April 30, 2012

Simple Times

I forgot to post this outfit from last month when we were having that streak of hot weather. Probably because it's kind of boring. It's the kind of thing I throw together when I can't think of matching things in an original way. This type of outfit and dresses. Dresses are so nice for when I wake up late and have no outfit ideas... but that's beside the point because this is not a dress outfit.

shorts, top, earrings: forever 21
cardigan: delias.com
shoes: bongo - kmart

It was a bit windy so my hair is flying and lit like a glorious hair-lo:

I am proud to say I'm done with undergrad classes. There's just finals left! I also got a ton of errands checked off of my checklist today. Such a productive Monday.

I even ordered a dress for graduation times! It's this red lace dress from Shabby Apple. I can't wait for it to get here so I can try it on. I just hope it fits because I don't have enough time to send it back and get a new one if it doesn't!

Happy Monday!

April 29, 2012

Instagrams #2

Why is the weekend almost over? Oh well. I only have one day of class next week plus finals.

Instagram time!

1. A super tasty sandwich of sorts - fried chicken between french toast at this little diner called The Local Jam
2. Matt staring into the distance at brunch
3. G-day game
4. At Cali-n-Titos
5. The day I drank tea and did crosswords/sudoku all day after class
6. Newspaper print nails

1. Glasses day because I dropped my contacts in the sink. oops.
2. Vintage shoes + red tights
3. My late 60's inspired outfit for my presentation - for everyone who asked, it went well!
4. A beautiful day on campus before it decided to be 90 degrees every day
5. Bouffant win
6. Good Food block party downtown yesterday - eating a vanilla pear popsicle

I hope everyone had/is having a nice weekend!

April 27, 2012

Red Beret Day

I think it might be that time where the heat is here to stay. Usually this happens a month before now, so I'm not complaining! I'll just be sad if it's too hot to wear my berets. But as they're made of wool or felt they might be a little too toasty for my liking.

cardigan & beret: vintage from Mom
pants: fashion bug
shoes: xhileration - target

This cardigan is the best. Hooray for cool things from Mom! I think I need to wear it more often.

My last regular week of undergrad classes is done. I'm honestly not upset about school being over. I only have three finals to take, two of which are next week. I'm feeling pretty good. There will be no worrying about due dates for anything this weekend and it's going to be marvelous.

Happy Friday!

April 25, 2012

Braids and Bows

I've been experimenting with my hair lately because it's probably time I learnt to do things with it. Plus it hasn't been this long since about 6th grade, so I'm trying new things! This time I did braids. It'll be nice to know how to do a few hairstyles that keep my hair up since it'll be quite hot this summer.

skirt: forever 21
top: h&m
cardigan: target
shoes: shoe carnival

And...mid-motion shot!

I've been an eyeliner addict for years, but I'm actually comfortable not wearing it now. Once in a while. It looks quite summery to me with a colorful lip. Though my eyes are my better feature so I tend to play them up more. I must just be more comfortable with my face in my wizened, almost-graduated-from-college age. 

This outfit is really colorful. I didn't noticed until now. I wear color so regularly I guess I don't notice when an outfit is all colors and no neutrals...

Also, today I epic finished my essay I should have been doing for over a week. I wrote it at warp speed and you have no idea the relief that is enveloping me right now. I sat from 2:30 to 10:30 and just wrote. Knocked out 12 pages, turned it in, and am patiently awaiting a grade that is hopefully a passing one. Happy Wednesday indeed!

April 23, 2012

A Bit 60's-tastic

This outfit is actually from this very day! Surprise! I had a presentation about media in the Vietnam War era so I figured a late 60's-inspired outfit would be appropriate. I tend to be like, "yeah inspiration from a certain era!" and then I end up in a costume. But I liked this outfit very much and I especially liked that I could wear tights in late April.

skirt, belt: thrifted
blouse: delia*s
cardigan: so...; kohls
tights: kmart
shoes: vintage; thrifted
scarf: really a belt from a pair of forever 21 shorts

I went with the cat eye liner that I like to do, but I just played up my eyes more with shadows and whatnot. Then I had to have a nude lip, of course! 

I thrifted my vintage shoes over spring break for something like $3.50. They're even real leather. 

Now that I've procrastinated by blogging, I have to get started on actual school work. It's my last full week of classes. Sad. Except not really because I'm sick of this semester!

Happy Monday everyone!

April 20, 2012

Botanical Fun

These pictures are from my outing to The State Botanical Garden of Georgia, which just so happens to be conveniently located about 8 minutes from my apartment. There were still a nice amount of flowers blooming so it was really pretty.

I decided I needed to get more wears out of my pretty Steal the Game Show dress from Modcloth so I took some inspiration from other bloggers and wore it as a skirt! I actually really liked how this outfit turned out. Plus it was easy to walk around in all day because I wore nice, comfy Keds.

dress (worn as a skirt): Modcloth.com
blouse, belt, bag: thrifted
cardigan: ann taylor loft; thrifted
shoes: keds
sunglasses: kohls
earrings: forever 21

I quite enjoyed my brightly colored nails. They're China Glaze Papaya Punch with an accent nail of Electrify from the Capitol Colours collection. I've been loving having the whole Capitol Colours collection. Especially since it's Hunger Games themed.

