October 18, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

This gorgeous fall scene:

This fall-inspired eye shadow by Lil' Rin. I think it'd be very wearable (without the leaf brows, of course):

These Lisa Frank inspired nails by Amber Did It:


* A lot of you have probably seen these recreations of old pictures, but I still think they're really cool!

* Want to laugh? Check out Funny Exam Answers.

* Greatist.com is a pretty cool site filled with articles on eating healthy foods, exercising, and such. If only I could make myself get off my butt and exercise.

* I still love love this article about Tinker Bell Syndrome. If you're a short girl, go read it. If you're not, it's interesting anyway!

*Triple Chocolate Pumpkin Pie??! I want it.

* DIY sugar free pumpkin spice syrup.


Rachel, Cold Knees said...

OMG those nails! So OTT, but so amazing.. I love the Autumnal photo too xx

Carla Florendo said...

the nails are so cute!
and i love fall scenes too!

xo, Carla

Megan said...

I love how Lisa Frank designs are resurfacing - so fun and reminds me of elementary school!

Anonymous said...

Haha, I remember Lisa Frank! And think those nails are fun.

<3 Cambria

Check out my GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

Fiona said...

The second picture is so cool!


Chymecindy** said...

I love the first photo so beautiful!

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