November 2, 2012

DIY Scalloped Leather Skirt Tutorial

Hello everyone! I thought I'd show you how the DIY scallop hem was done on my leather pencil skirt. I thrifted the skirt a while back and thought it needed to be shortened a little. I figured a scalloped hem would be a more interesting way to shorten it. 

This DIY is pretty easy and self explanatory, but just in case anybody was wondering here are the steps. (Mom actually did all the work on it when I went home because she's better at all this stuff than I am and actually knew how to use the leather punch.)

1. Turn the skirt inside out and draw the scallops with some sort of template so you have a guideline when you cut.

2. Cut it and don't mess up!

3. Decide if you want plain scallops or want to do some leather punching details. I wanted more details on mine, so here's the leather punching device kit. It's the thing on top and you use a hammer to drive it into the leather.

4. Do some hole punching! Try using different hole sizes to make it more detailed.

5. Stop when you like how it looks. It's not so difficult at all!

Then you can wear cool scalloped leather skirt outfits like I did in this post:

Happy Friday everyone!


Coffee and Cardigans said...

I am so glad that you shared the tutorial for this! I definitely want to try thrifting a leather skirt now, just because the results of this DIY are so pretty!


Wild Flower said...

Cute DIY! I'll have to thrift a leather skirt so I can try it out too! Love the outfit you put together with it too!


Allison Kirk said...

Super cute skirt!


Marisa Violeta said...

The skirt turned out amazing, I love the little holes! Thank you so much for sharing this DIY. I'll most definitely try it! :D

Laura Go said...

it looks so adorable!!! :)
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
the shop of worldly delights

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

this looks great, love the addition of the little holes! xx

Sabrina said...

I would be insanely afraid of messing up leather! Glad to see your DIY worked out and that the results look great too. You make it look so easy!


febrina utami putri said...

It looks so cute afterwards! You're really creative :)

Francesca Rose said...

I love what you've done with the skirt! I may just have to try something like this myself at some point

Francesca xo

Amanda said...

Such a great DIY! And that skirt came out so wonderfully!

Winnie said...

Jamie, you have a great blog. I like this diy a lot! :)


Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

I'm,loving your DIYed skirt :) It's amazingly feminine looking! I often find that leather pieces are hard to get away with in a feminine way, but your pencil skirt really does the trick :) x

JoAnn, Sidewalk Chic said...

You are so much more daring than I am — I'd be afraid that I would eff up a leather skirt. I really like how the hem turned out, and you really know how to rock that red and black :)

Anonymous said...

You thrifted a leather skirt? What a good find! I never would have thought to make a scalloped hem from leather skirt but it would be so much easier than hemming it!

Megan said...

This came out SO cute! I am definitely inspired to give it a try :) Now I just need to find some leather at the thrift store!

Anonymous said...

what an awesome upgrade! you are so talented!
love your blog!
following you now & would love if you checked mine out and followed if you liked!

JennaStevie said...

This is seriously amazing, I am super impressed with this!!! Such an awesome detail on this skirt

Kitsune-kun said...

this looks so legit! like you totally just bought it that way!

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