August 9, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

I've decided to try to keep up a Things I Love Thursday weekly feature inspired by the awesome Kaelah Bee! I always enjoy her Thursday feature, so I've been inspired!

Bulldogs In Fancy Dress from 1905. Thanks Library of Congress!:

This yellow vintage outfit:

This coffee/tea area:

This psychology dog:

This amazing tree-shaped book shelf:


*This DIY to make your own chalkboard paint in any color.

*This comic book inspired nail art.

*I laughed so hard at this Jenna Marbles video last night. Immaturity for the win!

Happy end of Thursday everyone!


Megan said...

Oh that yellow outfit is to die for!!

Dilan Dilir said...

I love the tree-book shell,so creative!

Laura said...

Hahahahaha. The psychology dog made me laugh SO. HARD. Also, Jenna Marbles is hilarious, even though she is ridiculous.


Laura Go said...

hahahaha! I love that Pavlov one and the dressed up bulldogs!

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his_girl_friday said...

Love all this! There's a lot of cute in this post!

Chani said...

Hahaha, I really love the dogs, they are so funny (mostly the psychology dog & comic sans dog).

circleofchaos said...

Funny post.xD
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Marisa Violeta said...

I love this kind of posts :D
Ahah, poor Comic Sans dog!

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