February 22, 2012

A Jeanie Outfit: Going to a Par-tay

I'm glad Jeanie likes clothes too so I can take pictures of her outfits and blog them. This one is from back when we went to that birthday party. She got all kinds of fun dresses from Modcloth during their Cabin Fever Sale. I wish I would've bought some stuff too!

dress: Modcloth
shoes: Forever 21
belt: thrifted

She wanted to show off her sparkle nails.

Speaking of nails, I'm so pumped for the China Glaze Hunger Games Capitol Colors collection to come out. I just hope I can snatch up a few colors before they're all gone! I expressed this excitement to Matt today. He rolled his eyes and looked over at the end table where the giant bags of polish inside have managed to slowly creep onto the table top. Oops. 

Well! I'm still feeling under-the-weather and like I don't want to do anything in particular. I especially don't want to get ahead on school work even though I probably should! I'd rather eat the imitation Tagalongs I made and watch lots of TV. Hooray Wednesday!


Laura said...

Great outfit! The Cabin Fever sale is my favorite...I picked up a lot of delightful things :) I hope you feel better soon!


Hannah said...

Very cute outfit I love your shoes. Hope your feeling better soon!
dimples x

Starr Crow said...

the shoes are so cute, and i looove your hair like that!

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

I love Jeanie's hair, I must try it myself <3 gorgeous dress too! x

Flashes of Style said...

Loveee the owl belt! <3



Michelle Elizabeth said...

Her shoes are darling!


Meg Eileen Carroll said...

tell jeannie I love this dress, the pattern is perfection!


Mama Wolf said...

That belt is radical!

As are her shoes, dress and ya know, whole outfit, ha!

xoxo mama wolf.

Temporary:Secretary said...

Adorable shoes, i have wanted a pair of brogues for ages but not sure if i suit them! The sparkly nails are pretty too! x

Imogen said...

Stunning dress! One of the most beautiful ever and it is such a perfect shape. I bought some fantastic bargains in the modcloth cabin fever sale but I didn't come across that dress.

hellolyndsey said...

she looks SERIOUSLY adorable omg! i love her entire outfit. i bet she was the snazziest one there ;)

Mara said...

Tell Jeanie that I LOVE her belt. I would steal it if I could. Sigh. She looks so cute!

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