March 6, 2013

A Coral Orange Spring eShakti Dress & Floral Tights

Happy Wednesday everyone! I'm excited to show you my new eShakti dress today! I was super pumped when eShakti contacted me to review a dress from their new spring collection. They always have a great selection of retro-inspired dresses and their new collection doesn't disappoint. There are plenty of bright colors to get you in the mood for spring! As you can see, my dress is a very bright coral orange. I don't own anything else in this shade so it was a fun challenge to style it.

retro style poplin dress: c/o eShakti | wildflower mix tights: look from london - modcloth | shoes, necklace: forever 21 | belt: ralph lauren - thrifted 

I decided to go for a 60's vibe in this outfit. It's kind of hard not to with this dress! Jeanie said I looked like Mad Men. (I said I looked really boobsy). My makeup certainly channeled the era in a slightly more modern way. I wish I would have had a better picture of it!

I used eShakti's custom size feature for this dress. It's the best to be able to put in your measurements and get a dress that's actually going to fit. The bust and waist fit perfectly (hooray!), but the shoulders were a tiny bit too big. This is probably just an error in the measurements I took though. 

For the custom styling, all I changed was the type of sleeve. I'm not a huge fan of cap sleeves so the change to regular short sleeves was great. I kept the above-the-knee length and it hit at the perfect spot. I love that there is no need to hem an eShakti dress when you put in your height for custom sizing. 

Also, I think you need to know that this dress has pockets. Pockets automatically make a dress go up one full cool meter. 

I've been impressed with both of my experiences with eShakti. This order arrived incredibly fast - especially considering this was custom sized. The quality of the dress is really nice too!

If you want to get your hands on a custom fitted dress from eShakti's spring collection (or anything else on the site), you can use the code PETTEPNPLY for 20% off your order. The code lasts until 3/20. 

*Disclaimer: This dress was provided to me for review by eShakti. All opinions are my own. I would never endorse a product I didn't like.

Are you guys doing anything fun on this fine March day? I'm not. My water heater is broken and I'm sure there'll be repair guys traipsing through my apartment when I want to be sleeping. I also have to study for a  statistics test when I haven't had a math test since high school calculus. 
On a positive note it's only three days until spring break counting today!

Happy Wednesday!


JennaStevie said...

This dress is sooo lovely on you!! I love the fit and colour of it, and perfect with those floral tights :)

Ali Hval said...

eShakti is pretty amazing, huh? And you just picked the most gorgeous piece out, too! That color is so lovely on you., and those tights, oh man, those tightsss!

PS) Jamie, you were totally in my dream last night! I was walking around campus and avoiding these evil float-y spaceship things and ran into you. I know you live in Georgia, which is close to Alabama where I am, so maybe that's why?? Haha, but it was a nice touch to my dream nonetheless! ;)

Kristina said...

You should get more things in this color, because it looks amazing on you! I've been seeing eShakti all over the place lately, and I WISH I had the money to buy one of their dresses! They have such great stuff!
Hehe, you do look both Mad Men-y and boobsy. In a good way!

Midwest Muse said...

This dress is perfect for you! I love the shoes and the color is great on you!

Wild Flower said...

Jamie! You look so stunning in this outfit, and I am so fangirling over your tights. Just wonderful :D

What a great idea to sell custom sized dresses, I'll definitely check it out!


Laura said...

That dress is just so pretty! I love the shoes that you paired with it too. Also, pockets?! So perfect!


Elana said...

I am totally loving the Joan/Mad Men vibe here! This dress is so classy and looks amazing on you. I just got contacted to review another one from them today too and I'm so excited!

The Hearabouts said...

This is so so adorable! I love the tights! You are so sweet!

The Hearabouts

Gemma Talbot said...

That colour really suits you well. Lovely outfit x

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

Ouh I REALLY like this one!!! It's so cute on you - and I am not bg on cap sleeves myself either! My shoulders came big in my last eShakti dress so I put my measurements in a bit smaller for the shoulders than last time so try and fix that (I also chose a strapless dress though! HA!) Your booties with this are so perfect! And water heater broken must suck - my mother in law had to go a week without water in her town and it was so awful

badbatdiary said...

Wow! This outfit is wonderful ! I love your tights

Ilana Morgan said...

this is a beautiful look loving the fun tights! Have a lovely weekend darling
xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

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