November 5, 2012

Bow Tights & Pink and Purple Plaid in a Mostly Thrifted Outfit

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was mostly spent feeling overwhelmed about my phone surveys, but luckily I finished them up early on Sunday afternoon so I got to go to an Athens blogger meet up! I took only a couple pictures, but I'll probably post them tomorrow.

I wore this outfit to class today. It's nearly all thrifted which always makes me feel good. Does anyone else feel like a thrifting wizard when they wear a mostly thrifted outfit? I sure do! A wizard of savings.

top, skirt, shoes: thrifted | tights: forever 21 | jacket: ross dress for less | belt: old from Mom | necklace: stella & dot

This skirt is one of my favorite thrifted pencil skirts. I just think it's really unique with the bright pink and purple plaid. When I bought it I must have put on a little weight in the waist because I had the outer side button moved to give me more room. Now I can wear it at its original placement though. The only thing is, the outer button is still in its roomier placement, so I can only keep the skirt closed with the inside button. The belt keeps it all the way closed though, so no worries!

And how about my new tights? I picked them up the other week and I love them. I can't get enough sheer black tights with various patterns/shapes on them. They never last long enough though. I always wish tights weren't so fragile. 

I know I've thrilled you with my commentary on my clothes, but I can't think of too much else to say today. I just want to express my incredible relief over being done surveying people. That was seriously the worst experience of my college life. The constant stress was getting to be overwhelming and was disrupting my sleep. Some of you might be like, "that really couldn't have been that bad." It's bad when you're given a 40 person sample and only 3 respond after constantly annoying the crap out of them. Plus the fact that my grade rested upon the amount responses I was able to drag out of my sample. Ughhh. Anyway. It's over. I never have to talk about it again and you never have to read my twitter complaints about it. Good news all around!

Happy Monday!


Jennifer said...

I went thrifting this weekend and thrifted pieces that all work together, so I'm super excited to wear it lol

xo Jennifer

Laura Go said...

good to hear that you're done with your surveying. That sounds awful, actually, and I'm glad that you're done. Relax time! and THRIFT time, right?
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
the shop of worldly delights

Coffee and Cardigans said...

I am so glad to hear that your surveying is over. Following along on Twitter, it sounded like a horrible experience. Glad to see that you survived. Adorable photos and an adorable outfit! I love that you mixed the bows and plaid together!


Lucie Srbová said...

I just discover your blog thanks to Chictopia and I really love it! I am in love with your tights!
Following you on Bloglovin and GFC:)

Kisses, Lucy!

JennaStevie said...

I love the print mixing here!! That skirt is absolutely amazing, what a great find! I'm glad you got all those silly phone surveys out of the way

Lily Marek said...

I absolutely love those tights! Cute outfit! I'm new to your blog, now following! :)

Allison Kirk said...

Super cute outfit! Yay for being done with a crappy assignment! Nice to meet you at the blogger meet up!


Lyosha said...

adorable look! charming tights and colours are so energetic!

Inside and Outside Blog
P.S> I'm your newest follower

Annebeth said...

this entire outfit is a mega win. SO cute and vintagey but still very fresh and current. And that's one of the prettiest vintage skirts I've ever seen! And I feel you re: the survey stuff :D my bachelor thesis had me interview like 50 people of different age categories and I was like amagad kill me nao plz

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

the plaid skirt is great, love it! :D xx

Cammie Callisto said...

Loving the colors!

x Cammie

Melissa said...

I adore those tights! This look is adorable.

<3 Melissa

Autumn Jordan said...

what lovely shades of purple!
congrats on being finished with your surveying!


Ali Hval said...

Awe dang, that DOES sound stressful! I'm glad that you're done surveying people. Now you can relax a bit. :)

That skirt is so amazing! It's so bright and beautiful and I love how you worked your outfit around it. Gosh, this is just a lovely outfit~

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

i HATE having to do surveys. peope don't respond, you end up having to make it up i swear. ugh. awful. but i LOVE these tights! so cute on you and the colors in this outfit are lovely

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Clouds said...

I love your jacket!!

Midwest Muse said...

You look so good in purple and that's an awesome thrift find. This jacket makes the classy outfit so edgy. Love it! Also your hair is getting really long and pretty and your photos look excellent.

Kitsune-kun said...

uughh I know, my favourite tights ALWAYS rip after like a week! good luck keep em tidy!

Maria Regina P. said...

i am loving your style and your blog!you look so pretty and wonderful I'm your newest follower. It'll be a pleasure if you can follow back :)

Love, Maria

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