September 29, 2012

Edgy and Girly All at Once!

I've been admiring outfits that combine girliness with an edge, so I thought I'd make up a couple outfits I wish I could wear right now! As you can see, I'm loving cool ankle boots. I would also love some sort of leather jacket for when the weather cools down too. We'll see!

Can you guys believe it's already the end of September? Wow. Well, enjoy your last September weekend! I'll be doing school work. At least I hope I will be because I need to stop procrastinating. Adios!

P.S. Don't forget to enter my giveaway one post beneath this one. They're a really pretty classic pair of earrings!

September 27, 2012

Anjolee Trillium Stud Earring Giveaway

Hello everyone!

Today is a double post day because I'm hosting a giveaway of these Trillium Stud Earrings from Anjolee!

They're silver with a .63ct cubic zirconium stone. Anjolee specializes in customizable diamond jewelry. You can pick the size, color of stone (if you go with something other than diamond), and choose the metal type too. They also carry a large collection of customizable diamond necklaces and diamond bracelets.

Sorry international readers, but this giveaway is for US readers only.

Just fill out the Rafflecopter to enter!

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Things I Love Thursday

Hello everyone! Happy Thursday! Here's some things I enjoyed on the internet this week:

Fall leaves! This needs to happen here now:

This pretty fall picture in the woods:

These Gold & Black Checker Nails:

Spiderman Pumpkin!!:

This Octopus Ear Cuff:

If you know me, you know I obsessively love the movie Little Shop of Horrors. I stumbled across this performance yesterday after looking up stuff about the impending Blu-ray release. So much emotion ahhh! (If you want to see some crazy intensity skip to about 5 minutes in). Also, she's 47 here. Whaaat? She looks the same as she did over 10 years before this performance.:


* Old pictures that have been recolored. Very cool!

* I made this Starbucks Pumpkin Scone clone recipe the other day and they were very tasty.

* I want to make this Pumpkin & Cream Cheese Spice Bread next. Yum!

* If I could crochet, I would make this Cat Scarf for everybody's Christmas present this year.

* Can you make it through this page without wanting to be in 5th grade again?

* Anikka from The Pineneedle Collective's new Science Tumblr.

* Savory Oatmeal recipe? Who knew?

September 26, 2012

Why I Blog Wednesday Guest Post

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I have a guest post up at Lori's blog, A Little Slice of Special. It's for her Why I Blog Wednesday series so you know there'll be plenty of intriguing information there. 

Now I'll share a couple pictures from past falls. The trees generally don't get like this until late October and November, but I can fondly remember how it looks until that time comes. Also these pictures make me miss George. I need to go visit him!

He's such a good boy sitting in the front yard. I need to stop looking at old pictures and make plans to get home some day soon.

P.S. - I uploaded that last picture of George to my new Jux account and it ended up on their main page which is exciting! So check that out if you'd like and be my friend on there? Jux is like a pretty Tumblr if you were wondering.


September 24, 2012

Tights, Tights, Glorious Tights!

It was finally cool enough this morning to break out a pair of tights. It was pretty exciting. Later on it was a little too warm for them, but oh well! They're a pretty cool pair that I got last Christmas. I like the glittery faux back-seam.

Anyway, here's my choice for my first official fall-ish outfit of the season:

tights, skirt, cardigan, bow: forever 21 | top: kmart | shoes: vintage - thrifted | necklace: stella & dot

And just to finish things off, here's me and a spiky bush:

Well I'm thoroughly exhausted already on this Monday evening. I can't decide whether to drink some coffee or go to bed early. I usually get so much more school work done at night, it's hard to turn in early...but it's also very tempting...

Happy Monday everyone!

September 21, 2012

Modcloth Dress, Purple Cardigan, & New Boots

Happy Friday!

Today I wore another one of my new Modcloth dresses. This one has a blue lace collar and a really neat waffle-looking print. I decided to wear my purple cardigan with it and the socks I got yesterday conveniently matched it perfectly. Also, these are my new boots and I love them because they're comfortable enough that I can walk to class in them. That's always my comfort test.

dress: | cardigan: forever 21 | boots: city classified - traffic | socks: kmart | belt, earrings: thrifted

Anyway, I really like these colors together and this outfit was a nice transitional outfit even though it really wasn't cool at all today. It was just cool enough for a cardigan this morning. 

Well I'm off to drink some more Terrapin Pumpkin Fest beer (so tasty) and eat the pumpkin chili I made. Hooray for pretending it's fall already!

September 20, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

It's Thursday! Here's some things that caught my eye this week:

This beer milkshake made with Samuel Adams Oktoberfest:


This 60's-tastic picture:

Old hair-do dating cues:


* The 5 most pointless abilities people love to brag about.

* Eight pumpkin beers to try this season! Yum!

* Caramel apple martini from A Beautiful Mess. I want one.

*The most mispronounced words in fashion.

*Beast Jesus Tumblr. I just can't stop laughing at that image. Whyyyy.

* 5 true stories cut from movies for being too unrealistic.

* Ultimate chocolate peanut butter cake. Yes please.

