February 28, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday! Here are a few things I found around the internet recently:

Have you seen this girl burn her own hair off? Haaaa.

28 Daria Quotes for Any Situation:

This gif is the best ever. (Check out Leo stealing the Oscar)

Jennifer Lawrence is hilarious in her post-Oscar-winning interview:


* This gif of Hugh Jackman and Bradley Cooper trying to help Jennifer Lawrence when she fell at the Oscars.

* The 10 Best Disney Songs you've never heard.

* I'm liking the nerd stuff in this Tumblr I found.

* 6 words made up by stupid people that we should learn to accept. (I'm not sure I can accept these.)

* A tribute to Sailor Moon. This is ultimate nostalgia. 

February 27, 2013

Chevron Print Dress, Navy Blue Cardigan, & Red Oxfords

It's Wednesday! I wore this outfit to class yesterday on a very dreary, rainy, cold day. (Quite a difference from my last outfit post!) The subtle primary colors made the day feel a little brighter. Plus I hadn't worn this dress yet and wearing a new dress always improves things. Unfortunately the day as a whole was a bit of a downer, but today is a new day.

foliage tour dress: modcloth | navy cardigan, navy tights, red oxford shoes, yellow bow: forever 21 

nail polish: china glaze - agro

This was a simple outfit but sometimes it's best to go simple on a rainy day. Playing with pattern and color makes an easy cardigan and dress combination something a little more interesting.

This outfit really gives me a fall vibe, but oh well! I think this dress will be great for all seasons. It has a cutout in the back that I'm sure you'll get to see once the weather warms up. If you look at it, it has a lot of summery colors in the print too!

Anyway, I hope you're having a good Wednesday!

February 26, 2013

Tuesday Tunes: The Good Life - Always a Bridesmaid

Here's a catchy song for your Tuesday by one of my all-time favorite bands ever. If you've ever heard of the band Cursive, this is Tim Kasher's band that started as a side project for his music that didn't fit for Cursive. It ended up becoming another full band for him and I'm so glad because The Good Life is wonderful.

Such a great song. I wish the piano sheet music existed so I could teach myself how to play it. 

The EP this song is on, Lovers Need Lawyers, doesn't have a bad song. 

February 25, 2013

A Taste of Spring in a Purple Modcloth Dress & Mustard Cardigan

It was so warm I had to give in and wear a spring outfit. I've had this dress for a while now, but haven't shown it on the blog. I really like the mix of purple and red in the print. It's a little long in the bodice but it looks fine with a cardigan! I broke out a warm-weather hat too! Though I haven't gotten enough wear out of my winter ones yet, so I hope we have some more cool days before summer hits Georgia. 

caught in confetti dress: modcloth | cardigan: mossimo - target | hat: h&m | wedge sandals: forever 21 | floral cameo pin: thrifted | belt: ralph lauren - thrifted

lipstick: wet n wild megalast - coral-ine

My lipstick matched the red parts of my dress and that made me very happy.

nail polish: china glaze - beach cruise-r | glitter tips: art club - lilac hologram

I have plenty of school work to do today so I probably won't be having much fun. Though, are Mondays ever that much fun? They're kind of the anti-fun. I'm trying to concentrate on school, but my thoughts keep wandering to imaginary vacations or adventures. I tried to plan a last minute trip to Vegas over spring break but flight prices increased and that fell through nearly as quickly as it was thought up.

I won't complain, though. At least I'll get to sit on the couch at home with George for a week.

I hope you have a good Monday!

February 23, 2013

Remix: Short Sleeved Leopard Print Blouse

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you probably know I can find a way to incorporate leopard print into nearly every outfit. I thrifted short and long sleeved silk leopard print blouses a while back and they get a  pretty good rotation in my wardrobe. Leopard print is a neutral while also being a print. It's a glorious thing and makes the print extremely wearable. 

Here are the ways I've worn - and photographed - my short sleeved leopard print top.

See? It's perfect for all seasons! Perhaps this post will inspire you to try out leopard print or hunt down a leopard print top of your own!

Have a great weekend!

February 21, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday! Here's some fun internet things to perhaps brighten your day:

Have you seen Disney's Paperman short yet? It's amazing and so cute. Disney stupidly took it off their own Youtube channel, but I found it elsewhere just for you to see:

This adorable pug + coffee print by Gemma Correll. You can buy a print here:

Sam the Eyebrow Cat. You guys have to click this link and look at the rest of the pictures.

This gif. Just. What is this? It looks like they're having a lot of fun though.


* Are humans naturally good or bad? This study says good! (Which makes complete sense from an evolutionary viewpoint...but I won't get in to that.)

* This Tumblr is full of pretty pictures. Look if you need a bit of happiness today.

* These true-to-life love comics by Philippa Rice that The Clothes Horse shared.

* 5 Facts that will change how you picture famous places.

* 50 Life Hacks to simplify your life.

