April 23, 2012

A Bit 60's-tastic

This outfit is actually from this very day! Surprise! I had a presentation about media in the Vietnam War era so I figured a late 60's-inspired outfit would be appropriate. I tend to be like, "yeah inspiration from a certain era!" and then I end up in a costume. But I liked this outfit very much and I especially liked that I could wear tights in late April.

skirt, belt: thrifted
blouse: delia*s
cardigan: so...; kohls
tights: kmart
shoes: vintage; thrifted
scarf: really a belt from a pair of forever 21 shorts

I went with the cat eye liner that I like to do, but I just played up my eyes more with shadows and whatnot. Then I had to have a nude lip, of course! 

I thrifted my vintage shoes over spring break for something like $3.50. They're even real leather. 

Now that I've procrastinated by blogging, I have to get started on actual school work. It's my last full week of classes. Sad. Except not really because I'm sick of this semester!

Happy Monday everyone!


20 York Street said...

You took the inspiration to heart and I love it!

That presentation must be fantastic! Nice surprise with the cat-eye liner too!


Twenty York Street
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Kenzie and Maddy said...

Love this so much! I love that vintagey feel you put into your outfits!

Beth Lauren Kingsley said...

This is probably my favourite outfit of yours. Ever.

bridget anne said...

adorable! you could pop your pretty self right onto mad men. your hair looks so chic...and your tights are fun, and please, please don't get me started on the bow because i won't stop ever.

Lynzy said...

You look SO cute! Reminds me of one of those 60's flight attendants :)

xx Lynzy

Imogen said...

Love this outfit. I adore the skirt it is amazing and the blouse is very sweet. The whole outfit comes together so well.

Nikki @ The Ginger Diaries said...

How did your presentation go? I LOVED history classes, such a shame I don't have that course in college anymore. I'm also loving this outfit! We're red tight sisters! x

Mitzi Cocoa said...

I love everything about this outfit! I don't think it looks costume-y at all!

Amber Blue Bird said...

I definitely see the inspiration behind the outfit but you added a nice modern twist. Hope you presentation went well!


So cute love this :)

Little Tree Vintage said...

cute! love that scarf and the skirt is adorable, especially with red tights!

Kitsune-kun said...

SO cute! love everything together, it works so well!

Jennifer said...

Great look!

xo Jennifer


Laura said...

I love this look! So striking :) I hope classes are wrapping up well!


Circus Girl (Zoë) said...

What a cute ensemble! I have a very similar wee 60's skirt! Love wearing it with a white shirt and black bow-tie! :) Have a lovely day dear! Zoë x

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