September 20, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

It's Thursday! Here's some things that caught my eye this week:

This beer milkshake made with Samuel Adams Oktoberfest:


This 60's-tastic picture:

Old hair-do dating cues:


* The 5 most pointless abilities people love to brag about.

* Eight pumpkin beers to try this season! Yum!

* Caramel apple martini from A Beautiful Mess. I want one.

*The most mispronounced words in fashion.

*Beast Jesus Tumblr. I just can't stop laughing at that image. Whyyyy.

* 5 true stories cut from movies for being too unrealistic.

* Ultimate chocolate peanut butter cake. Yes please.


Wild Flower said...

Wow, I could definitely go for one of those beer milkshakes right now, that looks amazing! haha. And I love the 60's London picture, I would have loved to be there then!


The Fashion Milkshake said...

Great post !

Love your style and see you as such as good inspiration :) !

I'm an instant follower of you now :)

I'm working on a questions tag would you help me and leave a question for me ?:)

Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time



Megan said...

Beer milkshake?! YUMM!!! Have a great weekend :)

Eccentric Owl said...

I love the hair-do dating cues! So funny!

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