November 30, 2012

Pink Bow Sweater & a Polka Dot Blazer

This is definitely a more casual outfit for me. The pink sweater and polka dot blazer are both new additions to my wardrobe. I picked them up at Kohl's while I was Christmas shopping and it wasn't until later that I thought about wearing them together. The sweater is right up my alley with the bright color and lace bow so I kind of had to buy it. The blazer was on clearance for something like $16. I have a strong urge to wear it with my polka dot shorts. Unfortunately the two dotted patterns are slightly different, so I probably shouldn't do that...

polka dot blazer: lauren conrad - kohl's | bow sweater: elle - kohl's | pants: fashion bug | shoes: c/o sway chic 

These pants are pretty much just sweat pants with pockets. They're so very stretchy and comfortable! I miss the structure of jeans when I wear these though. However, they're perfect for nap time.

I've already started with the Christmas colors for my nails. They don't match my outfit today, but oh well! I thought the green sparkles would brighten my week a little bit. It's the little things.

china glaze - mistletoe kisses

I turned in final paper 1 of 3 today. One of my classes is officially done! I have a lot to do by Monday though. Let's just hope I can manage to get it all done without going crazy.
I'm excited to take a break to watch the SEC championship game tomorrow! Go Dawgs!

Happy Friday!

November 29, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

It's Thursday! Let me show you some stuff!

This gif:

The Barbie & Ken wedding album:

Lounging Polar Bear:
(found on Pinterest, linked to Tumblr. So where's the real source people?)

This Christmas card picture:


* This site that gives you clothing suggestions based on the weather where you live.

* Homemade Poptarts over at The Blog of Worldly Delights.

* What should I read next?

* I want this Sea Salt Chocolate Caramel Tart now.

November 28, 2012

Life Lately: Waiting for Winter Break

All I want to do right now is sit on the couch, read blogs, and have my family sitting near me while watching TV. Instead I'm alone at my apartment in Athens procrastinating when I have a huge paper due Friday and about a billion things due Monday. Why grad school, why?! Soon it'll be winter break and my first semester of grad school will officially be over. However soon is not soon enough.

Here's some pictures of my life lately:

This picture from breakfast over Thanksgiving break is one of my favorites. We usually have a nice breakfast at least one of the days on a weekend when I'm back home. It's pretty much the best thing ever to wake up with breakfast waiting there for you and a big pot of coffee ready share. We get to eat together while George begs for pieces of French toast.

Cranberry infused bourbon cocktail from Thanksgiving:

Week old leopard nails:

New finds from Kohls last week:

Currently reading:

As you can probably tell, my life is boring right now. It's quiet, but busy. I'm stressed out at the end of this semester. I need to force myself to write these incredibly boring papers instead of reading blogs and listening to Christmas music. Basically I need to do the non-fun things so I don't die within the next 30 hours. Wish me luck.

November 27, 2012

Tuesday Tunes: Sufjan Stevens - I'll Be Home For Christmas

I think I'll start a new feature for Tuesdays on here since Tuesdays tend to be lonely days around the blog. If it goes well, I'll keep it up!

Last night I saw a Sufjan Stevens' Christmas concert and it was fantastic! Jeanie got us the concert tickets for my birthday. When the concert date finally rolled around I was definitely in the mood for some holiday tunes. They didn't play this exact rendition of I'll Be Home For Christmas, but I saw the video the other day and liked how creepy/pretty it was.

Sufjan just came out with a new Christmas album called Silver & Gold. You can download it for $15 and it has 58 songs. Woo!

Remix Post: Brown Tweed Blazer

Is this week over yet? There's so much work to do, but I wanted to update the blog! It's too late to do any real work right now anyway.

I thought I'd throw together a remix post featuring my brown tweed blazer. I think I've had it since high school. Mom bought it for me from Kohls way back when. It's a really light jacket, but it's plenty warm enough over a sweater. Plus it's the only brown coat I have, so I tend to wear it with brown-toned outfits.

(Just click the numbers to go to the original post if you're interested.)


2. & 3.

5. & 6. 

I'm feeling a lot better than last week, but still not 100%. It's unfortunate because I have 50 billion projects to do this week. Somehow I'll try to get everything done without sinking into a deep schoolwork-related depression. I'm sure a bunch of you are feeling these same woes of the end of the semester. 

Happy Monday ultra-night/Tuesday morning!

November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Sister Outfits: Mini Skirts & Patterned Tights

Happy post-Thanksgiving lazy day!

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving and ate a gallon of food! There's been a break from my usual posting this week because of the sickness, but I was fine enough to go to Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. I'm finally starting to feel a little better.

How's your black Friday shopping going? We don't go out shopping, but I like to look at the sales online. Right now I'm looking at Jo Totes camera bags because they're having a great sale. I really need to get the rest of my Christmas shopping for everyone else done before I buy myself something though...

