January 21, 2013

Leopard Print Blouse, Maroon Skater Skirt, & Retro Makeup

Hello and happy Monday everyone! I can't believe it's already Monday. Where did the weekend go? I guess I spent most of mine at band or trying to get a good amount of rest. Too bad I roll over onto my newly pierced ear about every hour. 

Anyway, I wore this on Friday. I told you I'd have one more maroon skirt outfit and here it is! I promise next time I'll wear something else. My leopard print top looked so perfect with this skirt though! Too bad I only went to see a movie in this outfit. I ended up curling my hair after these pictures were taken, but there's only instagram proof of it. Next time I curl it maybe it'll end up in the outfit pictures! 

leopard print silk top: thrifted | maroon skater skirt: h&m | tights: forever 21 | patent leather flats: thrifted vintage

Hey look it's my face! I was watching a bunch of pin curl tutorials on YouTube this day and everyone had pretty retro makeup on, so I had to go with the cat-eye liner and red lips. My slightly wavier hair is the result of a failed first time pin curl attempt. (Which would be why I curled it later. Such an enthralling story, I know.)

I failed to do anything particularly productive this weekend, yet again. That means plenty of school reading will happen today. I did learn a life lesson about pancakes on Sunday though. When making pancakes, don't use the Bisquick that was shoved to the back of the shelf because you will be eating something resembling the taste of pancake, but with the density of a piece of meat. Words of wisdom.

Happy Monday!


Meg Eileen Carroll said...

Yeah, those hair tutorials are quite misleading in making all the tricky techniques look so easy. Practise makes perfect though! Speaking of productivity, I have a huge pile of 'holiday homework' meant to be done over the summer in preparation for m final year of school, and with one and a half weeks of holidays left, I am running out of time, and better be productive :/ Love your blouse with that wonderful skirt


Satin and Souffles said...

Such a beautiful outfit! I love how you have styled your hair! xx


irene wibowo said...

love it! :0Irene Wibowo

Frannie Pantz said...

This is probably my favorite way you've worn this skirt! Great bow in front too!

Ali Hval said...

My parents totally learned the same thing with pancakes this weekend. They made some and I'm pretty sure the mix was quite old... good thing I'm not a pancake eater! ;) no suffering here hahaha.

That leopard top is so so pretty and goes so very well with your maroon skirt. What a versatile skirt that's turning out to be!

yiqin; said...

the top is <3

Laura said...

OOO! I think that this is my favorite outfit with your new skirt! I love the color combo with the animal print! Also, your hair looks great!

In regards to your words of wisdom, I'll have to remember that one. It doesn't sound too appetizing. :P


The Pale Female said...

I love the maroon and your style in general :)
Bethan x

Megan Butcher said...

Great style, miss! Love that skirt, so versatile! Keep up the great work!

<3 Megan

mel davies said...

This outfit looks gorgeous on you, I love skater skirts, i just think they're so versatile xx

Anonymous said...

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Anita said...

lovely blog.

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

i just adore the color of your skirt here! your blog is so lovely too!

lindsey louise


Catie Beatty said...

This is adorable! What great photos of you :)

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