January 30, 2013

Striped Dress and Bright Pink Tights

Hello! My package of stuff from the Modcloth sale came over the weekend, so I've been pretty eager to wear my new things. This striped dress fit the least perfectly of the three dresses I bought, but I made it work. I paired some bright pink tights with it yesterday, but I'm sure any color would look nice with it. Perhaps a pair of polka dot tights would be nice too?

drawn to greyscale dress: modcloth | tights: kmart | studded flats: c/o sway chic | cardigan: so... - kohl's | belt: old

This probably sounds weird, but this mix of pink, gray, and black made it seem a little early 2000's pop-punk-ish. And I say that in the best way possible. My matching pink nails probably helped. I've decided I'm allowed to have a tiny soft spot for the pop-punk styles (and some of the wonderfully bad music) of my middle school days even though I didn't dress in that style then. I'm not saying this outfit looks like that time either, but the colors reminded me of some sort of Avril Lavigne thing.

These pictures were taken speedy fast because it was starting to sprinkle. Today there is a huge storm going across northern Georgia so there are tornado warnings and watches everywhere. Athens has a tornado watch even though it's not even storming here yet. If I don't return, I might have been sucked up by a tornado because there are no safe tornado-hiding places in my apartment. Oh well!

In other news, I have a strong urge to buy a bunch of makeup from NYX since hearing good things about their jumbo eye pencil. Then I started looking at lipstick and it was all downhill from there. If any of you buy stuff from there, give me some suggestions please! Or just suggest some lipstick colors. I've been looking for some that can be worn with a bolder eyeshadow look. 

Okay. I'm rambling about makeup, so I'll stop and go back to watching the storm tracker. Happy Wednesday!


blue roses said...

i wear iterations of black, cream, and fuchsia pink all the time, and i always think...pop-punk. love the pattern of your dress!


JennaStevie said...

i absolutely love this dress, the stripes are so great. And the pop of colour with the tights is always awesome!

Laura said...

That dress is so adorable! I'm sure that you will get a lot of remixing out of it, for sure!

Oh no! We had some pretty crazy storms here too, and then tomorrow it is supposed to snow. Silly eastern weather. Hope that the storms didn't affect you too badly!


Wild Flower said...

Hooray for Modcloth sales! I got soooo much too ^_^

And I love the color combination, it's always so fun to have bright tights on!


Meg Eileen Carroll said...

Don't you hate it when the weather suddenly changes for the worse during an outfit shoot. Gah! ANyway, you look lovely, quite a gorgeous dress :D


Ali Hval said...

I totally feel the pop punk vibe... and I looove it, heheheh. I'm quite glad you made that reference. I adore how that belt almost blends in with the stripes, and those tights are just the perfect pink!

Kitty Cat Stevens said...

i love white + black with a pop of color! and i really enjoy how happy and genuine you look in all your outfit photos. definitely a new follower over here!

Keep Warm (Danielle) said...

That dress could easily have any colour tights and be a star! So cute!

Laura Go said...

I hope you're safe, warm, and dry! We had some nasty winds here in IL and some smattering of snow, but that's all!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

the shop of worldly delights

Anonymous said...

Ooo ooo ooo...love these studded flats :)

<3 Cambria

Kati said...

Love your hair and dress!

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