April 16, 2012

Stripey Colorful Skirt

I wore this a little while back, but am just now posting it. Oh well! I wore my new striped skirt I ordered off of Romwe.com with some credits I won in a giveaway. I thought the colors in it were pretty cool, so I'm happy!

skirt: romwe.com
cardigan, t-shirt: forever 21
shoes: ross dress for less
headband: lovely miss megs
necklace: great grandma collection

I liked my colorful nails. I think I need to paint them like that again.

I found a lizard friend:

I have to include a goofy-looking laughing picture, of course! 

Only two more full weeks of classes this semester. Then finals. Then I graduate. That's really weird.
I have one more essay to write, a group project, many parts of books to read, a group debate, and all my finals left. I think the essay is probably the most difficult one to make myself do. I'm so ready for summer. 

Happy Monday!


The Midwest Muse said...

I LOVE your skirt. The print and the style is perfect. IT looks so good on you!

Little Tree Vintage said...


Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Lovin' that skirt! =)


Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Aw, these colors are SO pretty together! I adore your striped skirt so much. Good luck on finishing your last couple of weeks of classes... such an exhilarating time!

Laura Go said...

I adore this skirt! The colors are lovely and I totally love your flats too :)

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
the shop of worldly delights

JennaStevie said...

This skirt is AMAZING!! I absolutely love the colours in it, and anything striped is good in my books.
Oh and you can have our cold weather if you want it! I am SO done with it :P

Hannah said...

Lovely photographs to show off a very lovely outfit...so colourful and cheery!

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

love the skirt and how your nails match so well! The goofy pic is cute :p x

Simona said...

Great colors and combo!:)

Mara said...

You look super cute! I love the colors in your skirt, too, and your colorful nails! I need to paint mine like that sometime soon.

Nikki @ The Ginger Diaries said...

You look super cute Jamie! ^^ I love your new skirt :) and good luck with your finals! x

Kitsune-kun said...

you look so fun! and what an adorable lizard!

Amber Blue Bird said...

that's a really cute skirt and I love the bold colors plus it just looks great on you. C

Anonymous said...

I love making little lizard friends...they are so cute and funny! This striped skirt is gorgeous, love how th waistband goes the opposite direction...and you're right, the colours are amazing!

<3 Cambria

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Floortje said...

I really like your blog dear!
Keep posting!


Anonymous said...

I have that exact same cardigan! I love how you paired it with the skirt too :)

Clara Turbay said...

Inspiring and great fashion concepts!

Cindi said...

I really like that skirt, it has so many pretty details! I imagine it will look great in combination with many different colours :) You sandals are also cute!



My Best Dress said...

Nice skirt and nice outfit!! I really like it!!


Rosie B said...

Gorgeous colours! That skirt is dead nice, and even awesomer for being a comp win. I love winning stuff but never do :(

Rosie xx

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