If there's a person statue somewhere, chances are I'm going to take a picture with it. 

I'm glad it's the weekend, but then again all I have time to do is write/start my paper that has been looming over me. There may be some sort of mental senioritis block going on in my brain because I can not for the life of me make myself do this paper. Even though it's the last one I ever have to do for undergrad! The. Last. One. But seriously. Epic senioritis going on right here. 

I hope everyone has a nice weekend!

April 18, 2012

Unexpectedly Functional Pockets & a Flowery Skirt

Half way through the week! Yes!

Here's my outfit that got randomly photographed. I really liked it as well. This skirt has such a nice pattern and I   enjoy the color as well. And how about my silk top I thrifted? The boob pockets are functional in case you were wondering. (As functional as pockets right on top of the boobs can be, at least.) I demonstrate in one of the pictures below:

See? Real pockets! 

skirt, top: thrifted
sunglasses: pound store in Scotland
shoes: shoe carnival
earrings: old from Mom

Happy Wednesday everyone. I hope you're making it through the week in one piece! 

April 16, 2012

Stripey Colorful Skirt

I wore this a little while back, but am just now posting it. Oh well! I wore my new striped skirt I ordered off of Romwe.com with some credits I won in a giveaway. I thought the colors in it were pretty cool, so I'm happy!

skirt: romwe.com
cardigan, t-shirt: forever 21
shoes: ross dress for less
headband: lovely miss megs
necklace: great grandma collection

I liked my colorful nails. I think I need to paint them like that again.

I found a lizard friend:

I have to include a goofy-looking laughing picture, of course! 

Only two more full weeks of classes this semester. Then finals. Then I graduate. That's really weird.
I have one more essay to write, a group project, many parts of books to read, a group debate, and all my finals left. I think the essay is probably the most difficult one to make myself do. I'm so ready for summer. 

Happy Monday!

April 14, 2012

Instagrams #1

I'm pretty pumped about Instagram for Android and have been using it quite regularly. It's just so fun and kind of addicting. I like seeing everyone's posts throughout the day. It's a good time waster between class too! So if you want to follow my Instagram my username is jahmierose.

1. I was thinking about marching band and how it's over and I'm sad.
2. Easter candy
3. Found some Sailor Moon comics at Walmart. Childhood nostalgia ensued. 
4. Tasty mango beverage on Easter
5. Mr. George on the couch on Easter
6. Bulldog knit hat. So functional.

1. My new Venus Fly Trap.
2. Jeanie and I seeing Titanic 3D
3. Flowers blooming around the neighborhood.
4. A picture at the new track.
5. Tried a new Terrapin beer - from three differently treated casks (maple, vanilla, and hops)
6. Waiting to go to the botanical gardens with my cool sunglasses on

Look, you got two Instagram sets in one post. Lucky you!
Happy Saturday everyone!

April 13, 2012

Blue Sweater, Floral Shorts

Took these a little bit ago, but the sweater is definitely relevant right now. We got a couple freaky cool days here. It'll be back to the 80's really soon though so I'm enjoying it.

The collared top underneath is a new purchase. It's sheer and a really nice coral color. I'm sure I'll be wearing it all summer. As for now, it's a layering device so I can have a cute collar peeking out from my sweater.

sweater, top, shorts: forever 21 (just realized this...)
shoes: target
hair clip: really old

I really like my blue sweater if you can't tell. 

What kinds of songs do you get stuck in your head? Most often mine end up being 80's gems. Right now it's this one:

Have a happy Friday!

April 12, 2012

I Have Street Style

I had my picture randomly taken while I was walking back to my place after class. Turns out I'm on a cool new blog about street style in Athens. There actually are some stylish people here after all! Many more than when I first arrived here, I can definitely say that.

Check out the blog if you're so inclined.
I'll post the pictures I took of my outfit sometime soon too.
Click the picture to go to the post:

Hope you all had a nice Thursday! I surely did!

P.S.: I got Instagram because it came to android so you should follow me on there and look at my pretty pictures. My username is "jahmierose".

April 10, 2012

Easter Sunday

I can't remember an Easter Sunday that wasn't nice and sunny. I'm sure it exists, but not in my recent memory. Jeanie and I always like to take pictures together on Easter.

I forgot to plan an Easter outfit when I left school, so I just had to throw my outfit together. The lace top is a new purchase, but the denim skirt was sitting in my closet because it reeked of gasoline smell. (I ordered it and it came like that. So gross.) Luckily it didn't smell so much anymore! Jeanie actually had her floral dress in her closet, I think. So that was pretty convenient.

lace top: kohls
skirt: forever21.com
shoes: bongo - kmart
earrings, hair clip: forever 21

This week should actually be pretty calm. I'm pumped about having a bit of free time away from writing essays. I've just been sitting on the couch eating Easter candy since class ended. I'm that exciting! Happy Tuesday!

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