October 5, 2012

Casual Band T-shirt & Skirt Times

This week has been rough and it's not even over. I've been neglecting blog stuff because there's been so much stuff due for my classes. Today I had two papers and a presentation due for my seminar class. Also there's been at least four nights this week that I've had less than 4 hours of sleep so there's that. I'll get a somewhat break after my Monday classes though. Woo. Plus I'm going to the Terrapin Hop Harvest Festival tomorrow afternoon so that'll be a good break!

Here's what I wore today. Just a concert t-shirt and my brown houndstooth skirt. I've had zero outfit inspiration lately. It's still pretty much too hot for layers.

I had a ridiculous smug face type of expression in all of the pictures from today, so here's the least smug faced one there was. Ughhh. Next time I'll make a better face. I promise.
skirt, cardigan, earrings: forever 21 | t-shirt: from a concert | shoes: xhileration - target | belt: thrifted

Ears are weird.

I'll get back on track with blog stuff soon. I can't wait to have a little bit of free time! Hoorah!

Happy Friday everyone!

P.S.: Don't forget to enter the Anjolee earring giveaway! I'm picking a winner on Sunday!


his_girl_friday said...

I dig your hair! I might have to steal its color.

Daysha said...

This is cute! Thanks for the sweet comment ♥

jorjiapeach said...

hang in there, homegirl!

the girl never gets older said...

oh, I love of montreal, what a great t-shirt! :D

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