November 30, 2012

Pink Bow Sweater & a Polka Dot Blazer

This is definitely a more casual outfit for me. The pink sweater and polka dot blazer are both new additions to my wardrobe. I picked them up at Kohl's while I was Christmas shopping and it wasn't until later that I thought about wearing them together. The sweater is right up my alley with the bright color and lace bow so I kind of had to buy it. The blazer was on clearance for something like $16. I have a strong urge to wear it with my polka dot shorts. Unfortunately the two dotted patterns are slightly different, so I probably shouldn't do that...

polka dot blazer: lauren conrad - kohl's | bow sweater: elle - kohl's | pants: fashion bug | shoes: c/o sway chic 

These pants are pretty much just sweat pants with pockets. They're so very stretchy and comfortable! I miss the structure of jeans when I wear these though. However, they're perfect for nap time.

I've already started with the Christmas colors for my nails. They don't match my outfit today, but oh well! I thought the green sparkles would brighten my week a little bit. It's the little things.

china glaze - mistletoe kisses

I turned in final paper 1 of 3 today. One of my classes is officially done! I have a lot to do by Monday though. Let's just hope I can manage to get it all done without going crazy.
I'm excited to take a break to watch the SEC championship game tomorrow! Go Dawgs!

Happy Friday!


Ali Hval said...

Casual, but oh so cute! That polka dot blazer is such a nice piece. :) I also really love those flats of yours.

irene wibowo said...

pretty blazer :)
Irene Wibowo

Laura said...

That blazer is adorable! I really like the sweater as well - looks like I need to hit up Kohl's. They always have such amazing sales after Christmas, though.

Good luck on the rest of your papers!


Frannie Pantz said...

Congrats on the class completion! I LOVE your blazer! You are making me want to hit up Kohl's! I also love that you paired it with bright pink and your nails are so festive and fun!

Sophie said...

You're making me want to dig out all my glitter polishes! Your nails are perfect for the festive season.

Anonymous said...

Such a super pretty nail colour...I think it's a fine time to pull out the Christmas colours :) And the bow on your sweater is so darling!

<3 Cambria

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Midwest Muse said...

Those pants sound amazing. If I owned a pair, I might consider wearing pants and the pink is such a bright and fun way to make any outfit happy! Hope you finish all your work soon and get to relax.

JennaStevie said...

This blazer is adorable!! I love the polka dots, perfect with the bright pink top. And your glittery nails are so fun

Elana said...

Gah, how are you so cute?? Your smile is seriously contagious. I also might be saying this because I'm biased towards anyone in a polka blazer and Christmasy nails.

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