October 31, 2012

A Peek into Halloweens Past

Halloween has always been my favorite because I love costumes (and also candy). Since I have no real Halloween plans for today other than watching my annual Halloween movies, I thought I'd update with some (most) of my old Halloween costumes.
It was nice to reminisce for an hour or so. After this I'll be doing school work for most of the day.

We'll start with a cute old picture of George and pumpkins. And after that I'll try to go in chronological order.
Enjoy this blast from my past.

Bats, 1991.

Clown, 1992.

The Little Mermaid, 1993.

Belle, 1994
...and Snow White

Wizard of Oz, 1996.

I Dream of Jeannie and Esmeralda, 1997. 

I Dream of Jeannie and her sister, 1998.

Powerpuff Girls Bubbles & Buttercup, 1999.

Madonna, 2000.

Goths, 2002.

Devil & Devil Dog, 2003.

Flappers, 2004.
King George, 2004.

Satine from Moulin Rouge, 2005.

Batgirl, 2007.

Leprechaun, 2008.

Gnome, 2011.

Woo! And that's that. 
All of these costumes were made by my mom with the exception of the Batgirl one which I bought in the Target kids' section and the Leprechaun one that I got online. So many great costumes. I wish I could go out and wear one tonight, but I just have too much work to do.

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you have a fun night!

October 29, 2012

Sweater & Leather Jacket Time!

It got cold in Georgia today! All this hurricane business means we're actually getting some cool fall weather. That means I got to pull out my bag of sweaters and long sleeved shirts and all that cold-weather goodness. I just bought this mint colored sweater from Forever 21 last week and I figured I'd pair the light green color with my dark green polka dot Romwe dress. With the jacket I was warm enough to survive the cold trek to class.

dress: romwe.com | sweater, shoes, earrings: forever 21 | jacket: ashley by twenty six international - ross | tights: target kids' section | leopard flower hair clip: ? 

It's going to be a unique week. And by unique I mean I'll be sitting in my apartment calling people to survey them and working on a paper. Isn't my life exciting? I bet you wish you were doing exactly what I'm doing. Oh wait, you mean it sounds incredibly boring? Yes. You would be correct. Boring and stressful all at the same time.

In other news, last week at home was nice. It would have been nicer if I wasn't worrying about surveying people. Also, how about that win for the Dawgs? Hooray! Such a great game. 

Happy Monday evening!

October 25, 2012

Things I Love Thursday: Halloween Edition

These pumpkin nails and tutorial:

The Walking Dead - The Musical. These guys are seriously awesome. Check out their Youtube channel for more musical goodness.

Check out these pictures depicting Disney Villains if they had won:

This cool Corpse Bride Emily & Victor costume:


* 4 Truly Scary Facts nobody tells you about Halloween.

* Want to read some weird ghost stories and crime mysteries? Check out Unsolved-Mysteries.com. My cousins and I used to look at this site when we were young. Good times.

* For some unique costume ideas that are not of the sexy nurse/cop/whatever variety, check out Take Back Halloween.

* Geek chic Halloween costumes from College Fashion.

* Urban Legends are da bomb so go to Snopes.com. I've shared this site here before, but it's full of great stories.

* Martha Stewart's Halloween cocktails

* Remember the Disney Channel show So Weird? This Youtube channel has all the episodes!

October 24, 2012

George the Bulldog Loves Fall

Just a few fall pictures from around the house with my new 50mm lens! George is a great model.

Fall is the best and it's just starting to look like the season outside. All the decorations definitely help. 
I'm hanging at home for fall break this year. It might seem like vacation to not be in class until Monday, but I'll still be doing my school work this week. As of now it's telephone surveying people which, as I'm sure you know, is annoying. It's part of my research methods class though, so it must be done!

Happy Wednesday!

October 22, 2012

Black Lace Dress & Knee Socks for an Anniversary Outing

Happy Monday everyone!

I wore this black lace dress to class today and then out on my anniversary date with Matt. We don't really have a specific date for when we started dating, so we go out sometime in October after my birthday is over. So as of this month we've been dating for 5 years. That's a lot of years.

I actually ditched the knee socks and put on a pair of nicer heels for dinner, but the socks kept me warm when it was cool this morning.

dress, headband: forever 21 | socks, boots: target | necklace: romwe.com | belt: thrifted | earrings: from Matt

Jeanie was taking these pictures so I had to make some goofy poses. Those are always the best ones though and I'm sure you don't mind.

