August 6, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday to Jeanie!

It's Jeanie's 19th birthday today which means I'm featuring her birthday outfit here! She's wearing her green-ish colored lace dress from Modcloth with her new boots from Forever 21. I think it was a fantastic birthday outfit choice!

We're both pretty pumped about the delicious dinner we'll be eating tonight. When it's one of our birthdays around here we get to choose whichever restaurant we want so it's usually something particularly tasty. We'll be going to a local place in downtown Lawrenceville, Georgia. I think I'm rambling about dinner right now because I'm starving, so I'll stop.

dress: | shoes: forever 21 

We went outside to take these pictures and my lens fogged right up. It's that disgustingly humid outside. It's okay though because it's a birthday day and also because we don't really have to be outside today.
Hooray for Jeanie's birthday!


Chani said...

The dress is pretty, I love the color but green doesn't like me T.T It looks weird on me ToT

Alysa Madisun said...

Pretty outfit! Happy Birthday Jeanie!


bridget anne said...

she looks WAY cute! i love her boots.

hellolyndsey said...

She look so gorgeous!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEANIE!!

SomeoneLikeYou said...

Daw' Happy birthday Jeanie! I know how exciting it is to turn 19 ;)

I just love her dress, and funny story---i tried on these exact same beautiful shoes at Forever21! They didn't look half as swell on me though as they do on her ♥

Laura said...

What a great dress! Happy Birthday to your sis! Hope that she had a great day. :)


JennaStevie said...

Happy Birthday to your sister!! I hope she had an awesome day! She looks awesome here, I love her dress, its such a great colour

Bad Taste Toast said...

Wow she looks lovely in the pics, very cute and chic birthday look! The dress and shoes are both great finds!

Happy belated birthday to her! :)

Anonymous said...

This lace dress is gorgeous. Gorgeous! I love the colour on you...and the pattern to the lace is so romantic and pretty! Perfect juxtaposition to your leather belt and tough girl booties :)

<3 Cambria

Remy Ramirez said...

You look adorable! Love the shoes!!


Kim said...

ohh! happy birthday to her! she looks beautiful!

found the route

little henry lee said...

happy birthday to jeanie! she has lovely hair. :)

little henry lee

Imogen said...

Happy Birthday to Jeanie. I love the dress; you can never go wrong with green and lace. Those little boots are the sweetest. I haven't been blogging much recently but I noticed your post with the gold shoes. They are incredible! Can I PLEASE have them? haha

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