May 31, 2012

A Jeanie Outfit

It's time for a Jeanie outfit on the ol' blog!
This is what she wore when I wore my polka dot shorts with the striped top just a few days ago. Her skirt is so very colorful.

skirt, cardigan: forever 21?
shoes: h&m

I'm trying to keep on a good schedule for blogging, but I've been oddly busy. I'm bored, but also busy. It's weird. Probably because of my horrible sleep schedule. I'm pretty pumped for this weekend though. I have a friend from high school's wedding to go to and Matt is the best man. He promised he'd be my dance partner and I plan on wearing the pink dress I thrifted so it's going to be a good night. Plus Jeanie and my best girl friend will be there too. Woop! Although it's pretty strange to see people I knew from high school getting married.

Happy Thursday everyone! 

May 28, 2012

Happy First Blogiversary!

I can't believe I've been blogging for a year. It's been a fun hobby to keep up and I've enjoyed the interaction with the blogging community. You're all good people!

I hope to improve my pictures and perhaps share more of my life on here in the next year! 

dress, necklace:
belt, shoes: thrifted
sunglasses, flower hair clip: forever 21

How do you like my new collar necklace? I like it! It's different than any other necklace I have. I'm trying to think of other things to pair it with though.

Vintage bow flats & cat eye liner.

This spinning picture is one of my new favorites. My new polka dot dress has a good amount of spinny-ness for every day, I think!

Happy happy Monday! 

May 25, 2012

Good Golly Miss Molly

When I get a new dress I always want to have somewhere good to wear it on its first day out! That can't always happen, but I had a graduation party to go to so I decided to wear my new Modcloth Polite and Day dress. My cousin bought it for me as a graduation present and it's perfect! I can never get enough of peter pan collars. Or the color red.

shoes: bongo - kmart
earrings: forever 21
sunglasses: kohls

Of course the bouffant had to make an appearance with this 60's-inspired dress. 

I know you like the many elegant jumping poses in my arsenal

This dress is so comfy and fit me perfectly. It's always nice to not have to alter something! I'm looking forward to styling it for all the seasons! As for now, it's getting hotter and hotter so I have to start being creative with as few layers as possible.

Happy happy Friday everyone!

May 23, 2012

Dots, Stripes, Goofy Pictures

This was one of those days when nearly all the pictures were of Jeanie and me goofing around. There were so many strange faces. I tried my best to pick the few that didn't look completely crazy. This just goes to show all outfit pictures can't be perfect and give off an "essence of laid-back cool". (Because I obviously look like the coolest of cool most days. Not.) I prefer my pictures on the silly side anyway! They're more me.

There was a really hilarious picture of me that we laughed over for a long time, but I decided not to share it on the internet since it could haunt me forever. It was a good one though. That's what happens when I just start making faces.

shorts, top, bow, necklace: forever 21
shoes: bongo - kmart
belt: from a Modcloth dress

Cheesin'. But I was showing you my piano necklace.

These pictures are kind of unfortunate, but at least we had a hilarious time taking pictures today. It was just a simple outfit so it's okay. I was feeling the black and white theme. 

The high school kids get out of school today. It's kind of unfortunate because now they'll all be crowding the pools and the mall and annoying me. We still have the thrift stores to ourselves though! Hooray!

Happy Wednesday!

May 21, 2012

Thrifting Tales & a Red Romper

I woke up today and decided it was a good day for thrifting. It was lucky I did because I found the best vintage dress! I'm kind of in love with it. If you follow me on instagram you saw a picture of me wearing it around the house. I think I may wear it to a wedding in a couple weeks. When I came home I told my mom it was going to be my future wedding dress, but I don't think I can wait that long so I'll have to find another amazing one when that time comes!

I threw on this comfy red romper this morning because I had an urge to wear a romper. We saw at least 5 hand made ones at the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store that must have been made by the same person. Unfortunately they were a bit too big for either me or my sister. It was sad because they had some really cute patterns and colors.

romper: forever 21
shoes: xhileration - target
earrings: avon - from great grandma collection
rings: great grandma collection

Isn't this ring crazy looking? It's like gold coral or something. It's my power ring. Captain Planet style. Clearly.

I'm still on a thrifting high from finding that dress. I can't wait to wear it!
Happy Monday!

