March 19, 2012

Summer-like Springtime

Well, it's back to school for me. I'm not really feeling it, but I guess I have to suck it up and finish my undergrad hardcore style!

It's officially summer weather here now. So much for having spring. This outfit is actually from today! Wow! I broke out these thrifted silk shorts and a flowery cardigan. Check out my new boots I thrifted up in Illinois too. They're a size too big, but they seem to fit fine. They were $4.50 and leather so I couldn't pass them up.

shorts, shoes: thrifted
cardigan: old navy
t-shirt: american apparel
hair clip, necklace: forever 21

Happy Monday!


JennaStevie said...

This cardigan is SO cute, I love it with the blue shorts and those cute little booties. I'm so not into school at the moment either, so much to do so little motivation

Laura Go said...

cutest boots ever! and I really like that floral cardigan! too cute.
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Laura said...

Ahhhh, those boots are perfection! I've been dying to find some like that...lucky you. I don't blame you for getting them despite their being too big :) Your whole outfit is so perfect and springlike. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Your sweater is too cute! I love this sweet causal look :)


Crissy said...

Perfect weather for those shorts! Very cute and those shoes!

Amber said...

your boots are way cute...acutally your entire outfit is cute.

BTW I sent you an email the other day. Did you get it? YI was letting you know that you are one of the winners of my Vedette giveaway. Yeah! Check it out and get back to me with the garment you want.

chloe said...

Those shorts are so cute! Look comfy, too! And I'm jealous of everyone who owns boots like those...I don't think they exist in Minnesota! I swear, I've never seen them anywhere.

Imogen said...

That is one of the sweetest and most beautiful cardigans I have ever seen. I adore the pink hair flower too.

Kitsune-kun said...

cute shorts, and LOVE your pixie boots!

Ivana said...

I like your style!
I follow back :)
xoxo Ivana

laurel said...

Eeeee! I love these colors on you! Every last one!
I'm super into those boots as well.

Anonymous said...

Lovely cardi.

April, Everyday Forgotten said...

Oh I love these shorts and the floral cardigan together! I've become a bit addicted to shorts lately so I love the style of these ones. We've pretty much skipped spring this week too and went straight for summer. I'm loving it! :)

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