June 29, 2012

I Love My Boat Shirt

I seriously love this sailboat print shirt I thrifted last year. I almost didn't buy it too. It was one of those thrift finds that I initially passed up and had to go back for. The print was perfect and it wasn't a gigantic size either (like many of my thrifted button-up tops are). So here it is, still in my regular rotation because it's awesome. I tried pairing it with another print when I wore it this time.

top, belt: thrifted
skirt, shoes: forever 21

Even though I don't really have much to do these days, I've been getting very little sleep. Matt keeps waking me up early(ish) to go run and old high school friends that are in town keep calling me to hang out around midnight. I mean, I'm a night owl but it's hard to want to get off the couch when I woke up early. Woe is me!  I realize I should stop acting like an old person since I'm only 21. So I usually say yes to the running and the late-night bar trips. 
I just hope I get to be lazy tonight!

June 27, 2012

Jeanie Wears Mixed Prints

Over the summer you guys get to see more Jeanie outfits! Hooray! She's usually around when I'm taking pictures, so why not. I really liked this outfit she was wearing because the prints looked so good together. I also wish I had those shoes, but we can't share because her feet are so much smaller than mine. Sad.

How is it already Wednesday? Summer needs to slow down. 
As for today I only have plans to go to the eye doctor. I know it's thrilling, but just calm down! The eye doctor always makes me nervous because I'm terrified of something being wrong. Nothing is ever wrong though. That is if you don't count my horrible nearsightedness. I always wonder when my sight will stop getting worse... Anyway! Have a happy Wednesday!

June 25, 2012

Dot Shorts, Composer Scarf, Sleepy Summer

Summer is giving me the sleeping sickness or something. I need a nap pretty much every day and that's after waking up at 11 or 12. I'm a sad individual. I actually enjoy all the sleeping I get to do over the summer though so I won't complain! I may not get to be this lazy ever again in my life so I'm trying to bask in the laziness as much as possible. The fact that it's ten billion degrees (95) outside doesn't help the urge to lay inside on the couch either...

Please excuse my smug-face look here. I really need to keep that in check.
top, shoes, scarf: thrifted vintage
shorts: forever 21
belt: modcloth
earrings: from Mom

Like my musical composer scarf and pointy 80's triangle earrings? I do! The scarf really is neat though. There's a bunch of silhouette portraits of different composers in the middle and their names are written all around the perimeter. 

Why is it already the end of June? I need more time to do nothing! Happy Monday!

June 24, 2012

Weekend Web Wanderings

Just thought I'd share a few things I found on the interwebz lately!

Let's start off with a nice tune to get you started. I know you love The Humpty Dance:

  • If you're going to be camping or doing other outdoor activities this summer, you might want to be aware of the 5 most humiliating ways the wilderness can kill you.
  • I want to try these colorful leopard print nails!
  • I just shook my head at everything in this article because it's so true. So maybe I nodded my head. All I can say is the world isn't here to pat you on the head and be your best buddy. So suck it up and stop telling your kids they're "special snowflakes". (And people complain about the increasingly high levels of narcissism in college-aged people these days. Wonder why.) I'll stop now.
  • This lemon zucchini bread looks delicious. It needs to magically appear before me.
  • Something I frequently think from my favorite TV show:

  • Beauty and the Beast truth:
  • Home made baked donuts. Yes please! 
  • This was incredibly relevant when I edited a website a couple weeks ago:

I may start trying to round up some fun links to post once a week. Let me know if you're interested! I'd like to start adding a bit more variety in the content here because I don't just wear clothes, you know!
I hope you're all having a nice weekend!

June 22, 2012

No Shame

Jeanie thrifted this jumpsuit last year and it somehow ended up in my closet. (Probably because I stole it, thinking I'd wear it some day.) It's absolutely ridiculous on me, but it was like wearing pajamas it was so comfortable. I also made sure to wear it on a day when pretty much nobody would see me as I knew I looked like an adult baby. (You can thank Jeanie for that phrase.) This blog could use a little deviation from my normal style once in a while, so I wore it!

jumpsuit, belt: thrifted
shoes: xhileration - target
sunglasses: walmart

So the moral of the story is, although this jumpsuit is incredibly comfortable, head to toe print on my very short body probably isn't the most flattering choice. I like the colors though! 

