January 4, 2012

This Leopard Hat is a Joke; I Like Jokes

Happy New Year! I'm finally back from the Outback Bowl trip. It was really fun, but it's weird that I'm done with marching band forever now. Actually, I don't want to think about that because it's sad.

Anyway, I'm not quite ready for Christmas stuff to be over, but I guess it is. However, here's a couple pictures of what I wore Christmas day. I doubt I'll get a ton of wear out of this red velvet skirt at any other time other than holiday times. Therefore it needs to be shown here! Maybe I could wear it for Valentine's Day though?

I was pretty happy about drinking the chocolate coffee concoction in that mug.

This picture sucks. I'm sorry.

I was glaring because Jeanie almost dropped the camera.

P.S.: I was wearing the leopard hat just for fun. It came from Great Grandma and I hadn't worn it yet, so I thought it would be funny. Everyone says it looks like a fez. Ha. But I'm determined to wear it in real life sometime.


Jessica said...

Haha too cute! I like the hat. And your shirt too. ;)

xx Jessica

Julia Topaz said...

that hat is awesome! you should wear it! as not a joke!

Kyla said...

First of all, I love the title of this post. Secondly, the hat is adorable! You should definitely wear it for real :)

Wild Flower said...

I quite like the hat actually, would do well with a pretty vintage dress! And I totally know what you mean about all the Christmas stuff being over, so depressing. Oh well, it'll be here again before we know it I'm sure!


LoriLynn said...

That skirt is delightful-I think you need to wear it with a black sweater, bodysuit, or turtleneck and your great gram's hat and black tights. I hope I haven't just overstepped my blog-commenting-bounds here lol but I feel like that skirt needs lots and lots of wear-the hat toooo! Xo Lori

Laura Go said...

That is the cutest skirt ever! and I really love your leopard print hat! adorable! I am totally not even ready for the holidays to be over. wait. they are? bummer.

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Rand T said...

awwww so cute!!x

kendal croix. said...

I adore that hat, looks like something my best friend would totally wear.

Rachel Marie said...

I like it!


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