June 13, 2012

Walking on Sunshine - A SugarLips Apparel Review

I'd always been kind of wary about wearing yellow, but I've certainly warmed to it recently. I was so excited to receive the Fields of Sunflowers dress from SugarLips Apparel. It's such a summery yellow color and there was nothing in my wardrobe in that shade.This dress is going to be really nice for the summer heat here in Georgia. It's 100% cotton and it has a nice cutout in the back. Hooray for clothes that breathe!

dress c/o: sugarlips
shoes: ross dress for less
belt: modcloth
earrings: 80's from Mom
necklace: great grandma collection
sunglasses: kohls
hair bows: forever 21

I decided to pair my new dress with my floral wedges, a white belt, and red sunglasses (because they're the pair that was in my bag and it was bright outside). My earrings are some really cool feather ones that Mom gave me. I'm always kind of scared that I'll lose Mom's cool old earrings whenever I wear them, but then I figure that's better than them sitting in a box forever.

P.S.: please forgive the messy bouffant. Wind.

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Happy Wednesday!


Elanor said...

what a pretty yellow dress! i especially love the cut out part in the back. the bows in your hair are a perfect addition, no less. :)

Frannie Pantz said...

This is an absolutely gorgeous dress! I LOVE yellow! It is my favorite color and I am glad that you started to warm up to it because it looks great on you--especially with your hair! This is a great styling of the dress as well--very retro chic! Lovely!

Laura said...

You look lovely in yellow! Plus those earring are so cool and funky! :)


Anonymous said...

What a lovely shade of yellow! This dress looks way cute on you and the floral wedges are a great addition :)


JennaStevie said...

This yellow dress is so very perfect on you!!! I adore the fit, and it amazing with those floral wedges!! Gorgeous look

The Midwest Muse said...

I am in love with your hair and those bows and this dress! Golly, you are perfect.

Rose-et-Violet said...

This is such a cute outfit. I love everything about it! The bows are also a sweet touch to that wonderful bouffant (regardless of how 'messy' it is)...


Maria said...

What beautiful photos these are! I love that dress on you. the sweetheart neckline is so flattering :)
xx Maria

Imogen said...

I adore this shade of yellow on you. It's a gorgeous dress I love the shape and of course the cut out at the back. I adore this hairstyle every time I see it and those two little yellow bows at the back of your hair are the sweetest. You wouldn't believe my excitiment when I saw them.

LoveT. said...

Lovely Dress ,you look gorgeous! :)
i´m a new Follower

Nice Greetings from Austria!

Fash Boulevard said...

omg. Those shoes are to die. You look fabulous in yellow. Adore this post, love. If you get a sec, I just posted pictures from my wedding ceremony. Eeek. Love to hear what you think. xo


Willow said...

After seeing these photos I really want some big hot-red sunglasses, as well as being able to suit that shade of yellow!

Laura and Steffi said...

Love the yellow dress and matching yellow bows in your hair!


Hannah said...

Gorgeous outfit those earrings are spectacular!

little henry lee said...

i love the dress! i never wore much yellow either until i bought yellow dress a few months ago and now i love it!

hellolyndsey said...

Girl i was going to totally get that dress but i was afraid of how yellow would look against my fair skin, but now i'm dying to have that dress!!
you look so amazing in yellow!

The heat is really going to suck this year isn't it? D: But with sweet dresses like that we might just survive!


Laura Go said...

Awww that is one cute dress! I love the color and the cutout back!

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
the shop of worldly delights

Patricia. said...

But great shoes, god I love these shoes.;)Invite to my blog.;D

Amber said...

that dress looks wonderful on you. I love the yellow with your pretty red hair

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

So beautiful! The color is absolutely stunning!

Anonymous said...

Cute bows in your hair. Those floral wedges of yours are really super cute with evrything. Lovely dress.

Mara said...

Yellow looks so good on you! I'm glad you warmed up to it, because you should definitely wear it more often!

Anonymous said...

That's a just plain beautiful yellow dress...the neckline is lovely on you and it's so bright and summery!

<3 Cambria

Bad Taste Toast said...

Hooray for bright yellow! You look amazing, I love the combo of the dress and floral heels!

Meanz Chan (Koi Story) said...

Ah, this dress is adorable! I almost got this dress! How pretty, you look like sunshine.

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