March 2, 2012

I Wear Blazers With Shorts: and other tales

It's Friday and here's an outfit from last Friday! I wonder why I always end up posting my Friday outfits a week after they happen. I guess I just have a bit of a backlog in my outfit pictures.

This is the day I did the headband curls thing I saw on Pinterest and I ended up waking up and looking like a crazy frizzy head when I brushed it out. By the time these pictures were taken it had calmed down a lot, though.

P.S.: My master's program will be in Journalism and Mass Communications with a Telecommunications emphasis. Because I didn't tell you before and some of you inquired!

top, earrings: thrifted
shorts: levi's; thrifted
jacket: talbot's; thrifted
tights, shoes, necklace: forever 21

Crazy, messy hair:

I went through my day planner today and realized I'm not going to have a free week until I graduate. That just depresses me because one of my favorite things ever is to lay around the apartment and be lazy by watching various TV series and reading blogs. I can't do that if I have imminent papers and tests all the time. Even during spring break I have crap to turn in online. Boo.

I need a nap.



JennaStevie said...

Your nails are so cute!! I love this super bright printed top too, it's gorgeous and looks great with your shorts.
That sounds like a really interesting feild!!

Bad Taste Toast said...

This is so cute! I love the clash of patterns with the shirt and tights! :)

Anonymous said...

That shirt is soo cool! Great outfit! Also, I really like the tights under short trend going on, you pull it off so well :)


April, Everyday Forgotten said...

I tried the headband curl thing but since I already have naturally curly hair (my curls are horrible, so I hoped they would turn out better with this) they actually turned out worse haha! I really hoped it would work! At least your hair turned out nice.

Rachel Emma (Daydream Frenzy) said...

Love this look! The color of your earrings and top really stands out! And I also try to do my hair like the tutorials I see on pinterest but they never come out looking the same lol....


wardrobeexperience said...

love your shorts! so cool and comfy...

Abigail. said...

I love this outfit! That top is insane and I need to hunt down those earrings :D Hopefully it won't be long till I can get my denim shorts out

The Midwest Muse said...

I am in love with your shorts. They are beautiful. And yeah, I was afraid the headband curls wouldn't work with shorter hair. Your hair looks very pretty!

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