September 19, 2012

Denim Shorts, Purple Blouse, & Snake Print Flats

It's already Wednesday! Time feels like it's flying lately - which makes me feel overwhelmed since I constantly have deadlines for school. Anyway, I'm wearing this today. All I'm doing is going over to campus tonight with Matt to get a study room and get work done. Maybe a change of scenery will motivate me a bit. That's what I'm hoping!

top, earrings: thrifted | shorts: levi's - thrifted | shoes: sarah-jayne - journeys | belt: from Mom | hair bow: forever 21

These shorts are always a good go-to choice for me. They're comfortable and wonderfully high-waisted. The waist size is on the back label, so I'm pretty sure they're a boys' pair. I guess I just have to look for more old boys' jeans to cut off. They have the best fit out of any cutoffs I have. I'm pretty sure that's because the hips are completely straight. Because if you haven't noticed, I have pretty much zero hips going on and sometimes that's an issue with clothes. Skirts can just be taken in in the hips though, so it's all good.

Happy Wednesday!

September 17, 2012

Peplum Skirt and a Band T-Shirt

Why hello and Happy Monday!
I would be more inclined to call it a feeling overwhelmed type of Monday though. School is getting to be a lot and I really won't be sad when this semester is over.

Anyway, it looked like rain all day today but I never got rained on. I, for whatever reason, tend to wear these oxford shoes I got from Forever 21 when it's rainy. Maybe because it doesn't really matter if they get messed up. Although if they did I would miss them because they sure are a trusty pair of shoes!

I also decided to wear my peplum skirt because peplums are all cool now. I've had this one in my closet for a long time. Since back when Forever 21 actually had a clearance section. I don't wear it a lot because it's big in the waist. I just makeshift pinned in the waist for today!

skirt, shoes, hair bow: forever 21 | t-shirt: american apparel - | cardigan: so... - kohls

Hey look at this here peplum!

Good ol' humidity hair and my lace hair bow:

I wish I had more to say, but all I've been doing is school work lately so I'm pretty boring. 

P.S.: Kohls sent me a 10% off code for all of you to use at if you would like! Code = UBLOGTEN . It's good through October 24th.

September 14, 2012

Casual Friday Times

Woo! It's Friday and I'm in a casual Friday outfit. I got exactly 2 1/2 hours of sleep last night (but have since napped, don't worry) so I didn't have any energy to pick out anything particularly cute that I haven't worn yet. I bought this sweater and the shorts last year around this time and it was just cool enough this morning to pull off wearing this thin sweater. Hooray! I just woke up from napping when these pictures were taken, so enjoy my sleep deprivation chic look.

shorts, sweater, bow: forever 21 | shoes: xhileration- target

I was making faces at Matt. This one resulted: 

I will definitely try to get more of my work done earlier than the night before it's due after surviving last night. I am still a chronic procrastinator, but I always get it done. I've been better about it this year, but days like yesterday still happen. Ugh.

Anyway, I plan on having delicious dinner at Cali-N-Titos (a yummy local restaurant) with friends and perhaps going to get a growler of a tasty brew from the growler shop up the road. Friday evening will be a success! I hope. 

Happy Friday!

September 12, 2012

New Modcloth Dress, Keds, & a Red Cardigan

Happy Wednesday! I've done a fantastic job of sleeping in way too late these past couple of days, but that's because I caught a cold and have been staying up late getting school crap done. Oh well. I hope I'm over this cold in a couple days. I've been eating soups and drinking lots of tea and staying in my pajamas.

I wore this outfit to class on Monday. It's one of the dresses I got from the Modcloth super sale. I love that I get to buy all the dresses that are on sale because they're too short for the normal population. I really don't see how any person of normal height could wear this since my butt is almost out and I'm not even 5 feet tall. But it works for me, so hooray! I really want it to cool down so I can wear tights with this dress.

dress: | cardigan: ann taylor loft - thrifted | shoes: keds | belt: thrifted | earrings, hair bow: forever 21

The ear is healing well, so I'm happy! It was super sore on Monday, but it's feeling better each day now.

Right now I'm drinking a whole pot of tea, watching The Dead Zone on Netflix, and doing some blogging. I'm sure I'll have to get down to business (to defeat the Huns? No, to not fail grad school) sometime soon. Matt is coming over to make delicious spicy chicken stuff for dinner tonight so I'm pretty excited about that too. Anyway, have a great Wednesday!

September 10, 2012

Terrapin Tour + Pink Leopard Print

I love that we have a local brewery. It's also great that the beers are delicious and they have beer tours Wednesday through Saturday. It's also less than 10 minutes away from my apartment. It's basically where the beer lovers in town go to hang out before (usually) heading downtown. We went over to Terrapin last Saturday because my uncle was in town - and because it's a fun place to go on a Saturday afternoon!

We also got mustache glasses this time, which is the best thing ever.

dress: | shoes: croft & barrow - kohls? | belt: thrifted | flower hair clip, earrings: forever 21

Jeanie was sad because she's too young to drink beer.

Jeanie and her cool earring.

Apparently I'm a beer model because I am displaying my cup in nearly every picture. It's my accessory. 

Also, I love my new dress. This is one of the dresses I got on super sale at Modcloth. The collar is fantastic and I should have gotten a picture of the back because the collar goes into a V back there. This dress will probably look really cool with black tights and ankle boots when the weather gets cool too. 
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