May 31, 2012

A Jeanie Outfit

It's time for a Jeanie outfit on the ol' blog!
This is what she wore when I wore my polka dot shorts with the striped top just a few days ago. Her skirt is so very colorful.

skirt, cardigan: forever 21?
shoes: h&m

I'm trying to keep on a good schedule for blogging, but I've been oddly busy. I'm bored, but also busy. It's weird. Probably because of my horrible sleep schedule. I'm pretty pumped for this weekend though. I have a friend from high school's wedding to go to and Matt is the best man. He promised he'd be my dance partner and I plan on wearing the pink dress I thrifted so it's going to be a good night. Plus Jeanie and my best girl friend will be there too. Woop! Although it's pretty strange to see people I knew from high school getting married.

Happy Thursday everyone! 


Benlovesting said...

You look amazing

Hannah said...

She looks fabulous! The colours in the skirt are wonderful and those sandals are so nice!


Amanda said...

Oh I remember how weird it was seeing my best friend getting merry when she was in high school! She was so young.. I still think that is weird that she got married... Oh I love your skirt!

Marzena said...

Awww Your look is so gorgeous ! I'm in love with this floral skirt and incredible sandals. Btw - fantastic hair colour ! ;o Kiss x


Gorgeous skirt.
Enjoy your weekend.

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