August 22, 2012

Hodgson's, Ice Cream, & High School Inspiration

Hello! I can't believe it's already Wednesday again. I actually got out of the apartment today though even though I haven't done any of the reading I need to get done for Friday. Oops. Jeanie and I went to a local pharmacy up the street called Hodgson's for some $1 ice cream. It was delicious and we got to take pictures with the colorful bulldog statue outside.

They have these bulldogs all over Athens. They're all decorated in different ways and most of them are so cute. How can a bulldog not be cute? This one is by Hodgson's and a local coffee chain called Jittery Joe's hence the coffee mug decoration.

We enjoyed our delicious peanut butter cup ice cream. It probably wasn't necessary after our dinner of wings last night, but it was worth the short walk!

I've been feeling some really weird nostalgia for things I liked in early high school, so I figured I'd wear an outfit inspired by those days! I was pretty much always in t-shirts and jeans back then. These jeans are much cooler though (at least I think so now!). I even wore a band t-shirt (this one is The Good Life and I still love that band). The plastic heart necklace is a favorite from back then and I even wore a headband because I may have worn those every other day for two years. 

jeans, headband: forever 21 | shirt: american apparel - | shoes: ross dress for less | necklace: pacsun | belt: old from Mom

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Jennifer said...

Those high waist pants are so cute!

xo Jennifer

Ally said...

That ice cream looks yummy. Ah, yes - 9th grade, I was totally into t-shirts and jeans every day. Especially when I could wear some plastic heart necklaces with it! I was a halfway hipster haha. The high-waisted jeans are very cute by the way :)

misslikey said...

Have the same feeling for jeans. oh school days.

Eccentric Owl said...

Ice cream is always worth it. What a cute place! And as always, you and Jeannie are adorable!
The bulldog reminds me of the pigs that are randomly all over Seattle.

jess said...

The ice cream looks great.

Bad Taste Toast said...

Aw you look so cute, I love the shirt and sandals! Mhhh ice-cream always makes me happy too :D

his little lady said...

you both are adorable! and what a fun little shop!
and you can never beat $1 ice cream! perfect!
xo TJ

hellolyndsey said...

you both always look so adorable! i love how you recreated a high school ensemble- love that idea! I mainly wore green everything when I went to school because it was my favorite color. Literally, every single piece of clothing I owned was green except for my jeans. Everyone in class started paying attention to what I wore and started making it a daily thing to notice that I wore a green top with jeans every day!! It was crazy and I am a super uber mega nerd for it. hahah!

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