August 24, 2012

Bright Vintage Floral on Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I'm pretty exhausted from staying up too late getting class work done, so I figured I needed to dress in bright colors to wake myself up. This vintage floral skirt is one of my favorites because the colors are so pretty and vibrant. I wish it fit me around the waist better. It was already taken in, but I guess I was having a fat day the day it was measured for me because it has about an inch of extra fabric. Oh well! It's worth adjusting it during the day because it's so pretty.

Please excuse the weird things going on with my arms in these pictures. I'm clearly not a model and never know what to do with my hands. Awkward times.
skirt: vintage - thrifted | top, shoes, flower clip: forever 21 | earrings: great grandma collection | ring: high school class ring

Cheesy grin as usual. I can't help it; it's Friday!

I fully intend on putting aside a couple hours to read blogs this weekend. I'm so behind and I miss reading them all! All my class reading just takes so long and I don't want it to ever pile up so I have to stay on top of things. Let's just hope this Sunday isn't spend reading all day long like last Sunday! We'll see how that goes though. I tend to get distracted Friday and Saturday and not get anything done! Oops.

Have a nice weekend!


Laura said...

I love this outfit! So cute! That skirt is absolutely adorable, and paired with that mustard shirt? Perfection!

Glad classes are going well!


Lali pops of colour said...

Great blog! I'll be checking it more often <3
you can check mine too and tell me what you think


Dilan Dilir said...

looks super pretty :D

Ester DurĂ£es said...

such a cute outfit! your skirt is amazing and I love how you've paired it with that mustard top, so colourful! I truly understand your need to dress in bright colours when you're tired, I do the same! :)

Drawing Dreaming

Ulrika said...

i absolutely love your awkward arms and funny grins, you look so adorable ! :D

To be slightly more serious, I love the colourful outfit you're wearing. The mustard yellow looks really nice on you, works really well with your hair.

Hope you're having a great weekend!
Kisses dear!

Sarah said...

I LOVE the vibrant hues throughout this outfit. (: I'm having the opposite problem with all of my skirts... I've added a few pounds as of late and now I feel like everything gives me intense sausage rolls. :(

Jessica said...

I love this outfit! It's so bright and fun! And I've been looking for shoes like yours for weeks! -Jessica


Midwest Muse said...

These colors look perfect together.

Anonymous said...

Eep, I adore all the bright colours!
It makes me all happy and stuffs :) xox

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