Anyway, here's what Jeanie and I wore yesterday.

tights, sweater, hair bow: forever 21 | skirt, belt: thrifted | shoes: xhileration - target | necklace: from Italy

skirt, shirt, tights: forever 21 | shoes: thrifted | earrings: ?

Dinosaur earrings!

Now that Thanksgiving is over I guess I should get going on all my school papers, but I'd rather not right now. It's much more fun to window shop online and sit in my pajamas. I think this lazy time is a necessary thing after Thanksgiving day! 

Happy Friday!

November 19, 2012

Polka Dot Pants, Loafers, & a Short Sleeved Red Cardigan

Hello everyone! Good thing I had this outfit saved up because I've spend the whole day sick on the couch. It only makes sense to get sick on Thanksgiving break right? Of course. My 102 fever is breaking now, so I finally have the will to look at a computer screen for a few minutes.

I wore this outfit on election day and an old guy at Aldi complimented me on my hat. He was wearing basically the same hat in brown, so I complimented him right back. Good to know my style is appreciated by elderly gentlemen.

polka dot pants: forever 21 | top: kmart | cardigan: ann taylor loft - thrifted | shoes: target | hat: h&m | belt: thrifted | necklace: grabbed it from Matt

Cacaww! Boy Scout eagle necklace.

I'm pretty sure this was one of those days where I looked weird in every picture no matter what I did. So enjoy my goofy faces. I know you will.

Now I'm going to catch up on reading some of your blogs! I'm just hoping my fever doesn't come back in the middle of the night. One complete day of being too sick to do really anything really makes me appreciate my healthy days. I'm pretty sure this is going to last more than just one day though. As long as I'm well enough to participate in fun Thanksgiving stuff, I'll be fine.

Happy rest of your Monday!

November 17, 2012

Bright Blue Tights, New Studded Flats, & A Sway Chic Review

I'm not sure what color to call these tights I found in the Target kids' section, but they're verging into neon blue territory. They're the only pair I have anywhere close to this color and I like them! This is one of those outfits where the accessories stand out the most.

The people at Sway Chic sent me the studded shoes and the spiky ring I'm wearing here. I will get so much wear out of these flats because they're basic black while still having a fun detail. Plus I've been wanting some studded things to add a tiny bit of edginess into my wardrobe. Sway Chic has a great selection of girly items with an edgy twist, which is just what I've been into lately! They even have an entire dress section devoted to cutout dresses and for all of you oxblood fanatics they have a section of only oxblood colored things.

polka dot top: thrifted | lace skirt, hair bow: forever 21 | faux leather jacket: ross dress for less | tights: target kids' section | shoes, ring: c/o sway chic

Hey look the shoes can be worn two ways! The tab gives them a loafer-ish feel, but it can be tucked in really easily too.

This spiked ring is bad ass. It could be used as a defensive device should anyone attack me. Basically, it's way cooler than I am but I'll try to pretend I'm cool enough to wear it. 

In other news, it's finally Thanksgiving break! I'll be returning home soon to celebrate Dad's birthday. Then there'll be some epic feasting and spending time with my family the rest of the week. I'll get to visit with George too! I'm excited.

Have a happy weekend!

November 14, 2012

Random Life Scenes

I enjoy when bloggers post random life pictures once in a while. Occasionally I'd like to share little pictures from other parts of my life that aren't necessarily clothes-related. I've done posts like this before, but I'm just letting you know I intend on doing this semi-regularly! The majority of these pictures are Halloween-related, but oh well! Here are some scenes from the past month or so.

My favorite tree back home starting to change color.

Some delicious coffee I've been enjoying.


Halloween nails.

Sleepy George.

Possibly my favorite fall beer?

Rainbow leopard print nails I'm currently sporting. Based on this Chalkboard Nails tutorial.

Halloween decorations at home.

This is how Matt wrapped my birthday present. 

Happy Wednesday everyone!

November 12, 2012

My Airplane Pin, an Oversized Sweater, and a Navy Blue Skirt

It's a busy Monday! I wore this outfit last Friday and it was extremely comfy because I was wearing one of Dad's old sweaters. Plus my thrifted boots are really comfortable too. Hooray for comfort! (Please excuse the wrinkled skirt and messy hair. I'd just woken up from a small nap when I took these pictures.)

sweater: old from Dad | skirt, earrings, hair bow: forever 21 | tights: target kids' section | boots: thrifted | airplane pin: from grandma |

I'm in love with my airplane pin. I thought it was perfect with this outfit because of the simple color scheme. It's pretty big though, so I guess it would stand out no matter what. 

There's just this week of class left until Thanksgiving break. I'm distracted by the thought of delicious food and spending time at home. I didn't get any school work done over the weekend at all, but I'll manage. It gets hard to motivate myself toward the end of the semester. All the Christmas commercials and Thanksgiving food commercials are on TV reminding me that fun times are ahead. It makes school seem kind of awful. I'll try my best to make it through though!

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