January 9, 2013

Red Tights, Blue Plaid, & a Superhero Bow

Happy Wednesday everyone! Spring semester has started so I'm back in Athens doing my thing. I can't say I'm particularly ready for the semester to start. Unlike a lot of other people, I kind of dread getting back in the swing of things. I'll work my way through though!

I wore this outfit to class yesterday. It's the same exact outfit I wore for New Year's Eve minus the shoes. I wore my sparkly gold loafers before but I didn't get to take pictures. The blue plaid top worked really well underneath my little black dress, so I had to wear it again!

dress: ross dress for less | tights: kmart | plaid top: rave | blue moccasins: old navy | bow: gift (I found one like it here)

This superhero bow is my new favorite accessory. My cousin gave it for me for Christmas and it's perfectly me. I'm sure I'll be trying to pair it with plenty of my outfits. It has convinced me that I need more bows of this size in my life.

Now for a more luxurious pose. It's only fair to include pictures like this. Taking pictures with Jeanie usually leads to creative posing.

It makes me proud when I can mix up older clothes like those in this outfit. Nothing here less than a year old  except my hair bow. The shoes and top are about four years old and the dress is about three, I think. They all serve me well! Anyway, enough about clothes. 

Do you guys like the new blog layout? I think it's much more representative of myself and just looks nicer in general. Layouts always take me forever, so this one will probably be around until the summer when I have full days to work on stuff like this.

I hope you're having a good week! Happy Wednesday!


JennaStevie said...

I love the new layout! It's super cute. And this outfit is awesome, the dress with the plaid underneath is perfect and your superhero bow is adorable

Laura Go said...

totes love the new layout and your superhero bow! adorable!
the blog of worldly delights

the shop of worldly delights

Neuza Mariano said...

I love your blog :)

P.S. Have I'm Follow u =)

Neuza Mariano

Marzipan said...

Gorgeous <3

tumbleweed•twine said...

Oh wowww, I love your outfit here! Putting the shirt under the dress is a really sweet idea - I might try it myself ;D And I completely agree with you on "getting back into the swing of things"; it's so tiring sometimes :') ♥

Sarah ^.^

Anonymous said...

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Bad Taste Toast said...

Wow I love how you pull off the red/blue combo in this outfit! Everything about this look is so pretty! I love the plaid shirt and hair bow and dress and, well, everything! :)

Camilla said...

Lovely! <3


Laura said...

I love the layout! So adorable!

Also, how perfect is that bow?! So perfect. :)

Good luck getting back into the swing of things - you'll get there soon!


irene wibowo said...

pretty dress! :)Irene Wibowo

Wild Flower said...

Lovely colors! You always are so vibrant and fun. I especially love your super hero bow, so cute and such a wonderful gift. I'm not really looking forward to spring semester at all either. :( Monday is coming too quick!


Ali Hval said...

Ah, how fun and colorful is this outfit? I just adore the blue and red together (and how you don't look like an American Flag, haha!). That bow is also cutest and most fun accessory EVER fer sure.

Anonymous said...

what a cute outfit! I hope your transition back to school isn't too hard!

Onto my Wardrobe said...

Great blog dear! What about following each other? Also on bloglovin and fb if you want...just let me know :3 <3


his little lady said...

Loving this pop of color, you are absolutely adorable girl!
xo TJ

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful outfit on you! I also adore the bow so much!

Milex said...

I think I am in love

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