Happy Friday everyone! Have a fun weekend!

June 20, 2012

Leopard Print Jeanie Dress

Hooray for another Jeanie outfit!
This is just a quick post before I go to the dentist. I took nyquil last night for my cold and it made me sleep for about 12 hours so my whole day was slept through. It's unfortunate. What is fortunate is that I had these pictures edited and waiting for a day when I didn't have much time to post. Woo!

dress: forever 21
shoes: bongo - kmart  (we have the same pair)

I forgot to take a picture of the back of this dress, but it has a cool cutout. I have the same dress in red and black. It's super comfortable and it was like $11 so I couldn't pass it up!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

P.S. - I've been actually using my Twitter regularly lately, so be sure to follow me!

June 19, 2012

Playground Pinafore & a Giveaway Winner

I meant to get this post up so much earlier than this, but I procrastinated some work and had to finish it today. Typical.

This outfit was kind of just thrown together, but I liked how summery it was. I liked the subtle mix of prints too. My little pinafore dress is fun to wear. It was only appropriate that I took pictures at the elementary school down the street!

pinafore dress, top, shoes: forever 21  --- oops?
sunglasses: walmart
earrings: vintage from great grandma collection 
bow: handmade

This is how I roll. Lounging on a yellow plastic slide. It's the epitome of comfort. You should try it.

And now it's the moment you've all been waiting for! The winner of the $50 Shabby Apple giveaway is:

Laura from Thrifting Through Life! Congratulations! I'll be emailing you shortly!

I hope you're all having a great start to your week!

June 15, 2012

Polka Dot Pants

I'm wearing yellow again! I couldn't pass up this shirt when I was browsing around the new gigantic Forever 21 that reopened in one of the malls nearby. It's nice and light and I thought I'd be able to pair it with a lot of things in the future. But the most exciting purchase had to be these polka dot pants. They're almost as comfy as pajamas. I tried them on and was like - well, I'm still young so I can wear these ridiculous patterned pants. Must. Buy. And I did. And that's my story.

Clearly they're the sexiest of all!

I had hung out with Matt earlier this day and we had a strangely fun time going through drawers of his old stuff. We came across his old boy scout stuff and this arrow head necklace was among that. It has an eagle on it too so you know it's cool. I put it on, forgot I was wearing it, and didn't realize until I was heading out the door. Oops. He's cool with me having it for now though! 

pants, top: forever 21
shoes: bongo - kmart
necklace: from Matt

Well, I hope everyone has a nice Friday. I've managed to catch the cold Jeanie has so I'm not feeling all that well. It should go away soon though. I hope. 

Don't forget to enter the Shabby Apple giveaway. I'm picking a winner on Monday so you still have a couple days to enter!

Happy happy Friday!

June 13, 2012

Walking on Sunshine - A SugarLips Apparel Review

I'd always been kind of wary about wearing yellow, but I've certainly warmed to it recently. I was so excited to receive the Fields of Sunflowers dress from SugarLips Apparel. It's such a summery yellow color and there was nothing in my wardrobe in that shade.This dress is going to be really nice for the summer heat here in Georgia. It's 100% cotton and it has a nice cutout in the back. Hooray for clothes that breathe!

dress c/o: sugarlips
shoes: ross dress for less
belt: modcloth
earrings: 80's from Mom
necklace: great grandma collection
sunglasses: kohls
hair bows: forever 21

I decided to pair my new dress with my floral wedges, a white belt, and red sunglasses (because they're the pair that was in my bag and it was bright outside). My earrings are some really cool feather ones that Mom gave me. I'm always kind of scared that I'll lose Mom's cool old earrings whenever I wear them, but then I figure that's better than them sitting in a box forever.

P.S.: please forgive the messy bouffant. Wind.

Don't forget to enter my Shabby Apple giveaway! I'll be picking a winner next Monday so get your entries in!

Happy Wednesday!

