July 13, 2012

Red Dress, Zebra Print, & Shaking My Head at Uptalkers

I've been having a fine ol' time in the Land of Lincoln! We just make our rounds to the relatives/friends and visit. It's more exciting than sitting on the couch! Plus I have a reason to get dressed in real clothes each day since I actually have to leave the house and see people. If I know I'm not going anywhere at all and I'm at home I'll put on comfy pajama clothes for the whole day. It's a shameful secret, but it's not really a secret. Also, I'm not really ashamed. Being lazy in the summer is kind of my thing? (Yes, read that with an upward inflection. Speaking of upward inflections: Uptalkers. Those people who say everything like it's a question. Just imagine me shaking my head right now because that's what I'm doing.)

These are my clothes:

dress: modcloth.com
cardigan, hair bow: forever 21
shoes: xhileration - target
belt: thrifted
necklace: from Italy

Hello! I'm smiling right at you in this picture! Creepilyish. 

Happy Friday everyone! 


JennaStevie said...

This is such a gorgeous combination!! I absolutely love this bright red dress, it's so perfect with the zebra print cardigan. Love this print

Frannie Pantz said...

This zebra cardigan is too cute! I am glad you are enjoying your summer--dressed or in jammies!

Anonymous said...

It's too much amazingness...not only are you wearing my fav red dress, but you have a hairbow and animal print on. It doesn't get any better.

<3 Cambria

hellolyndsey said...

Hahah you are so adorable! AND I JUST REALIZED I HAVE THAT EXACT CARDIGAN IN MY CLOSET :O!?1!! Twinsieeeess!!!!!

You look super gorg and I love this combination so much!

Mandy said...

The dress is just perfect. I have a blue one just like that, but I really love the red.

Meg Eileen Carroll said...

I saw that dress on Modcloth and really really really wanted to buy it, but didn't. It looks so lovely on you! I always laze about in my pjs (that's what I'm doing right now) and I'm proud of it :D


Mama Wolf said...

That dress is so excellent! Love it paired with the zebra print. and let me tell you, for the past three days i actually have had nothing to do..nothing at all. You better believe it was pajama time for umm, like 72 hours hahah.

xoxo Mama wolf.

Mara said...

Haha! That last "creepilyish" smiling picture is adorable! And you look so pretty. I am in love with that dress.
I know uptalkers. It's like they never want to make a statement because someone might disagree with them. ;)

Alysa Madisun said...

You're so pretty, love the outfit!

Karin (Wunderlust) said...

I love this xxx such prettiness <3

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