February 21, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday! Here's some fun internet things to perhaps brighten your day:

Have you seen Disney's Paperman short yet? It's amazing and so cute. Disney stupidly took it off their own Youtube channel, but I found it elsewhere just for you to see:

This adorable pug + coffee print by Gemma Correll. You can buy a print here:

Sam the Eyebrow Cat. You guys have to click this link and look at the rest of the pictures.

This gif. Just. What is this? It looks like they're having a lot of fun though.


* Are humans naturally good or bad? This study says good! (Which makes complete sense from an evolutionary viewpoint...but I won't get in to that.)

* This Tumblr is full of pretty pictures. Look if you need a bit of happiness today.

* These true-to-life love comics by Philippa Rice that The Clothes Horse shared.

* 5 Facts that will change how you picture famous places.

* 50 Life Hacks to simplify your life.


Ali Hval said...

I love your little links at the bottom. I'm following that tumblr now, and that first article is really interesting!

Kristina said...

Sam the eyebrows cat is SO ADORABLE! Oh my goodness. So much cute.
I love the Paperman short; it's seriously one of my favorite shorts ever.
And those Philippa Rice comics are so sweet!

Imogen said...

I like the one about coffee. That's how I always feel about coke.

Ira Kharchenko said...

Amazing pics! So inspiring:)


Anonymous said...

Veeeery interesting article on the essential bad/good of humanity...I'm always intrigued by these kind of arguments. I get what you're saying when you posit that evolutionary theory would lead to the conclusion that humanity is basically good -- but I think it could be argued that evolution actually puts humanity in a place where "good" and "bad" are meaningless/defined by each person's own perception of reality. This would be an interesting discussion ;)

<3 Cambria

his little lady said...

Ha, that GIF is absolutely hilarious!! And Paperman is just adorable!
xo TJ

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