September 9, 2012

Rook Piercing!

I know I said I'd show you yesterday, but I got busy. Sorry!

I got my rook pierced on my right ear. It's cool and I love it. It's quite sore right now though, but that's to be expected since I just got it done Friday afternoon. I went into the shop wanting an industrial so bad, but it turns out I can't get that since my ears aren't the right shape. I was sad, then I got over it and decided on my rook piercing! I had the guys there recommend some piercings based on the shape of my ear. Apparently my rook is perfect for piercing. Who knew.

Jeanie had her tragus pierced. 

Now you have the delightful option of watching me get my ear pierced. Yes, there's a video! It's not a close up so you don't have to worry about seeing anything gross, although mine didn't bleed much anyway. We had a pretty large entourage there with us to see us get our piercings, so there's some talking in the video. And a screaming baby. The baby shuts up eventually though. 

Getting My Rook Pierced from Jamie Rose on Vimeo.

And here we are all pierced and happy!:

And yes, it hurt. But it wasn't that bad. I have a really thick piece of cartilage where I got pierced so the needle had a decent-sized area to go through. It was nothing I couldn't handle and I would do it again even now that I know what it feels like. I tend to have a pretty high pain tolerance though. I've read a lot of things online about how much it hurt for some people. 

It was a really great experience. The guys at the tattoo shop were extremely nice and professional. What more can I ask for? I'm definitely ready to go back there and get another piercing of some sort once my ear heals up a bit. 


Meggstatus said...

Aww ay, I've heard that hurts like a biyatch! It looks like you took that like a champ.


Steffys Pros and Cons said...

you're a trooper!!! i got my upper ear pierced a while back and it hurt so bad!

Steffys Pros and Cons

Wild Flower said...

Ouchie! I don't if I would have the guts to get either of those haha. They both look really cute though, glad you guys are happy with them :)


JennaStevie said...

Ahh this sounds like so much fun!! I love beer and this sounds like a great day. You and your sister are soo cute. Love the dress too!

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