S.: I finally entered the 2010's and got a Twitter. So feel free to follow me if you feel inclined to do so.


Julia Topaz said...

I like the new layout! And I'd say yest to the larger photos. Don't worry about slipper moccasins. A long time ago I bought literally 7 pairs of Target moccasins (they used to be a lot cheaper, and cheaply made) and just wore each pair till they wore out. It lasted me like 4 years, no joke. I need to get a new pair.
Anyway, in conclusion, Target slipper moccasins basically rule.

Megan said...

That hat is so cute, love it!

Nadya Joy Soetanto said...

thanks for the comment :)

cute sweater and hat :)

now following your blog, it would be a pleasure if you could follow back ;)

thank you dear!


Madeline said...

awesome hat, and big pictures are good :)

Annie said...

Love your sweater...and that hat loos adorable on you :)

The Other Side of Gray

Jessica said...

Super cute hat and sweater! And I like the larger photos. :)

xx Jessica

Anonymous said...

Hey hun, you look all sorts of adorable here and that green sweater looks soooo terribly comfortable and snug ^_^ I think this layout is fantastic. The larger photo sizes are a plus =)


Anonymous said...

1. LOVE the moccasins!
2. No, you cannot go wrong with a jumping picture.
3. You are totally adorable!

xo Jennifer


Anonymous said...

love your outfit!!!
xx so

This Charming Style said...

I like the large photos! Jeanie looks so cute, I love the jumper and hat. Fab photos :) xx

SABINNA and DAVID said...

aaaaaw, such a cute hat!

xx, Sabinna and David

maggeygrace said...

You really can't ever go wrong with a thrifted crewneck sweater. I love that color! I always find the biggest, chunkiest, ugliest sweaters from Goodwill and throw them on over a dress or tights and call it good. They're too comfy and cheap to resist!

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