December 31, 2012

2012 Outfit Recap: Part 1

Happy New Year's Eve! I thought I'd go ahead and do an outfit post recap for the year. I always like reading recap posts on blogs because I get to catch up on outfits I may have missed. By the time I finished grouping all the outfits I'd picked there were 27 images, so this is going to be a two part post for loading purposes. 

These are some of my outfits from the first half of 2012. Just click the numbers under the picture to go to the original post. Some pictures are after the break. Honestly, they're the better ones because I got my new camera in May. Enjoy!

There's more after the break.

Woo! That was an intense amount of outfits already, but oh well. Stay tuned for the second and final installment within the next hour or so! 


Coffee and Cardigans said...

I seriously love each and everyone one of these outfits. It was a great year for you and your closet! Thank you for all the outfit inspiration, Jamie! I can't wait to keep reading in 2013! Happy New Years!


Nicole Brown said...

Oh man. That Valentine's Day outfit is AH-MAZING. I've been meaning to buy some striped tights and just haven't done it yet. *_*

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