February 20, 2013

Green Vintage Sweater & a Houndstooth Skirt

I forgot I had this sweater! I thrifted it around a year ago and it ended up in a bag of cold-weather clothes that I had yet to completely empty this year. It's such a pretty color, but I had a little bit of trouble finding a skirt to pair with it. (Now I'm thinking maybe a floral skirt next time?) I also didn't remember it's a vintage sweater, which is a nice surprise! The tag looks 50's early 60's. I found what I think is the same exact sweater style in pastel polka dots on Etsy. 

Anyway, I decided the bright green sweater needed to be paired with my black and blue houndstooth skirt, which is also a thrift find. Both the skirt and top were $1 or less. Hooray bargains! 

I just really liked the colors in this outfit. Blue and green are a great match in my book!

vintage 60s sweater: garland - thrifted | skirt: thrifted | shoes, hair bow, earrings: forever 21 | tights: kmart | belt: from mom | fan pin: from grandma

It was a gray smokey eyeshadow type of day. I just bought a couple Maybelline Color Tattoo cream shadows so I was playing with Audacious Asphalt. 

nail polish: china glaze - stone cold

Fortunately I have no plans for today (except possibly working out if I convince myself). After two very late nights of staying up and doing school crap I need to sleep in! 

Happy Wednesday!

February 19, 2013

Tuesday Tunes: Queen - I Want To Break Free

After the past two very late nights doing school work I think it's time for another song I love. This one has a particularly fantastic video to go along with it. It features all of the band members dressed in drag, parodying a British soap opera. It was even banned from MTV, so you know it's good.

It's one of my favorite Queen songs, though I have quite a few.

February 18, 2013

Pink Leopard Dress & Striped Tights

Happy Monday! Although I'm not sure how many happy things I'll be doing since I have a ton of school crap to catch up on. I see lots of coffee in my future...

Anyway, I wore this last Thursday to go out to lunch. I love this little leopard print dress and hadn't worn it with tights yet, so here it is! Stripes clearly go with leopard print, right? I'm just going to pretend they do.

dress: modcloth | tights: c/o (last year) oasap | booties: xhileration - target | cardigan: so... - kohl's | sunglasses, necklace: forever 21

Have a great Presidents' Day - especially if you're off work/school!

February 15, 2013

Blue Lace Dress for a Valentine Date Night

Happy Friday! I'm excited to share this outfit with you because I loved it so much. I wore this on Wednesday night for Matt and my Valentine date. I enjoy getting all dressed up, so I took my sweet time curling my hair and perfecting my makeup when I had the chance. I was saving my new Modcloth dress for this occasion too. It always feels good to wear a new dress!

oh so quiet dress: modcloth | scalloped suede heels: daisy fuentes - kohl's? | backseam nylons: macy's | necklace: gift from Matt | belt: came with a forever 21 skirt 

Heart nails were a necessary addition to a Valentine outfit.

lipstick: wet n wild megalast - stoplight red

Backseam tights! Finally! I got them over winter break at Macy's and they didn't break my bank account. I think Matt liked them too which is always a plus. 

I can't wait to wear this dress again. It'll probably be in a more casual way next time, but I think I can make that work. The lace overlay has a little bit of shiny silver woven into it, but you can't really tell in the pictures. It's still wearable for normal days. I tend to overdress anyway!

Matt and I had a really great time Wednesday night. We had a beer at Trappeze Pub, ate dinner at an Italian restaurant, then decided to take advantage of $3 margaritas at a taco place. It sounds strange with me living so close to downtown Athens, but I really don't go out very much. It was extremely pleasant to have a couple drinks and spend some quality time with Matt outside of the apartment!

Anyway, it's almost the weekend! I hope you all have a great one!

February 14, 2013

Heart Sweater & Heart Tights for Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! I thought I'd throw together a quick post of what I wore today. It's pretty casual because all I did was go to class, but the sweater is so festive I had to share! (Tomorrow I'll show you what I wore out for Valentine dinner last night.)

I'm just going to pretend this strange picture was intentional and not the result of me not paying attention whilst taking pictures because I had to leave for class 5 minutes ago.
heart sweater: target girls' section | shorts: thrifted | heart tights: forever 21 | studded flats: c/o sway chic

Bright pink lipstick! I wore a little bit of pink eye shadow too, but you can't see it. Sad.

I hope you all had a jolly Valentine celebration and/or ate lots of chocolate treats. I'm about to gorge myself on delicious chocolaty goodness once I'm done writing this post. I'm alone on this Valentine night, but Matt and I celebrated yesterday and hung out this morning so I'm completely satisfied with this year's Valentine's day. Tonight is for me to relax and eat chocolate and possibly drink chocolate milk with said chocolate. It will be a delightful time!

What about you guys? Did you do anything fun for Valentine's Day?

(If you get bored, here's what I wore last year.)
Happy Valentine's Day!
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