June 11, 2012

Shabby Apple $50 Giveaway

I have a giveaway for you guys today! Shabby Apple is offering one of my readers a $50 gift card to spend on anything you'd like at their site. It won't be hard to find something you love because Shabby Apple has such a nice collection of vintage-inspired dresses. I even found my red lace graduation dress at Shabby Apple. If you haven't checked out their Twin Palms collection you should! The look book is so incredibly retro; I love it.

To enter you have to:
1. Like the Shabby Apple Facebook page
2. Be a follower of my blog via GFC or Bloglovin'
3. Leave a comment here saying you've done numbers 1 & 2

For an extra entry:
Leave a comment telling me which Shabby Apple dress is your absolute favorite.

*You must have a USA shipping address to win this giveaway.

If any of you don't want to wait until the giveaway is announced, you can use the discount code "petitepanoply10off" to get 10% off your purchase at Shabby Apple this month. 

I'll announce the winner next Monday June 18th so get your entries in soon!

June 10, 2012

Back at the Apartment

No, I'm not really back there but these pictures didn't make it onto the blog for whatever reason. These are the self-timer shots I'd taken when I first got my new camera.
I actually really liked this outfit too. It's simple and summery and the top is such a great color. The skirt is actually a pinafore dress. I just folded the top part down and voila it's a skirt.

Please excuse my weird half-smiling face in the following picture:

skirt, top, necklace: forever 21
shoes: xhileration - target

Happy happy Sunday everyone!

June 9, 2012

Comfy Forgotten Skirt

I forgot to post this outfit and now it's a couple weeks after I wore it, but oh well. It's appropriate for a Saturday post because it was nice and comfy. I always forget about this stretchy skirt because it's not really a silhouette I wear often. It's super comfortable though because of its epic stretchiness.

I'm not really a huge fan of this outfit. But what the hell!

skirt, top, cardigan, necklace: forever 21 (how do I manage that?)
shoes: ross dress for less

I don't know how it's Saturday again. I swear the week went by faster than I've ever experienced. I really didn't do a whole lot either. So much Netflix... 

Last night I caught up with a few friends from high school. Hanging out with them is always so random and unplanned. It's weird reminiscing because it doesn't seem all that long ago. It's also weird having legal alcoholic beverages with them. We're all sitting around the table drinking wine and I'm like, boy we're classy! And old. I like being home for the summer. There won't be too much more time when people I graduated high school with will be coming back to this town around the same time so I'm enjoying it while it lasts!

Happy Saturday!

June 7, 2012

The Pink Thrifted Dress

I'm kind of in love with this dress I thrifted. I was super pumped to show you guys pictures of me wearing it at my friends' wedding! There aren't any true "outfit shots" per say, but you'll get the drift. I didn't initially intend to wear my teal cardigan all night, but it wasn't all that warm outside after the sun went down. The wedding was super pretty though and we all had a great time.

This is how I pose when I'm ready to party and am pretending to be a model:

dress: thrifted vintage
cardigan: delia*s
shoes: ross dress for less
sunglasses: forever 21
necklace: from Italy
nails: OPI

I ended up pinning up the dress to make it a bit more casual, but hopefully sometime I'll have a place to wear it at it's longer length.

I'm glad I picked the teal and mint colors to pair with my light pink dress. It made it a bit more unique, I think. Plus the floral heels added a nice touch of pattern. So it wasn't just boring, simple wedding-guest attire! And how perfect is the neckline of this dress? I've already decided when I get married my dress will have a neckline just like this.

Also, I caught the bouquet. And the groom (Matt's best friend) threw the garter at Matt. So we got to do the whole garter-being-put-on-in-front-of-everyone thing. I thought it was quite funny. It'll definitely be something fun to remember from the wedding years from now.

Me with Best Man, Matt. Isn't he spiffy in his tux?

So it was a nice weekend and a great wedding! I got to wear my dress and have a few drinks with my friends, sister, and mom. There was delicious food, a beautiful view of the lake, and we got to dance a little bit too. My feet didn't even hurt because I wore comfy wedges! Overall a great success! 

Happy Thursday!

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