May 20, 2012

Graduation Pictures with Awesome People

My graduation wouldn't have been any fun without my family being there. My favorite pictures were ones with them and with Matt, so I decided I should post some of those.

You'll probably notice we're not a serious bunch.

However this first picture is my favorite picture of me and Matt ever.

Family picture time! We like to think of varied and unique poses to keep the pictures interesting. I like to call this one "check face". It's a classic.

This one is the result of a surprise piggy back ride:

I hope you all had a nice weekend! All of my graduation festivities are over after my party yesterday. I'm pretty sure I won't subject you to any more graduation pictures. Thanks for all the congratulations! 

May 18, 2012

My Graduation Pictures

Here's some of my non-cap and gown graduation pictures. We took so many pictures it was hard to pick just a few! Maybe I'll throw in some of the more fun ones with me and my family another time, but these are just me. I got to wear my new Shabby Apple red lace dress. It had to be altered a little because I'm short waisted, but I'm really happy with how it looked on me afterward. I want to wear this dress all the time, but that would be frowned upon.

I got to swing on the Chapel Bell again!

I'm a sundial wizard?

Most of my favorite pictures from this day are with my family. There's even a good one of me and Matt (which is a rarity)!  Maybe this weekend I'll share a couple of those.

Looking at these pictures makes me want to go put on this dress again! I really like how classic it is. I also like how I probably won't look back at these pictures in years and wonder what I was thinking. 

I can't believe it's already been a week since graduation. 
Happy Friday!

May 17, 2012


I thought I'd snap a few pictures of my venus fly trap and share them here. It's the first plant I had at my apartment and I brought it home for the summer. I wish there was more sunlight in my apartment or some yard space there so I could have more plants. Some day when I have a yard of my own I plan on having a small garden. There's something really cool about growing your own food. Or flowers. Or bug eating plants.

My venus fly trap has been just loving living outside on the patio furniture. It was looking pretty grim at one point, but now there are two baby pods growing and the plant is nice and green. I guess it just likes these humid Georgia days!

Happy Thursday everyone!

May 16, 2012


This is one of the last sets of pictures with my trusty brick wall at my apartment since I'm home for the summer. I know you're so sad you won't have to see it for a couple months. It's really a tragedy.

Luckily we have a much nicer-looking yard at my house than at my apartment. And by "yard" at my apartment I mean the brick wall and sidewalk leading to the parking lot. It's bursting with natural beauty.

cardigan, skirt: forever 21
top: kohls
shoes: shoe carnival
earrings: vintage - great grandma collection

I realize now that there are a lot of buttons going on in this outfit. Really, I threw this on for a final I took and then took some of my clothes back to my house over the weekend. It was such an intense day as you can imagine. (This post is dripping with sarcasm and for that, I am sorry.)

I also tried a bouffant pony tail thing on this day. It was super easy and really made a pony tail look a bit more special. 

I'm trying to think of some new types of posts to work on this summer since I have plenty of free time. Is there anything you guys would like to see? Or if you have any suggestions or ideas that would be fantastic! 

Now I'm going to embark on an epic lazy day full of watching various things on TV and laying on the couch with George the bulldog. Summer is great.

May 14, 2012

Red & Teal

Happy Monday evening everyone! I am enjoying my first week of summer break. I actually did things today and wasn't too terribly lazy. We saw Dark Shadows and I visited my old high school for a jazz band concert. There were so many people there from back in the day. It was nice catching up a bit. I can't believe I graduated high school four years ago.

skirt, top: thrifted
cardigan: delia*s
shoes: xhileration - target
hair bows: forever 21
earrings: ?

I decided to try the non-christmasy red and green thing today. Although my cardigan is really teal so maybe I  cheated. Oh well! It was still an interesting color combination.

I'm so happy it's time for relaxing. I've already finished one book (Tina Fey's Bossypants) and I plan on reading many more! It's nice to have time to read books I actually want to read for once. I'm open to suggestions for what else to put on my list.

May 13, 2012

I'm a Graduate!

I graduated from the University of Georgia on Friday. I couldn't have asked for a better graduation day. Thursday was my convocation ceremony from the Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communication and it was a fantastic day too. (I'll post the pictures we took that day later.)

Thanks for the congratulatory comments the past few days!

Now I'm starting my couple months of relaxing before I start grad school in August. Hooray!

Happy Sunday and happy Mother's Day too!

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