February 10, 2013

January Favorites

Hello! It seems like I'm always behind posting my favorite outfits from the previous month. I didn't forget though.

There really were a ton of great looks from last month. I'm excited to share them with you! Here are my favorites from January:

The Joyful Fox:


It's Not Her, It's Me:

Midwest Muse:


Mitzi Cocoa said...

So many great looks! I love women inspiring other women!

Neuza Mariano said...

Hi dear*
Love your blog and your photos!
I love it
Have a nice day <3
Neuza Mariano

Ester DurĂ£es said...

aww there are so many cute outfits here! thank you so much for sharing!

Drawing Dreaming

Breenah said...

Between you and a few of the ladies in this post I REALLY want my red hair again!

Laura said...

Aw - thanks for the feature! I'm honored to be posted with such stylish ladies :) Definitely saving this post for outfit inspiration!


Rachel The Hat said...

Aww thank you lady. So glad you liked the outfit! being in your Jan faves has made my day :-) xxx
Ps happy valentines day!!

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