December 5, 2012

Tuesday Tunes: She & Him - I'll Be Home For Christmas

Tuesday Tunes on Wednesday? Blasphemy! Oh well. I spent too much of yesterday recovering from lack of sleep so now it's time for another Christmas-y tune. This one is appropriate because a week from now I will indeed be home for Christmas!

I like She & Him's toned-down versions of Christmas songs. The song selection strays from the usual religious aspect of the holiday and instead focuses on songs about festivities, home, and general holiday merriment - which is way more up my alley. This song is from the album A Very She & Him Christmas and is available on their website for $15.


Anonymous said...

Fun song! Thanks for sharing.

<3 Cambria

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Rose-et-Violet said...

She&Him's Christmas album is one of my favorite holiday albums! The others include ones by Jack Johnson, Surfjan Stevens, and more but I'm should check them out, they're pretty much what you described: all about the festivities, and not so cheesy (not that cheesy is bad) as the carols that we all know and love!


Laura said...

Love She & Him. I have been playing this CD non-stop along with the Relient K Christmas CD.


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