We went to The Last Resort and stuffed ourselves until we could hardly move and then came back to my place and napped because we're old people. It's love. But really, we only do this once a year and I look forward to the one night we don't eat like poor college kids. We even got dessert! Woop woop! 

Tonight was filled with great food and excellent company. 

October 20, 2012

Leather Scalloped Skirt, Polka Dots, & Orange Tights

Happy weekend everyone! I just had the most lazy weird Friday ever, so I'm updating later than usual. I basically slept on and off since class got done at noon. I know, I'm pretty exciting.

This outfit was fun today though! I wore my leather skirt that we recently DIY scallop hemmed. I may post a little tutorial of sorts on how to do that, but it's pretty self explanatory. I like that the skirt is a little shorter now. It still squeezes my insides right at the waist, but it's more comfortable now that I'm having a few skinny months. Leather just doesn't have any give! Oh well, it looks cool.

skirt, top, shoes: thrifted | tights, earrings, hair bow: forever21.com 

I got to pull out my bag of long-sleeved tops and sweaters and such today. It's finally cool in the morning so the extra arm covering was welcome. Plus it was almost like Christmas getting to pull out my warm-weather-only clothes after all this time! 

I always love when I realize one of my outfits is nearly all thrifted. The top, skirt, and shoes in this outfit were all thrifted. I'm not sure what era this skirt is from. Maybe early 90's? The shoes are more-than-likely late 60's. The top is probably rather new. Who knows, though. I could be all wrong! But the thrifted factor means it was a super cheap outfit. Thrifting pieces like this leather skirt is a great way to mix up a wardrobe on a very very small budget. I only paid $1 for the skirt, after all!

This outfit seemed very "fall" to me. It's probably the orange tights with the black skirt and shoes. They were a hit with some people on campus though, which always feels good! Plus someone in my comm. theory class said I look pretty today. It's hard to beat that compliment!

P.S. - I submitted this look over at Coffee and Cardigans' Thrifter Thursdays feature! So check that out and submit a thrifted look of your own!

October 18, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

This gorgeous fall scene:

This fall-inspired eye shadow by Lil' Rin. I think it'd be very wearable (without the leaf brows, of course):

These Lisa Frank inspired nails by Amber Did It:


* A lot of you have probably seen these recreations of old pictures, but I still think they're really cool!

* Want to laugh? Check out Funny Exam Answers.

* Greatist.com is a pretty cool site filled with articles on eating healthy foods, exercising, and such. If only I could make myself get off my butt and exercise.

* I still love love this article about Tinker Bell Syndrome. If you're a short girl, go read it. If you're not, it's interesting anyway!

*Triple Chocolate Pumpkin Pie??! I want it.

* DIY sugar free pumpkin spice syrup.

October 17, 2012

Pink Tights, Polka Dot Shorts, & A Yellow Cardigan

I really liked this outfit! I think I've been missing wearing tights with shorts. This outfit is from Monday and it was a little too hot for my new pink tights once mid-afternoon hit, but oh well! I loved the combination of pink and yellow too. These polka dot shorts will definitely be worn many more times this fall now that I know how great they can look with tights.

shorts, belt, earrings: forever 21 | cardigan: mossimo - target | flats: xhileration - target | tights: kmart | t-shirt: Saddle-creek.com

I'm wearing my The Good Life shirt again, as you can see! It was sitting in my drawer for so long. It really needed to be worn.

These shoes are so ratty. I'm sorry. They're my comfy shoes. I also wear them if there's rain in the forecast because they were super cheap and they're made of some sort of plastic. Then I won't be sad if I ruin a pair of shoes. They don't look so bad from afar? That's my excuse.

This is probably my face 75% of the time. It's like happy, crazy, stage face. I like it?

Happy Wednesday everyone! I should probably get down to business and do some school work today. If I write it here that means it has to come true, right? I'm picking classes for next semester today and I'm scared to see what my schedule will be like. At least I'll know soon!

It sure has been a unique week already. I'm really hoping the rest of this week goes smoothly. School is going smoothly as of right this minute, but I'm just waiting for another week that's awful. It'll be here soon enough, I know it! So I'm enjoying being a little bit lazy right now.

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